Summary of that you missed on #DID

Guest: CEO Stanbic bank Patrick Mweheire

Host: Simon Kasyte

Patrick Mweheire: yes, I am calm and I guess that’s what keeps on calm with the kind of job i do

Patrick Mweheire: I think school does give you something to use

Patrick Mweheire: I was born in October 1970

Patrick Mweheire: I spent most of my childhood in Nakasero. i used to ride my bicycle around

Patrick Mweheire: my parents were disciplinary

Patrick Mweheire: we used to get into one car as a family and go for holidays. This is not common these days

Patrick Mweheire: we grew up comfortable but well aware the world was a hard place

Patrick Mweheire: there are times I became a naughty boy

Patrick Mweheire: I knew I really wanted to emulate my dad

Patrick Mweheire: I remember my first day at school vividly

Patrick Mweheire: my mother parked for me two suit cases of grab

Patrick Mweheire: do you remember TANGO? This was in one of my grab cases

Patrick Mweheire: my mother walked me to my room.

Patrick Mweheire: but before she could reach the school gate, my gab had been shared among the boys

Patrick Mweheire: we mostly played board games

Patrick Mweheire: but we mostly talked a lot to pass time

Patrick Mweheire: as time went by, I became the entertainment prefect

Patrick Mweheire: this means I had an excuse to miss school on Friday

Patrick Mweheire: because I would be out looking for movies to entertain the school on weekend

Patrick Mweheire: when I completed BUddo, I went to USA

Patrick Mweheire: I loved my time at Buddo and would do it again

Patrick Mweheire: I think going to the USA, my parents wanted to give me a good opportunity

Patrick Mweheire: I am forever grateful for the opportunity my parents gave me to study in the USA

Patrick Mweheire: we had internship in the third year summer

Patrick Mweheire: I went to Prudential bank in the USA for internship. We used to work 100hrs a week

Patrick Mweheire: this was the most grilling time of my life

Patrick Mweheire: after internship, I got a job at the bank thus earning 3years stay in USA

Patrick Mweheire: by the way, I already had a car before the job at Prudential

Patrick Mweheire: parking in Manhattan was $300 and so I had to get rid of the car & use the subway

Patrick Mweheire: I moved to Manhattan & was earning $330 a month. My rent was $1000 a month

Patrick Mweheire: the bank would buy you dinner if you were still in the bank at 5pm

Patrick Mweheire: I was always at the bank at that time and so my sinners were paid for

Patrick Mweheire: I choose to be a product specialist

Patrick Mweheire: I have an experience when i made a major mistake

Patrick Mweheire: the work obviously takes a toll on you

Patrick Mweheire: I have incredible attention to detail as a result of my work

Patrick Mweheire: at @stanbicug we are developing a group of young people to take over.

Patrick Mweheire: when I was told to come back to Uganda, it thought it was a step back

Patrick Mweheire: I came back to Uganda in May 2002

Patrick Mweheire: I took on the CEO Job in 2015

Patrick Mweheire: I met my wife on one of my Christmas trips when I was still in New York

Patrick Mweheire: I convinced her to do a master’s degree in the USA

Patrick Mweheire: after that we came and got married here. So I was with her in UK

Patrick Mweheire: I always have fun when I work. We have while doing the work

Patrick Mweheire: I have time to listen to the radio and read the local dailies

Patrick Mweheire: I eat a lot of fish. Smoked fish with ground nuts is my favorite

Patrick Mweheire: I wash it down with wine. I would have to bring my own wine.

Thank you for listening in.



A short thread on how too many men think listening to women is unimportant. So Im in line to catch a flight. Ahead of a man,behind a woman/1


Woman leaves line to grab something. Returns 30 sec later & stands behind me. I offer her her spot back, when the guy behind me speaks up /2


Guy Literally yells “HEY YOU CANT CUT IN LINE LIKE THAT! ITS RUDE!” It made her jump in surprise. I jumped too. I look back & he’s angry /3


She replies calmly & measured b/c if she yells back he might escalate even more, “I didn’t cut in line. I was—” Him: “NO YOU CUT! I SAW!”/4


She insists, “I literally just left for a sec & was waiting for 20 min befo—” HIM: “WE ARE ALL WAITING LADY! NOT JUST YOU! YOU CANT CUT! /5


I spoke up, “Ma’am why dont you and I switch.” She whispers thank you & moves in front of me. The guy is upset. I turn to him & say once /6


