Kibuku leaders ask that electricity be extended to schools and homes

By Deo Wasswa

Local leaders in Kibuku District want the government to extend electricity to schools and homesteads to help in improving the learning of pupils and to reduce on eye health relate problems that come as a result of revising books using candles (Tadoba) especially by pupils in candidate classes.

Timothy Mamberu, the chairperson of Kobolwo village located in Kibuku town council in Kibuku district says lack of electricity  in the areas is among obstacles to pupil’s performance.

Mr. Mamberu was speaking to our reporter amidst  of ongoing exercise of assessing the learning of children in Kubuku district spearheaded by Uwezo Twaweza East Africa.

Other obstacle cited including lack of scholastic materials, lack of school feeding programs, parents attitude to send their children to school, poverty in communities to raise school fees among other

Operation Usalama has yielded results – Police

By Robert Segawa

Over 27 suspects are before courts of law for allegedly vandalizing , human trafficking , wildlife and environmental crimes,stolen forged stolen documents, and possession of narcotic drugs.

Fred Yiga the director of Uganda police in charge of  Interpol while releasing  the outcomes of the recent concluded operation named  USALAMA at Interpol offices in Kololo said that  tax payers money is wasted due vandalism in areas of Mukono Katosi road and Ntugamu district where materials worth billions of shillings were destroyed by some heartless Ugandans.

Yiga added that such acts of vandalizing caused loss of lives and also denied development in the country adding that people must develop patriotic hearts.

Operation USALAMA was conducted in all EAPCO and SAPCO countries in Africa and were started in  27th September to 2nd  October 2018 and were all done on same time which is aimed on fighting crime across boarder activities.

Yiga has also said that much of environmental crimes are experienced in South Sudan where Ugandans go and cut trees, He also warned the owners of trucks that impounded in transporting Logs from South Sudan are to be answerable.

Director Yiga has also  revealed that there are  several external labour recruiting agencies that are still forging certificates of good conduct in names of  Interpol.

Its are Pre- conduction for people going abroad to work to get a certificate of good conduct strictly from interpol offices to ascertain criminal back ground of the recipient.
He said that many people have been intercepted at Entebbe while leaving Uganda because of possessing forged certificates and mainly is done by registered company with ministry of labour
He said that they have obtained a list of legitimate companies using forged certificate and thus the next step is naming and shaming these companies.

Diarrhea killing over one million children world wide

By Robert Segawa

About 1 .5 million children across the world die of diarrhea because of eating without washing their hands before eating and after using  toilets, health officials have said.

This was revealed by KCCA Director in charge health Dr Daniel Okello during the cerebration to mark Global hand washing day at St Peter’s Nsambya primary school in Kampala Makindye division.

Dr Okello revealed that KCCA has partnered with None Governmental organizations like GIZ and ministries of health and water to put in place modern pit latrines in all KCCA schools to prevent disease out break due to poor sanitation and hygiene.

He adds that they also launched a campaign “dubbed Wash Alot” to enable educating school going pupils on how to wash their hands before eating after visiting toilets using liquid soap to avoid different disease and diarrhea.

Juliet Nambi Namuddu the director in charge of education KCCA also said  her directorate has launched another competition for all the 79 KCCA primary schools on how to keep sanitation and hygiene in their surroundings adding that also parents will be invited to attend and watch their pupils engage in different activities and learn.

She adds that this will also helping hygiene in our house holds.

NRM Party district leaders threaten to quit

By Daudi Zirimala

Leaders of the Ruling NRM party across the country have given the party Chairman, Museveni an ultimatum of three days to see them or they leave the party.

According the Kampala NRM Chairperson Godfrey Nyakana, the party chairman has deliberately refused to meet with party leaders to addresses issues affecting the party.

They say that NRM party has a lot of grievances with in the structures but the leadership has failed to resolve the problems which have escalated divisions among party members.

Speaking during their meeting at the party headquarters at Kyaddondo Road, the party leaders want President M7 to meet them within three days and solve these issues or they leave the party.

The infighting within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) leadership recently attracted 15 district chairpersons and regional coordinators’ to call on party chairman President Yoweri Museveni to ‘take action’ against Tanga Odoi, their electoral commission chairperson.

The district leaders under their umbrella body, NRM district chairpersons’ forum told a news conference at Kati-Kati restaurant that Tanga’s disrespectful character is unbecoming and intolerable among party cadres, requiring immediate replacement.

