By Robert Segawa

Four more people have been charged with participating in a plan to attack Gulu Central Police station and Onapit Army detach in 2016.

Otto Kenneth, Ojok Samuel, Okello Ajubu and Opiyo Charles have been charged  before the general court Martial chaired by  Lt Gen. Andrew Gutti. This brings the total number of those charged for the alleged attack to 25. They face 13 counts including, attempted murder and offences relating to security.

However one of the suspects has entered a plea on grounds that they are being tried in the wrong court. The accused explains that the army court has no powers or jurisdiction to try them because they are civilians with no military background.

Prosecution states that the accused with others still at large between May and June 2016, at Opit Army detach and Gulu CPS with malice unlawfully caused the death of Private Odong Alphonse Ojara, Okullo Haggai and injured many.

Photo Credit: Eagle Online


By Sania Babirye

The high court execution division has finally freed Kawempe North Member of Parliament Mubarak Munyagwa who was jailed for failing to clear a 100 million debt to a one John Baptist Maali.

Hon. Munyagwa today reached an understanding with Maali to clear the debt by making a down payment of 50 million shillings before Justice Ssenoga Angline and also promised to clear the remaining 50 million shillings by the 2nd of August 2017.

Munyagwa was handed a six month jail sentence by the high court registrar in charge of execution division Flavia Nassuna on the 10th of April 2017.

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Persistent drought dries up Dam in Gulu

Two large dams supplying water to Gulu town have finally dried up completely following the persistent drought in Northern Uganda. The dams are Oyitino I constructed in the late 1960s and Oyitino II built in 2016, all in Bungatira Sub County in Aswa County.

Torrential rainfall that fell briefly in March and April failed to refill the two dams. In its latest weather forecast, the National Meteorological Authority said northern Uganda would receive near normal rainfall in its first season falling between February and June.

But with barely a month left to the end of the season, proper adaptation is critical for the estimated 200,000 people living in this sprawling city. Every day, long queues form around few boreholes in Gulu town as desperate residents collect the little water they can fetch from swamps, spring wells and piped water sources.

At Uhuru spring well in Bank Lane, women gather as early as 5am to find water. Agnes Naroso, a resident of Kony Paco village was among those collecting water from the piped water source. She told URN the dilemma of women living in Gulu town.

Another woman who spoke on condition of anonymity told URN that some residents come to the borehole with more than 10 Jerrycans to last few days from localities as distant as 5Kilometers out of town.

37-year-old David Oryema, a resident of Kasubi Central ward in Bar Dege Division, says he travels an average of 5Km on a motorbike to fetch six jerrycans of water for his family from a borehole within Oyitino pumping site in Bungatira Sub County.

The crisis has lasted for at least six months. In March, the Gulu court and magistrate courts suspended trial proceedings to cope with the deteriorating sanitation crisis that also affected Gulu regional and teaching hospital.

To mitigate the unfolding crisis, National Water and Sewerage Corporation has stationed a response team in Gulu town to ensure that temporal solutions are found for the problem. They are being headed Francis Owot, the director of Finance and Accounts, National Water and Sewerage Corporation.

Owot told URN that they are desperately scouring areas in the North, South, East and West of Gulu town for large underground water reserves to restore supply to residents in the northern Uganda business hub. He says so far, their hunt has resulted into three mini pumping sites where very deep boreholes have been sunk around the town.

The three boreholes in Unyama, Onang and Mican villages can collectively generate 900,000 liters of water every day.

With nothing from the two dams reaching the 6,235 cubic meter storage facilities in Boma, Pece, Army barracks, Customs Corner and Lacor, the figure being produced from the three boreholes is just a drop in sinks and latrines, as institutions such as Gulu Hospital take up to 14,000 liters daily.

In the meantime, underground search has identified five new sites in Aworanga, Bungatira and Bank Lane, behind Hotel Kakanyero in the heart of Gulu Town. The corporation hopes they can yield enough quantity to meet the estimated 15 million liters of daily demands.

National Water and Sewerage Corporation has embarked on enlarging Oyitino II to store plenty of storm water for the worst of time. Owot says the World Bank has also joined the battle against the worst water crisis in decades by committing to sink a third large dam near Oyitino I and II.

The project is at consultancy stage after passing an environmental impact assessment test.

Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, the Gulu LC V chairperson says a long term adaptation project will draw water from Nile River, located some 74Kilometers on Gulu – Kampala highway.

