By Ewin Muhumuza

The NRM Eastern region National chairperson Capt. Mike Mukula has denied allegations that his wife caught him in their matrimonial bed with two girls from Makerere University in their home in Soroti district in 2014.

While appearing before Buganda Road court chief magistrate Jamson Kareemani Capt. Mukula said that the alleged girls are not his mistresses but his employee’s at his flying school called Uganda Aviation School.

Mukula further told court that  he reached out to Tumusiime on various occasions to stop him from publishing malicious articles against him  that were intended to sabotage his marriage and family but all this fell on deaf ears after  he refused to pay the 20 million bribe that  Tumusiime had allegedly asked him in return.

Mukula had appeared to defend himself in a defamatory and libel case he filed against a news editor of a local tabloid Francis Tumusiime.

Capt. Mukula claims that in July 2014, with an intent to defame him Tumusiime on two occasions  unlawfully published articles alleging that his wife (Mukula’s) nabbed him with 2 girls in their marital bed in Soroti district which Mukula denies.

In February this year Mukula’s wife Gladys Mukula defended her husband over the allegations by telling court that Capt. Mukula was a faithful husband who respects the sanctity of their marriage.

She further told court that throughout their 34 years of marriage, she had never caught her husband with another woman nor found him in any compromising situation with a girl.

She asked court to find Tumusiime guilty of libel and she also brought one of the girls in court to prove that they were friends.

The case has been adjourned to the 5th of May 2017.

Photo Credit: Red Pepper


By Alice Lubwama

Human rights body, foundation for Human rights initiative has offered legal assistance to the former female employee of Aya group who accused her boss of sexual harassment.

The manager legal aid program at the foundation George Musisi told the media that, they are pushing for consolidation of both cases of sexual Harassment and assault cases that were lodged by the victim.

Musisi says that if police do not expedite the investigations, they will initiate a private prosecution to ensure justice for the victim.

This case was being handled by the minister for labor Herbert Kabafunzaki who was later arrested for allegedly extorting money from the accused.

Photo Credit: ChimpReports

Irish Government provides 7.2 million Euros to improve education in Karamoja

By Gloria Nakiyimba

Photo Credit: Irish Aid

150,000 children in schools in Karamoja will benefit from the 7.2 million Euros; about Ush 27.5 billion provided by the Irish Government.

According to Irish Ambassador, Dónal Cronin the funds channeled through UNICEF will support the Ministry of Education and Sports, to improve quality education for the most vulnerable children and adolescent girls across the Karamoja region.

Children at risk of dropping out of school and children with disabilities and special learning needs are targeted under the Irish supported program.

“This contribution from Ireland is critical in improving the skills and future of young people in Karamoja, Education is key to the region’s development and this support, to be implemented by our partner UNICEF, is part of our ongoing efforts to empower some of the most vulnerable communities in Uganda” said Ambassador Cronin.

The support will also address cultural and social practices that continue to undermine inclusive and quality learning.

The five year program aims to reduce gender gaps in enrolment and completion; improve learning outcomes in basic education; increase the transition of students from primary school to secondary school; and increase awareness within families and communities on the importance of investing in education for both girls and boys.

It will focus on enhancing teacher effectiveness, strengthening school management, assessing and monitoring learning outcomes, addressing issues of violence in schools, strengthening girls’ education, and promoting peace building and conflict-sensitive education.

“This support from the people of Ireland will help thousands of children to stay in school and have a higher quality education, especially adolescent girls who have a critical role in transforming the living conditions of their families and communities in the future,” said Ms. Aida Girma, UNICEF Representative in Uganda.

82 per cent of all 6 to 17 year old children in the region are living in poverty while 14 per cent complete primary school level and 25 per cent transition to secondary school in Karamoja compared to the national average of 67 per cent and 70 per cent respectively.



