Police boss Rogers Muhirwe on hot seat after unexplained forces’ expenditure

By Alice Lubwama

Police  has failed to explain how they spent over 12 billion shillings in training.

While appearing before the public accounts committee of parliament chaired by the Soroti woman member of Parliament, Angelina Osege to scrutinize the auditor general’s report of 2015/2016. The undersecretary of the force Rogers Muhirwe said that the some funds was  used to train additional man power for the 2016 elections and he balance  was used to clear outstanding food bills of 2.97 billion among others.

The auditor general in his report noted that 15 billion was budgeted to carry out staff training however a sum of 21 billion was spent leading to excess expenditure.

The auditor general noted that in the police’s training reports the courses undertaken and places where the trainings took place were not mentioned.

The report also reveals that even though police claims to have trained 250 officers  but they could not reveal their names , training instructors , facilities and who and what was paid to them.

Budaka school headteacher determined to see all children attending school

Joshua Dyambisya Dyatum, Head teacher of Family helper primary school is Budaka district has resorted to going house by house looking for pupils as a measure to end the absenteeism.

According to him, since last week he has so far visited over 5 homesteads to find out why pupils are not coming to school yet they are supposed to be at school.

Speaking to capital radio, Mr. Dyambisya has found that parents do not bother to send their children to school and instead using them for child labor.

The findings in the door to door  survey have prompted him to call for a parents’ meeting  for p6 and p7. In this meeting matters to discuss will include the various causes of escalating absenteeism even when promotional exams are drawing close.

He says the meeting will help both parties to come up with possible solutions that will end the vice of absenteeism. He added that if it requires to involve local leaders, they would love to see village chairpersons going house by house in the morning to ensure that no school going child remains at home during school days.

Family helpers, a government aided primary school has a total of 1689 pupils of which 124 are in P7.

Landslide victims have not received any food relief

By Moses Kidandi
Over six hundred and ninety five people affected by the landslides in Bududa are at risk of starvation.

Victims claim they have not received even half a kilo of food from government yet the minister of relief and disaster preparedness Hillary Onek announced on the first day of the tragedy that he was dispatching a trailer of food stuff which has never reached.

The residents claim they have only received help of non food items from the Uganda Red cross which has also been working with the Uganda peoples Defense forces in rescue operations and search for any missing persons.

Part of Government Aid that the victims have not received includes  five million shillings to the families of the deceased,two million shillings to the survivors as pledged by president Museveni and a relocation to safer areas which government announced it was ready to implement.
The landslides that occurred in Bukalasi sub county last week affected close to one hundred and thirty five house holds.

Asiimwe quizzed over increased number of beneficiaries of Akasiimo project

By Alice Lubwama

The special assistant on veterans affairs for president Museveni Col. Jacob Asiimwe  has had a rough  time before the public accounts committee of parliament when members  quizzed him over the rising
numbers of beneficiaries under the ‘Akasiimo project for people who contributed to liberation war.

The Office of the Prime Minister is supposed to reward civilians who contributed to the liberation war that ushered in NRM government but members were surprised by the  initial number of beneficiaries shot up from  30,000 to 80.000 shillings.

The  beneficiaries   were meant to share 30 billion shillings in the financial year  2014 but the amount was also  increased  to 158 shillings   to be shared  among the 80.000 beneficiaries  during the same year .

MPs including   Mathias Mpuuga Masaka municipality  and the committee chairperson Angeline Osegge tasked   Col Asiimwe to explain the circumstances leading to the rise and when the government was
planning to put   a cap on the list of beneficiaries.

In his response, Asiimwe said that the rise was caused by the need to incorporate other volunteers such as FRONASA and other groups that aided the  military to fight  extremism in the early days of peace.

He has given assurance that after clearing the pending 17,000beneficiaries, the “akasiimo project” will come to an end.

New show on Capital FM to teach Ugandan French

By  Patricia Osman and Annah Nafula
Capital Radio has today signed a memorandum of understanding with the French Embassy where Ugandans will be taught French as a language, French culture, tradition and style among others.
Capital Radio managing director Peter Mungoma says the yearlong program that will be aired every Sunday at 8; 15pm effective 20th October 2018 will be hosted by Sam Ayo and will go a long way in giving the listeners a chance to understand more the beauty of the French culture.
The French ambassador Stephanie Rivoal is now encouraging Ugandans to always tune in saying they will benefit a lot from the program. She adds that this aimed at also improving relationship between Uganda and France as nations. Rivoal notes that the world is quickly evolving and French companies are now hiring work force from allover the world and speaking French will be one of the requirements. She says the different lessons that will be taught on the show will expose the two countries to more cross tourism opportunities.
The ambassador says that increased knowledge in French will help Ugandans interact freely with their Francophone neighboring countries like Congo, Rwanda and West Africa.
The show will present a rather exciting and more relaxed way of learning the French language which Rivoal says is guaranteed not to bore listeners. She urges Ugandans to tune in.
Capital FM sale manager Dennis Sentongo says this is a great opportunity for Ugandans to listen in, learn the language and expand their chances of being employed in French speaking nations.

MPS divided on Musisi’s resignation

By Alice Lubwama

Lawmakers have given contrary  views on the resignation of the Executive Director  ofKampala City Council Authority, Jennifer Musisi.

On Monday evening, media was awash with the news of Musisi’s resignation which was confirmed by government Spokes person Ofwono Opondo . He also confirmed that the president had received the letter.