Francis Owot says the Karuma water works will also supply other towns in the region including Kamdini, Minakulu and Bobi.





70 senior police officers reshuffled.

By Robert Segawa

The Inspector General of police Gen Kale Kayihura has made a massive general reshuffle where 70 senior police officers have been affected. Some of the officers have been moved from junior command course Bwebajja.

Among those affected include  Senior commissioner Steven Tanui who was a deputy commandant Kampala Metropolitan has been appointed as the deputy commander Field force , ACP Ruhweza James appointed as security chief ,Bakaleke Siraje Kampala south, Omala Sam directorate of welfare, Odongo Mark from SIU Kireka to research and planning.

Others include SSP Zirabamuzale Muzafal directorate of welfare production, Ganyana Zurah to Press unit, Kateba Apolo Rwenzori as RPC, Kintu Henry from Kaliro to Masaka as DPC and Kitata Adam transferred to counter terrorism.

When conducted Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye said transfers in force are normal and are meant to enhance service delivery in the force. He added they take immediate effect.

Photo Credit: Daily Monitor


By Edwin Muhumuza

High court deputy registrar Joy Kabagye is expected to rule on whether to grant an interim injunction seeking to stop Media houses from writing or publishing any story in relation to the ongoing investigations into the murder of the former police Spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

This is after the high court in Kampala summoned four Media houses and their editors to file their defense in a civil suit in which they are being accused of unlawfully obtaining confidential information in relation to the death of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi there by compromising national security.

The Summons  comes  after the Inspector General of Police  Kale Kayihura dragged the  Media houses and their respective editors to the civil division of the high court accusing them of compromising National security by acquiring  confidential information concerning  the murder investigations of the late Uganda  police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and National security without  being cleared by government.

The sued Media houses include Red Pepper, The Investigator and it’s editor Stanley Ndawula , The Ugandan  with its editor Dickson Kagurusi and Chimp Reports with its editor Giles Muhame.

Through the Attorney General, the IGP says the documents that were published by the respective media houses contained details of internal matters of the investigations, National importance and security, documents and decisions/recommendations made in the day to day running of the investigation and security matters in the country.

Kayihura is now seeking court to issue an injunction refraining the media houses from publishing any articles relating to the ongoing investigations into the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

He also wants court to declare that the publications and intended publications of the defendants are injurious to the ongoing investigations, national security and prejudicial to the workings of Security Agencies of Uganda.

General Kayihura further wants court to issue a permanent injunction refraining all media companies and houses from publishing and using confidential information of government or any other part.

The defendants have been given 14 days to file their defense.

On the 17th of march 2017 at around 9:am  in the morning   at Kulambiro in Nakawa division AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi was gunned down by unknown men riding on two  motorcycle alongside his body guard Kenneth Erau and Driver, Godfrey Mambewo a few  kilometres from his home

Minister urges public to engage in environmental protection

By Robert Segawa

Minister for water and environment Sam Cheptoris has urged the public to engage in safe measures of environmental protection for the better Uganda.

While addressing the press at a function where Procter and gamble celebrated 12 billion letters of clean water supplied in Uganda at Serena hotel Kampala, minister through the commissioner for water and environment Eng Disan Ssozi said 8 million Ugandans still lack safe water as a result of environmental degeneration.

Minister adds that the insufficient budget of 500 billion Uganda shillings for the financial year 2017/2018 needs to be raised a little more to ensure efficiency in service delivery.

Meanwhile programs director Procter and Gamble  Allison Tummon Kamphuis said more than 1.6 billion Uganda shillings to be invested to provide 60 million letters of safe water to more than 75,000 people in Uganda especially in different parts of the country  like in Kampala which is the most densely populated.


Education minister, Janet Kataha urges UMI to research on cause of corruption

By Wasswa Deo

Minister for Education, Janet Kataha Museveni has urged the Uganda Management Institute to go beyond their usual research, and carryout a special research on behaviors of workers in both private and public sectors aimed at finding out what the major causes of  corruption and the immediate solution to this challenge.

Janet made the remarks during the Uganda Management Institute graduation ceremony, where hundreds graduated in management skills.

She also also advised the grandaunts to put into practice the skills  they have acquired from the institute in order to get the few jobs that are on labour market in the country.

