Anti- FGM Activists take activism to social media

By Sania Babirye

Anti Female genital Mutilation activists  have devised a new  strategy of creating  and re packaging  the message against female genital mutilation.

The new strategy will involve short videos taken  by youths who are activists against Female genital Mutilation distributed in communities practicing FGM distributed using their social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube  among other social media networks.

As a result  the Italian Association for Women in Development has concluded a 10 day training workshop on how to create and produce videos on FGM in Kampala where 13 youths from African countries and Germany affected by FGM received certificates,  smart phones and cameras to  help  them in their work.

While closing the workshop Susan Namuwonge from the ministry  of Gender has welcomed the video strategy   saying it is very  important and appropriate because it stimulates discussion over an act that violates the   rights to life among other human rights violations .

She further says that with the power  that a video has to go viral more attention will be given to the abandonment against the act because people learn best when they hear and see helping them to appreciate the fact that FGM is a bad practice.

According to UNICEF report at least 200 million girls and women in 30 countries especially in Africa have been subjected to the practice.

FGM has also emerged as an issue in Europe (German)due to migration from countries affected by  practice.