However President Yoweri Museveni warned the National Resistance Movement leaders to stop wrangling over who should be the party leader.

Museveni said everyone in the NRM leadership should focus on how to solve problems facing citizens.

MP Nyambeshe warns government officials against making money off Bududa landslide victims

By Alice Lubwama

Majiya Member of Parliament  John Baptist Nambeshe has warned government officials who have turned the disaster in Bududa into an income generating project, to stop this immediately.

Responding to claims by Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo that it was politicians who are frustrating  Government efforts to relocate the people in Bududa, Nambeshe said that such people were making allegations  in order to be made in charge of the humanitarian management  in Bududa so that they can enrich themselves.

However the lawmaker vows that this time they will not allow anyone to benefit from the resettlement program as they will have to follow the plan by the Bududa council.

Hon Nambeshe has also  pinned  the government officials  for being responsible for the recent  deaths in Bududa  after they failed  to relocate  the  internally  displaced   people  who were  affected  by
the landslides in 2010and 2012 , living them in risky areas were the recent landslides claimed their lives .

The legislator  also asked  President Museveni  to give the affected people assurance that the money being allocated for resettlement will not be misappropriated this time , as  the 24 billion shillings that was
meant to resettle the people during the first disasters disappeared under the supervision of his two ministers of disaster including Hilary Onek and Musa Ecweru.

One of the minister’s Hilary Onek recently  offered to resign his position saying that he was tired of being part government which was indifferent towards people’s plight but up to now he is still in office.

Onek was also quoted saying that there was too much corruption in the office of the prime minister and it is the reason why all his efforts have not yielded fruits.

Woman arrested for obtaining money under false pretense

By Robert Segawa

A 45 year old woman who is alleged to have been soliciting money from Ugandans by false pretending to take the a broad for employment has been arraigned before court.

Rose Nyamurwa a business woman and resident of Kitende Entebbe road has been charged before city hall court grade 1 magistrate Patrick Talisuna and denied 23 counts of obtaining money.

Prosecution led by Lydia Batibwe states that the accused person on various dates between the month of March and October 2018 at Kamwokya fraudulently obtained money ranging from 1 to 3 million shillings from each person by falsely pretending that she was taking them to United Arab Emirates for employment.

Court heard that she has been receiving money through her company called German African external recruitment limited.

Prosecution added that Nyamurwa between the same period received 10 millions from a one Tom Kasande by falsely pretending she was recruiting 20 football prayers of Sports Club Villa limited through her company Germany African external recruitment limited to be taken to the United Arab Emirates for employment as footballer s.

Magistrate released her on non cash court bond of 1 million shillings and ordered her to return to court on the 31st October for case mentioning.

Banks urged to be people centered , not profit motivated

By Edwin Muhumuza

Banks have been urged to change their ways of operation to consider people first ahead of profit. This amid the first Global Alliance for banking on values conference  in Kampala which seeks to introduce values-based banking as a new banking model for financial institutions.

In his key note address, Prof. Sir Chris Ogbechie, head of strategic management at Lagos Business School noted that becoming people centered, will enable banks realize 9 out of 17 Sectoral Development Goals of the United Nations and hence becoming more relevant to society. Among them he outlined, no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well being, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities and climate action.

“could the solution to financial exclusion be value-based banking in Africa”?asked the former chairman of Diamond Bank plc, Nigeria, while highlighting how the banking model, that is society-oriented, can drive sustainable development in Africa.Other aspects of the model includes community banking, microfinance banks, coupled with empowering people to grow.

Wrapping up his speech, he drew lessons learned from the turnaround of Diamond Bank Plc, from corporate services,that had failed to match the competition of already existing banks in the market of over 100million people through the adoption of people centered – digital mobile technology as well as targeting other multi-dimensional areas of the society.

Ugandan banks continue to face challenges and as of 31 March 2017, there were 24 licensed commercial banks in Uganda however banks are faced with rising number of dormant accounts a trend attributed to slow economic activity, among other factors.

Speaking at the GABV Conference 2018, Dr. Tumubweine Twinemanzi, Executive Director-Supervision at Bank of Uganda (BoU), said if only there were more banks in the country looking at people before profit then more would be financially included.

GABV Executive Director, Mr. Marcos Eguiguren notes that the GABV Principles of Values-based Banking describe the fundamental pillars of values-based banking adding that the process of embedding these values requires deliberate effort, by developing human resources policies that reflect their values-based approach (including innovative incentive and evaluation systems for staff), and develop stakeholder-oriented practices to encourage values-based business models.

