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Court turns dramatic after Petitioners present their husbands to represent them

There was drama in Soroti High court on Tuesday during the hearing of the election petition by Stella Apolot Isodo challenging the election of her rival, Jacqueline Amongin as Ngora Woman Member of Parliament. It all started after both Apolot and Amongin presented their husbands to represent them in the hearing.

Apolot presented her husband Samuel Isodo as her lawyer assisted by Philip Engulu and David Obore while Amongin presented David Telisweke Mayinja together with her husband, Achillies Lubega as her legal counsel. It took court time to discover the relationship of Apolot and Amongin to their lawyers until they went personal.

The matter came to the fore when Isodo and Lubega started trading accusations in the court, with each asking the other to withdrawal from the suit. Isodo fired the first shot when he asked Lubega to withdraw from the petition and stop meddling in the affairs of the people of Ngora.

Lubega wouldn’t have any of this, he also asked Isodo to withdraw from the petition since he is the husband to the petitioner, Stella Apolot. Isodo disclosed that Lubega is his former school mate and they have personal issues. At this point, Justice Vincent Billy Kainamura interjected to calm down and drop their personal grudges.

“I am very sure the presence of Isodo in this case can assist court, everyone has a fundamental right to support any candidate of his choice so don’t battle it here. So go research and also know that the results will affect you too” Justice Kaimamura told Lubega.

After calming the situation, Justice Kainamura continued hearing the election petition. In his petition, Apolot says Amongin’s election was non-compliant with electoral laws. She also accuses her of using state machinery to intimidate her supporters.