Lukwago blames KCCA for issuing operational lincense without cross checking bulidings

Kampala city  Lord  Mayor Erias Lukwago has asked the Government to investigate and take measures against the activities of the Kampala Capital City Authority .
This follows the Monday’s incident in which a five storied building at Makerere hill road collapsed leaving four people dead, scores injured and several others missing.
The dead so far have been identified as Kyobe Rashid, Bukenya Isaac, Kitumba Emmanuel,and one unidentified person.
Eyewitnesses say that there were warning signs that the building was collapsing that people asked those inside to evacuate. Some did while others were trapped in trying to save their belongings.
The rescue operation is still ongoing and is being led by chief fire officer Joseph Mugisha.
Amidst the scandal , City Lord mayor  Erias Lukwago has blamed police for being slow in the rescue operation. Lukwago said KCCA was to blame for issuing an operational license without cross checking if the building was safe.