Bedridden man holds on Museveni’s promise to get treatment

Thirty five-year-old Herbert Ssenkubuge, a resident of Kawumu village in Makulubita Sub County in Luweero district, has been bedridden for the last 11 years due to the failure by his family to raise money for his treatment.

Ssenkubuge was hit by a falling tree while in the garden in 2006 and was rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital with an injured backbone. According to Ssenkubuge, he was discharged hoping to get better, but there hasn’t been any improvement since then.

Ssenkubuge says both his arms and legs are paralysed. He however, says he has lost of recovering since his family is unable to raise any money for his treatment.

Ssenkubuge lives with his mother, Janet Nakitende and sister, Harriet Nakungu. The two attend to Ssenkugu using proceeds from cultivating their four-acre piece of land.

Harriet Nakungu says during his Operation Wealth Creation tour in Luweero district President Yoweri Museveni visited the family and the issue of Ssenkubuge was brought to his attention.

According to Nakungu, Museveni asked the State House medical team to take over the case, but they are still waiting for the fulfilment of the pledge.

Doctor Sinani Mabuya, a doctor at Luweero Health Centre IV, says Ssenkubuge needs to undergo a fresh scan to establish it is his backbone or spinal cord, which is damaged. According to Mubuya, the back bone can easily be healed, but the spinal cord is difficult to handle, adding that he may need palliative care for survival.

State House hasn’t yet commented as the two press secretaries, Don Wanyama and Linda Nabusayi couldn’t pick our calls to their cellphone. Lillian Nakate, the Luweero Woman MP who accompanied President Museveni during the visit to the family has promised to follow up the matter to ensure the patient is helped.