Me: “She was here. I can vouch.” Him: (suddenly totally calm)”Oh why didn’t she just say so?? How am I supposed to know that?” Me: /7


Meanwhile the poor woman is visibly shaken. Smh Men, close your mouth & listen to women. It’s basic human decency. 8/8


Just wanted to add, he refused to listen to a word she said, but the second I opened my mouth he was all ears. That’s ridiculous. /9


It’s like a man who hits on woman, realize she’s w/a guy, & then apologize to the guy. The man respects the guy she’s with more than her /10


Or a single woman saying “I’m married” to a guy hitting on her b/c she knows that’ll deter him more than her saying “I’m not interested.”/11


So my message to guys is to be aware, check yourself, & check other guys who keep their mouths open & ears closed when speaking to women /12


This story isnt remarkable—but its common. Guys: take personal responsibility on gender equality. Its literally the least we can do. 13/13

Details: Dr Stella Nyanzi granted bail

By Sania Babirye

Buganda road court chief Magistrate James Eremye Mawanda has granted a 10million non cash bail to controversial Makerere university researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi. Her five sureties have also been ordered to-each-pay 10 million non-cash.

The magistrate granted her bail on grounds that she has access to personal files to examine her sanity. Stella has been ordered to deposit her passport to the court and also barred from writing or discussing any matter relating to the case.

The magistrate has however ordered the defense team to not engage the media in discussing any deeper issues relating to the case.

The matter has been adjourned to the 25th of May 2017 to allow the defense to respond to the state application in which they want Dr.Nyanzi to be subjected to a mental examination to prove her sanity.

Prosecution States that between January and March 2017 at  Kampala district,  Nyanzi while having no legitimate purpose of communication posted on her Facebook page suggestions and proposals referring to his excellency president Museveni  that he is a pair of buttocks.

If further alleged that, Nyanzi willfully and repeatedly using electronic communication posted offensive messages via Facebook with an intention of disturbing peace and the privacy of president Museveni.


In the mental examination application state says Dr.Nyanzi should be locked up at Murchison bay Luzira prison hospital in reference to Butabika hospital for her mental monitoring as a measure to control what they termed as continued reputational damage and injury to her victims.

State prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya claims that Dr. Nyanzi needs a thorough mental checkup (examination) and that her mental condition should be monitored continuously.

State further says that her actions have a direct impact on the morals of society since she had periodic erratic episodes, related unusual behavior characterized with gross indecent utterances as testified by Police while at Kira police where she had been detained.

State further says that Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a case of proper mental examination given her history of public undressing at Makerere University.

The state prosecutor says that no person of her age and stature can exhibit such conduct and further evidence shows that she has ever been a patient at Butabika mental hospital and reportedly with a history of erective psychiatric disorder.

Prosecution states the law only allows suspects whose mental status has been established to stand trial and that Dr.Nyanzi’s mental status needs a full examination to prove that she is fit to stand trial.

The state also wants a comprehensive report regarding the current and previous mental status of Dr. Stella Nyanzi availed to court.


By Sania Babirye

High court judge Elizabeth Kabanda is today expected to hear an application filed by the jailed controversial Makerere University researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi seeking to review the decision by Buganda road court to deny her bail.

On the 10th of April  chief magistrate James Eremye Mawanda denied to hear Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s bail application and remanded her to Luzira until she has been subjected to a mental  examination to prove that she is fit to stand trial as requested by principle state attorney  Jonathan Muwanganya.

However Stella’s lawyers led by Isaac Ssemakade say this is an abuse of Stella’s rights since bail is her constitutional right.

Ssemakade also says that the actions of the chief magistrate are denying his client the right to a fair and speedy trial.

Nyanzi is charged with cyber harassment and offensive communications all counts stemming from the Computer Misuse Act.

Photo Credit: The Tower Post


By Gloria Nakiyimba

Are you a young career woman, scared of mixing career and raising a family?  Well don’t be.  Young women can succeed in nurturing both a stellar career and raising a good family at the same time.

This piece of advice was sounded by the Director of Voice America-VOA who has just concluded her tour of affiliate media houses in Uganda.

Amanda Bennett   is encouraging career women who are afraid of   parenthood to always consider the positive benefits a career brings to the family

“One of my big advice to young women, to young families, is don’t always think about the negative things. Think about the positive things you are doing for your family’” she said.

