Capital Ladies dress to inspire at the ASFAs and everything else that a roving eye didnt miss

By Annah Nafula

There is no doubt the Abryans style and fashion awards are quickly becoming a fashion event to watch out for every December. The stakes are rising each new time the awards happen. The the organizers of this event are working hard to pull it off every season. Compared to the previous two I have attended, it just keeps getting better. Here are just a few things my eyes didn’t skip at the event:
Two of the Capital FM presenters presented Awards:
FlaviaTumusiime, the AM-PM show presenter and Rahma Mbabazi Lucky, presented awards. Did some few members have an issue with Lucky’s dress? Yes. She had a perfect response for them.

luckyTime! time! time!

Until 10 pm the actual ASFAs had not started happening, we live in a city where all event of that nature should be done by mid night. Starting and event with more than ten categories to award at 10 doesn’t add up. Or did you take advantage of the Nankulu being in the building?

Every girl wanted to look their best;
Finding a less busy hair dresser and makeup artist by Friday mid-day was close to impossible. All uptown hair dressers were busy making girls achieve “The Look”. All salons and dress sellers around town should thank God for Abryans Ahumuza. They have surely smitten moneys out of this one. Perhaps the best time to have a hair dresser for a boyfriend the girls know what I mean.

Those MCs:
We couldn’t have imported a pair of MCs to just do what those guys did? I am not trying to be racist or nationalist… but that pair was wrong. I just thought scripting for such an event is not for us yet. Both individuals are people full of life and you would imagine if they were free styling it would be a lot better. Oh my God! They made the whole scripting business look so wrong. And what did Fenon do to add insult on injury, as soon as they came on stage, the mics went off.
The ambiance:
We have come from so far to get here. Honestly, I think we are getting better and better each day. The dressing is improving, so is the whole red carpet set up at the venue. Thanks to the organizers, Hollywood Looks closer these days.

The beach wear show case hullabaloo:
Oh! So one designer was showing off her creativity with her creation; the crocheted bikinis. The Bikinis looked for fun and colorful. What perfect bodies need for those beach outings? But the reaction on social media, Huh! God save the models. Not so many people wanted to understand the concept as the moralists on social media quickly jumped unto their pages to bash the models.