Centenary Bank Managing Director, Mr. Fabian Kasi said that they have a model that supports lending and banking to the furthest ends of the country, providing micro-loans. This amid their association with the Global Alliance for Banking on Values leadership academy which brings together mid-career leaders from values-based banks and financial institutions around the world to advance their leadership and innovation skills and connect to the growing values-based banking movement.

Presently there are 54 independent GABV member banks, profitable and growing from Asia, North America, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Australia and Europe, touching lives of more than 500 million people in 31 countries, with combined assets of USD 163 billion.

UBA’ s read Africa visits Fort Portal secondary school

By Edwin Muhumuza

In a bid to curb the poor reading culture plaguing the youth in Uganda, United Bank for Africa(UBA) has embarked on a project dubbed read ‘Read Africa’ to equip students with literature.

The UBA FortPortal team led by the Head of Retail Banking, Paul Luyima donated 100 books to students of Portal Secondary School, in Kabarole district. The title of the book donated was the famous ‘Things Fall Apart’, written by Chinua Achebe.

While addressing the students, Mr. Luyima advised, ‘The more we read, the more we acquire new knowledge, the quicker we get at solving complex problems, the better we understand each other, the more confident we get because we will be able to firmly engage in dialogue. You should never tire of reading, it only makes you a better person.’

The Read Africa project was initiated in 2011 by UBA Foundation, the arm of the bank charged with Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). Read Africa has been rolled out across Africa with the goal of rekindling the dwindling reading culture amongst African youths.

UBA plans to donate books to schools across Uganda in all towns of operation. This week, Read Africa will be live in Mbale.

Relatedly, Uganda suffers from a low and poor reading culture. Former executive director of the National Council for Higher Education, Prof Abdul Kasozi says this trend where people do not value or do not do any reading except to look for a few necessary items, is harmful to the development of the individual and nation,warning that a poor reading culture,limits innovative and entrepreneurial minds from accessing cutting age information which they need to realize their ambitions and the low level of reading that many Ugandan suffer from is an indicator of the quality of education our nation has, and is giving us.

Also listening to discussions by a number of Ugandans on Radio and TV talk shows, seminars and conferences, one is embarrassed on how the majority of those participating are uninformed on basic scientific and social issues.

Among the solutions include; increasing enrollment in our education institutions ,need to stop the over-emphasis on centralized examinations by our education system and that a secondary school student should read at least one novel whose content is outside what is taught in class each week. An undergraduate student should read at least three hundred pages of materials that are outside his or her curriculum for general knowledge each week, partly what UBA has embarked on.

Police boss Rogers Muhirwe on hot seat after unexplained forces’ expenditure

By Alice Lubwama

Police  has failed to explain how they spent over 12 billion shillings in training.

While appearing before the public accounts committee of parliament chaired by the Soroti woman member of Parliament, Angelina Osege to scrutinize the auditor general’s report of 2015/2016. The undersecretary of the force Rogers Muhirwe said that the some funds was  used to train additional man power for the 2016 elections and he balance  was used to clear outstanding food bills of 2.97 billion among others.

The auditor general in his report noted that 15 billion was budgeted to carry out staff training however a sum of 21 billion was spent leading to excess expenditure.

The auditor general noted that in the police’s training reports the courses undertaken and places where the trainings took place were not mentioned.

The report also reveals that even though police claims to have trained 250 officers  but they could not reveal their names , training instructors , facilities and who and what was paid to them.

Budaka school headteacher determined to see all children attending school

Joshua Dyambisya Dyatum, Head teacher of Family helper primary school is Budaka district has resorted to going house by house looking for pupils as a measure to end the absenteeism.

According to him, since last week he has so far visited over 5 homesteads to find out why pupils are not coming to school yet they are supposed to be at school.

Speaking to capital radio, Mr. Dyambisya has found that parents do not bother to send their children to school and instead using them for child labor.

The findings in the door to door  survey have prompted him to call for a parents’ meeting  for p6 and p7. In this meeting matters to discuss will include the various causes of escalating absenteeism even when promotional exams are drawing close.

He says the meeting will help both parties to come up with possible solutions that will end the vice of absenteeism. He added that if it requires to involve local leaders, they would love to see village chairpersons going house by house in the morning to ensure that no school going child remains at home during school days.

Family helpers, a government aided primary school has a total of 1689 pupils of which 124 are in P7.