Many young women worldwide worry too much about raising a family without affecting their career.

“ One of the thing  I thought when I was very young, was that If I worked really very hard, and spent a lot of time at work,  I was going to hurt my family”  said Bennett

However she hastens to add that your career should help you shape up your family in a constructive manner.

“I just got a note from my son while I was on this trip, to say mum I am now older and I know; I think you are so inspiring and am so inspired by you.  It so touched me to think about all the years I  had been  working , that it was not hurting him at all, it was not hurting his sister all, it was actually helping them understand how to be out in the world”  she told Capital radio reporter.

Amanda Bennet is a Pulitzer award winning journalist and author with a stellar career spanning more than 40 years.

She underscores the importance of enjoying your work if one is to succeed in building a great career.

According to her, there are two things that can help journalists thrive in their work.

“I got into this because I wanted to change the world. I think a lot of journalist did but I stayed in it because it was so much fun. And if you don’t have fun at what you’re doing every day, what’s the point” she stated.

Despite the tight daily work schedules, she encouraged Journos to always set aside some time for fun.

“ You are journalists ,you are doing important things, every day you are getting to go  out and  talk to people, go to countries;  have as much fun as you  possibly can” she advised.

During her trip Amanda and her team visited the Kisementi based Capital Radio, one of Uganda’s leading privately owned FM stations in the market.

She met with the top management of Capital FM steered by the General Manager Peter Jackson Mungoma and Programs Director George Manyali.

She was accompanied by Dr. Joyce Ngoh VOA Regional Marketing Director: Africa, Negussie Mengesha VOA Director, Africa Division,   Mwamoyo Hamza, VOA chief, Swahil service and officials from the American embassy in Kampala.

Female Journalists have been called up upon not to give up on their career in order to rise to managerial levels.

By Gloria Nakiyimba

Amanda Bennett the VOICE OF AMERICA Director says with hard work, women can be the best managers in different sectors including the media.

“When I was coming up in Journalism it was a completely male dominant industry. I was almost always the only woman in the room.  And so I jut found out that it was important for me to be the best at what I was doing and to work really hard” she told this reporter during here visit at Capital Radio on Wednesday.

Amanda now takes pride in being one of the three top female managers at Voice of America, one of the biggest broadcasters in World.

“The Voice of America is the only American broadcaster that is run by three women at the top. And so we are finding that women can do extremely good jobs in news management and so don’t give up” she said.

Amanda Pultizer Prize winning author, investigative journalist and editor started her career in journalism in the 70”s.  She was named Director of Voice of America in March 2016. Through 2013 she was Executive Editor, Bloomberg News.

In an exclusive interview with Capital Radio, Amanda advised media house owners and Editors to be committed to journalism to stave off pressure from advertisers and clients who try to influence news content in their favor.

She noted that it’s also important to not bow down to threats as long as stories reported are factual and correct

While at the Oregonian News paper , Amanda led an investigative project of the $ 1 billion local asset manger, Capital consultants  that led to  the September  2000 suit by the Securities  and Exchange Commission.

Here is what she had to say regarding independence from the advertiser pressure.

“It was   really important that the top editor and the owner were as committed to journalism as we were. They in turn depended on me to make sure that my story was exactly accurate. So we had a partnership the editors and owners had bravery on their side and we had bravery and accuracy on our side”

She says her news paper received constant threats but they remained firm on their facts.

“The year we worked on that piece they tried to sue us pretty much every week, for the entire project we were facing serious pressure” she relieved the moment.


Judge speaks out on why Mathew Kanyamunyu was denied bail.

By Sania Babirye

High court judge Yasin Nyanzi has revealed that his reason for denying Mathew Kanyamunyu bail is because he is likely to interfere in the going investigations.

Justice Nyanzi told court that he was persuaded by the affidavit of state Attorney Barbra Masinde that the key suspect has the capacity to interfere with witnesses and evidence which was revealed to him while being committed by the Nakawa Magistrates court to the High Court to face trial.

Justice Nyanzi noted that although Kanyamunyu still enjoys the presumption of innocence he is facing serious murder allegations preferred on him by the DPP and that court still has the duty to protect society from lawlessness.

On the 28th of this week Justice Nyanzi granted bail to Joseph Kanyamunyu a brother to Mathew and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari on grounds that the two were mere accessories to the murder of Keneath Akena social worker according to evidence by the DPP.