By Sania Babirye

A Kampala Business man whose failure to cover his pit holes lead to the death of his neighbor’s three year old child has been fined 70,000 shillings and ordered to compensate the bereaved family 5 million shillings.

This is after city hall grade one magistrate Moses Nabende found Ssenkungu Fred Don guilty of negligence.

While fining him the magistrate noted that Ssenkungu failed to take proper precautions against the fish ponds which he dug well knowing that they can be dangerous to human life.

Ssenkungu was convicted on his own plea yesterday where he acknowledged that the three year old boy drowned in his fish ponds that he had failed to cover up.

He was charged with committing a rash and neglect.

Prosecution led by Jackie Kyasimire states that on the 23rd of January 2017 at Kikaaya zone in Kampala Ssenkungu ommitted to take proper precautions against the pit holes dug there by causing the death of a neighbor’s 3 year old son Dan Caku.


Unregistered sim cards are a threat to national security.

By Robert Segawa.

Photo by @AKasingye

The Uganda police force makes a strong appeal to the Uganda Communication Commission to have all sim cards which are not registered to be off air.

AIGP Asan Kasingye the police spokesperson wonders as to why different mobile network are still having unregistered sim cards.

He says this is danger to national security because criminals buy unregistered sim cards, use them to commit crime and later through them away. Kasingye urges UCC to devise all means to see that all unregistered sim cards are turned off.

While addressing the media today, AIGP Asan Kasingye said Uganda Police Force has got many theories concerning the murders of Kaweesi but they are yet to get the bottom of the case.

He calls upon the public to be calm as police continues with investigations.


Four in trouble for Poaching and possession of arms in Gulu

By Gloria Nakiyimba

Four men are in trouble for hunting down elephants in northern Uganda Police in Gulu are holding the men for illegal possession of wildlife products and arms. They are Nyeko Solomon, Inyero Samuel, Kibwola Stewart, and Ojok Lenox Stephen.

According to Richard Muhabwe the warden in charge of Karuma conservation sector, the four were found in possession of 16 kilograms of Ivory, a n AK47 rifle and 31 rounds of ammunition. The gun and bullets were hidden inside the seat of a Bajaj motorcycle.

Police working with officials from Natural Resource Conservation Network trailed the suspects and picked them from Parwech Hotel in Gulu town as they tried to look for buyers.

Muhabwe singled out the hippopotamus as one of the most poached animals in Karuma sector.

“Because the hippo is first of all easy to trap, when you lay traps along the path from the river when they are going to graze at night, then there is high a chance that they’ll be caught in those traps” he said.

The hippopotamus is also much sought after because of its massive size.

“It has a lot of meat and culturally, the people around like hippo meat so it is hot cake in terms of poaching” he noted.


Dr Cypriano says AIGP Kaweesi is the 5 security officer to be gunned down.

By Robert Segawa.

The archbishop of Kampala archdiocese Dr Cypriano Kizito Lwanga has condemned the current wave of gun shootings in the city that have claimed the life of Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi , his driver  Godfrey Wambewo and a body guard Keneth Erau.

Dr Lwanga made his remarks while speaking as a main celebrant during the requiem mass for Kaweesi who was brutally murdered by unknown gunmen travelling on a motorcycle near his home in Kulambiro- Kisasi a Kampala suburb.

According to Lwanga, AIGP Kaweesi is the 5th security officer to be gunned down in broad day light in Kampala in a space of five month.

The archbishop explained that currently the country is facing various assassinations including iron hit bar men, gun shots, and character assassination which he says contravene the biblical 5th commandment.

He urged all the wrong doers including Kaweesi’s killers to stop shedding blood, repent and come for reconciliation.

Dr Lwanga described Kaweesi as an officer who loved his faith, a devoted Catholic and an inspiring officer who inspired hundreds of other fellow officers. He also reminded crime preventers to know their duties of detecting crime other than fueling crime.

Photo: Daily Monitor

FDC fails to secure a single seat at the East African Legislative Assembly.