Editors and some Media houses halted from covering Kaweesi murder investigation

By Sania Babirye
Court has issued a temporary injunction gagging sections of the media from publishing stories on the ongoing investigations into the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.
High court civil division assistant registrar Joy Kabagye Bahinguza says the injunction against Red Pepper , Chimp report, The Investigator, The Ugandan and  The Guardian will stay in force  until  21st August 2017 when hearing of the main application filed by Inspector General of Police Kale Kaihura   accusing them of jeopardizing the investigations and national security will be heard .
The four Media houses and their editors are accused of unlawfully obtaining confidential information in relation to investigations into the death of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi without the authority and approval of the government of Uganda.
The sued editors are Stanley Ndawula , Giles Muhame, and  Dixon Kagurusi.
 Through the Attorney General, the IGP says the documents that  were published by the respective  media houses contained details of  internal matters of the investigations, national importance and security, documents and decisions  made in the day to day running of the investigation and security matters of  the country.
Kayihura is now seeking court to issue a permanent injunction refraining the media  houses from publishing any articles relating to the investigations
The Police chief  also  wants court to declare that the publications and intended publications of the defendants are injurious to the ongoing investigations, national security and prejudicial to the workings of Security Agencies of Uganda.
Former Police spokes person Andrew Felix Kaweesi was gunned down by unknown assailants on March 17 2017 at around at his home in Kulambiro an outskirt of Kampala.
He died along side his driver Godfrey Wambewa and body guard Kenneth Erau as he drove out of home to work.

Police intercepts 23 Rwandese for illegal entry into Uganda

By Robert Segawa

Police in Kabale have been intercepted 23 Rwandese Nationals for illegal entry to Uganda.

According to Elly Matte the Kigezi region police spokesperson the Rwandese Nationalist were intercepted using baby coach bus registration number UAM 897M after crossing to Uganda using porous borders of Bufundi and Rubaya sub county in Kabale district.

Matte added all the Rwandese had no identification, they don’t know their destination to Uganda and the master mind behind their travels is no where to be seen.

Matte has however warned bus companies to desist from associate with illegal immigrants saying that they risk having their business crossed.

Telecom Agents outside Kampala charge illegal fees for sim verification

Agents of telecom companies in Luweero town are on the spot for charging phone users to validate their simcards. UCC set April 20th as the deadline for simcard validation and registration using the National Identification number.
However, the exercise has been extended for a month. Although both UCC and Telecom companies are sending text messages asking simcard holders to dial *197# to validate their simcards using their National Identification numbers, some people in Luweero are unable to do so, which has forced them to turn to telecom agents.
On Wednesday, hundreds of phone users rushed to telecom agents to validate or register their simcards so as not to be disconnected. However, some of the agents charged the phone users between Shillings 2000-5000 to validate or register their simcards despite the fact that the exercise is entirely free of charge.
Swamadu Saffi, a resident of Bwaziba LC 1 village in Luweero Sub County, says he paid Shillings 4000 to facilitate the registration of his Airtel and MTN simcard although he wasn’t issued a receipt. According to Saffi, he paid the money for fear of being disconnected when the UCC deadline expires.

Abdul Tagabirwa, a resident of Misanje village in Kikyusa Sub county says he paid Shillings 7000 to agents to register his two lines and photocopy his National Identity card. He asks UCC to take action against Telecom companies for cheating them.

Denis Mugisha, a sales agent at MTN Uganda, Luweero Town Service Point explains that simcard registration or validation is for free of charge.

He says the agents get a commission of Shillings 1200 for each registered simcard.

A sales agent at Luweero Airtel service point who told URN on condition of anonymity that they get a commission of Shillings 1000 for each registered simcard at the end of each month, but says this is their chance to double their earnings.

Atleast 200 clients had been registered by midday at both the Airtel and MTN Service Points in Luweero town. Isaac Kalembe, the Spokesperson Uganda Communications Commission has asked the affected people to report to Police all agents asking them for money to validate their simcards. According to Kalembe, those soliciting for money to validate simcards are doing it illegally, saying the exercise is free of charge.
There are long queues at Luweero District Electoral Commission Offices, which also houses the offices of the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) as hundreds pick their national identity cards validate their simcards to avoid disconnection.
At least 90 people had picked their National IDs by midday on Wednesday when our reporters visited the offices. Mohammed Mpiima, the Luweero District Information Technology Officer, says there are more than 16,000 national identity cards at the office. He says they are doing everything possible to distribute the National Identity cards.
He says they are referring those who need to replace their National IDs to the NIRA office in Kampala.