However Mathew Kanyamunyu still has two options including an appeal against justice Nyanzi’s decision in the court of appeal or wait to be tried by high court.

This is the second time that Mathew Kanyamunyu  is being denied bail after high court judge Elizabeth Kabanda denied granting him bail for failing to present substantial ground like poor health or old age.

Photo Credit: Chimp Reports


5 NRM youth wing members sentenced to a fine of 3million shillings each

By Sania Babirye

Five members of the ruling National Resistance Movement youth wing have been sentence to a fine of 3 million shilling each for assaulting three journalists and maliciously damaging their properties during elections.

The convicts are Robert Tibamanya, Lule Wamala, Arnold Mubiru, Joshua Kuteesa, and Hassan Wasswa

Entebbe court grade one magistrate Masitulah Mulondo also handed the convicts a 30 day community service to clean the court premises for two hours every day for maliciously damaging cameras belonging to journalists.

The magistrate further ruled that if the convicts fail to honor their sentences they should be imprisoned in Luzira for up to six months.

The assaulted journalists are Kigongo Ssebalamu, Ssempijja Godfrey both of Vision Group and Kakooza George William of Central Broad Casting Services.

She noted that the punishment will serve as a deterrent to other would be offenders because it is the role of the judiciary to correct such behavior.

She emphasized that it was unlawful and centrally to section 336 and 236 of the penal code act for the convicts to beat the journalists with the intention of stopping them from covering the elections yet the victims were just doing their work.

The five committed the offense on 4th of March during the elections for National Youth, Elderly and People with Disabilities.

They were arrested in August 2016 in Entebbe but denied the charges.

Photo Credit: Daily Monitor

Mathew Kanyamunyu has been denied bail.

By Sania Babirye

The high court in Kampala has for the second time refused to release on bail Mathew Kanyamunyu the key suspect in the infamous Lugogo forest mall shooting of social worker Kenneth Akena.

Justice Yasin Nyanzi however said on 30th /March 2017 will give his detailed reasons for denying Kanyamunyu bail.

However Justice Nyanzi granted bail to Mathew Kanyamunyu’s co-accused Cynthia Munwangari and Joseph Kanyamunyu on grounds that the facts of the DPP’s case show that the duo were accessories before or after the commission of the said murder by Mathew.

The judge also said he was satisfied that Joseph Kanyamunyu and Cynthia Munwangari will return to court for trial.

He therefore ordered the two to pay cash bail of 5 million shillings each and their sureties were bonded to 50 million shillings each and we’re banned from travelling outside the country without court’s permission.

Joseph Kanyamunyu was also ordered to deposit the Kanyamunyus’ land tittle with court. The two will be reporting to the deputy Registrar every 14 days.

Mathew Kanyamunyu, Cynthia Munwangari and Joseph Kanyamunyu are said to have murdered Akena on the night of 12th November 2016 along Jinja Kampala Highway, on allegations that he had accidentally scratched Mathew’s car.

Photo Credit: The Observer

2017 comprehensive education and sports sector data collection exercise starts tomorrow.

By Tukundane Yonna

Photo Credit: Mott MacDonald

Comprehensive Education and Sports Sector – CESS data collection2017 exercise will cover all local governments and authorities as well as all schools and institutions both government and private.

This national exercise will be happen between 28th March 2017 and 21st April 2017.

The purpose of the 2017 CESS data collection exercise is to enhance the credibility of data used for planning and budgeting in the education and sports sector.

Specifically the exercise is intended to:

  • Collect basic enrollment and attendance data from UPE schools;
  • Collect enrollment as well as other strategic planning data for the education and sports sector
  • Ascertain and confirm the actual beneficiaries targeted by the complimentary programs of USE/UPPET/UPOLET
  • Enable MOES strengthen the research and knowledge base of stakeholders by facilitating the presentation of the work and results of the 2017 CES data collection exercise.

The 2017 comprehensive education and sports sector data collection exercise will be carried out in 3 phase’s i.e.

  • Phase 1, collection of basic enrolment and attendance data,
  • Phase 2- annual school census data collection,
  • Phase 3- headcount of use/uppet/upolet beneficiaries)

Data collection will be spearheaded by the ministry of education and sports. CESS data collection exercise 2017 will be implemented in close collaboration with all local governments and authorities throughout the country.