Some members of parliament  including West Budama south MP Jacob Oboth , Ntugamo municipality MP Gerald Karuhanga, Aruu county MP Odonga Otto and others noted that Musisi has done a great in beatifying the city and making it more organized.

While others including the former vice chairperson of the presidential committee Susan Amero and the Agago woman MP Judith Franca noted that ever since she joined KCCA it has been receiving huge amounts of money and they expected her to do more.

In the resignation Jennifer Musisi states why she took the decision to quit. She mentions having difficulty in reconciling political decisions with set targets for the authority, inadequate funding, shortage of permanent staff, and lack of political will.

UWEZO commences education evaluation survey in Kibuku

By Deo Wasswa

The Uwezo education assessment survey 2018 has kicked off with training young men and women who are going to carry out the exercise as volunteers between Friday 20th and 21st October in both schools and households across 32 districts in the country.

The objectives of the assessment include is finding out when children go to school every day, whether they are receiving foundational and numeracy skills that are required for them to thrive and continue as they progress through their education journey.

According to, Nasereka Farida, senior programs officer Uwezo, despite efforts being put in place to ensure that the quality education is provided to children in Uganda, there is one key question we keep asking while carrying out this exercise; whether the children  are learning and prepared to solve problems in society.

Nasereka made the remarks during the training of 60 volunteers who are going to carry out the assessment exercise in Kibuku district in eastern part of Uganda.

The exercise will cover children between 6 -16 years and will be asked questions of primary two level.

The exercise will also look at economic issues to help them understand the environment in which the children  live and how that environment aids their education .

The exercise will involve 1920 volunteers in 32 districts and 30 selected schools and 20 households will be assessed in each district.

Kibuku district has five government secondary schools and 11 private secondary schools where students are sitting their final exams in at all levels of education.


Rotary club soliciting for relief items for Bududa mudslide victims

By Alice Lubwama

The Rotary club of Mbale has started a process to solicit for relief both monetary and tangible items to help the families that were hit by the mudslide in Bududa District last week.

According to the president Rotary club of Kampala Ivan Mwondha, their counterparts in Mbale under the “Bududa Rescue project” are already mobilizing for any kind of relief that can go to the affected persons.

Mwondha revealed this while he had made a courtesy visit to the deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya to appreciate his contribution of 38million shillings towards to rotary for   improving the lives of unprivileged

Mwondha says that the amount of money which will be raised will go towards meeting the urgent needs of approximately 300 people from 60 homes that were badly hit by the calamity.

The deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanya asked  the public to always have a principal of serving above self, have a sense of humanity, and do what they can to help people who are always in need.

More than 40 people   have been confirmed dead after they were hit by the landslides caused by River Suume when its banks busted last Thursday. The landslides and mudslides swept across five villages in Bukalasi sub-county in Bududa district.

This is  the second  time  landslides  occur  in Bududa this year, the  first one  was  In  April  this year, when   over 2000 residents were  displaced by landslides in the different villages of Bududa Sub County in Bududa District.

The multiple landslides destroyed several acres of gardens, livestock, and houses, but  there were no reports of deaths or injuries, because people were asked to move away from their homes before the landslides

Lukwago celebrates over Musisi’s resignation, warns Kamya

By Robert Segawa

The Kampala Lord mayor Erias Lukwago wants  parliament of Uganda to enact a law in which the executive director for Kampala city council authority should go through the public service commission process and not mere appointment by the president.

Lord mayor Lukwago made the remarks during a press briefing at his office in Kampala, where he outlined recommendations after the resignation of executive director Jennifer Musisi.
Lukwago says over 700 staffs of the authority, didn’t go through public service process and majority do not have contracts.

Lukwago also promised to do rebranding  of KCCA to remove the new log which he says it’s meaningless   and cleanse the institution from the image  of one person ” Nankuulu” things must go.

Lord mayor also promised to take stock of  performance in Kampala capital city authority  by showing the bench mark and do the valuation of her seven years in office.

On 15th October, Jennifer Musisi tendered in her resignation letter to president Museveni after seven years in service.

A joyful Lukwago says he’s now settled in his office after seeing the crumbling empire of Jennifer Musisi he has attributed this to the power of people who elected him in office and added that  Jennifer Musisi failed to appreciate it and now she’s paying heavily, He said in life he will never miss her due to the way she treated him in period of seven years.

He says he never wanted to talk about the ordeal he went through during the 3 years Musisi closed his office and barricaded the troops for the grace of God and will of people  he is still in office.

Lord mayor also sends strong warning to Kampala Minister Betty Kamya which he says that she believes she can harvest  evil forgetting that the evil will always brings her down.

Man rapes house help, kills wife

By Robert Segawa

Residents of Nsagu village in Kajjansi town council this morning woke up to a tragedy after one of their residents strangled his wife and killed her instantly.

Problems started after the estranged husband Kuraishi  Lukandwa 48 year  a mechanic at Kisekka market in Kampala defiled a fifteen year old house help.

Apollo Kagwa the LCI chairman says Lukandwa on Friday from work pounced on the house help and defiled her who later narrated the ordeal to the Lukandwa’s wife.

The suspect is reported to have fled his marital home for two days until the deceased called him to come back home and settle the matter amicably.

Residents say when Lukandwa came back home Sunday night, the wife asked him to take the victim to the hospital for treatment,this led to a fight that resulted into the death of the wife before he escaped.

Police in Entebbe rushed to the scene and took the body to Mulago mortuary while the defiled juvenile has also been taken for treatment as the hunt for Lukandwa starts.