For the second consecutive time opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party failed to secure a single seat as Parliament voted nine legislators to represent Uganda at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Both Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and the Democratic Party (DP) managed to retain one seat each, with the ruling NRM party making using its numbers in Parliament to send all its six legislators through.

Courtesy of its numerical strength in Parliament, NRM candidates Paul Musamali, Rose Akol Okullu, George Odong, Mathias Kasamba, Denis Namara and Mary Mugyenyi will be joining the Arusha-based assembly in June.  These will be joined by incumbents including DP’s Mukasa Fred Mbidde, Christopher Opoka of UPC as well as Independent Candidate Suzan Nakawuki.

In the results announced by the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga this evening, former internal affairs minister Akol Okullu topped the list of 47 contestants with 370 votes.

Akol was followed by former Kakuuto County MP Mathias Kasamba who garnered 359 votes. It was an NRM affair as Paul Musamli got 350 votes followed by George Odong with 346 and former Agriculture minister Mary Muguenyi with 341 votes. Denis Namara, another NRM candidate got 329 votes.

Incumbents Mukasa Mbidde and Nakawuki got 308 and 298 votes respectively, leaving FDC’s Ibi Ekwau in 10th position with 179 votes. Ingrid Turinawe, another FDC candidate, who was heckled throughout her campaign speech earlier in the day, got 25 votes.

There were eight invalid votes.


By Alice Lubwama

The parliamentary committee investigating the presidential hand shake is disappointed with NGO s and Uganda Law Society for failing to turn up before the committee to have an input on the issue.

The chairperson of the committee on commissions, statutory authorities and state enterprises Hon. Abdul Katuntu says they had given all stakeholders an opportunity to bring their views before the committee instead of discussing the matter on the social media.

Katuntu say that it is absurd for the people who always pretend to be so much interested in public affairs, to turn down an opportunity where they will go on record.



Happening at Munyonyo Common Wealth resort this week is the 13th Northern Corridor Integration Project (NCIP) summit.  The invited countries who will attend are Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan the core members of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects.

Observers such as Tanzania and Burundi have been invited including the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ethiopia for showing interest to participate in the NCIP summit meetings.

The meeting will also be attended by, the East African community which is representing the Transit Corridor Authority. Invited are members of the sector from both Uganda and members states.

This summit has number of projects in discussion building on the last summit that was on December 10th 2015 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Northern Corridor Projects cover, the standard gauge railway, ICT, the oil refinery development, political federation, financing and private sector participation which are coordinated by Uganda on behalf of the other members of the northern corridor.

Energy generation and inter connectivity, refined and crude pipe lines, human resource capacity building, commodities exchange, land are being coordinated by the republic of Kenya.

Rwanda coordinate a number of clusters including; immigration, trade, tourism, labor and services, single customs territory, defense cooperation, peace and security cooperation and the airspace.

The expected highlights at this summit include signing of MoUs such as; on the northern corridor integration projects with the northern corridor technology alliance. This will be the northern corridor alliance working with the private sector alliances.

Second is the data accessing framework, adoption of the broad band strategy. The northern corridor countries have been having one area network charge on the voice and SMS. We hope that upon signing, we will have uniform rates to be charged by operators. This is significant because the voice and SMS rates across the region has been uniform and having the same apply to data will be a great achievement given the fact that data consumption has increased as people use applications such as WhatsApp.

There will be considerations for adoption of succession to mutual defense pact, mutual peace and security pact by the other member states, endorsement of conflict resolution mechanism in the northern corridor investment project countries and single customs territory by strengthening for infra-regional trade expansion among others.

Also to note is that the northern corridor integration project has attracted significant participation by Ethiopia and DRC. Ethiopia is more interested in Standard gauge railway as well as energy. DRC is interested in the standard railway plus the oil pipeline and gas.

Tanzania and Burundi have become more regular in attending these meetings an indicator of the achievement in first tracking from a slower case by the East African Community.