East African Legislative Assembly

FDC fails to secure a single seat at the East African Legislative Assembly.


For the second consecutive time opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party failed to secure a single seat as Parliament voted nine legislators to represent Uganda at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Both Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and the Democratic Party (DP) managed to retain one seat each, with the ruling NRM party making using its numbers in Parliament to send all its six legislators through.

Courtesy of its numerical strength in Parliament, NRM candidates Paul Musamali, Rose Akol Okullu, George Odong, Mathias Kasamba, Denis Namara and Mary Mugyenyi will be joining the Arusha-based assembly in June.  These will be joined by incumbents including DP’s Mukasa Fred Mbidde, Christopher Opoka of UPC as well as Independent Candidate Suzan Nakawuki.

In the results announced by the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga this evening, former internal affairs minister Akol Okullu topped the list of 47 contestants with 370 votes.

Akol was followed by former Kakuuto County MP Mathias Kasamba who garnered 359 votes. It was an NRM affair as Paul Musamli got 350 votes followed by George Odong with 346 and former Agriculture minister Mary Muguenyi with 341 votes. Denis Namara, another NRM candidate got 329 votes.

Incumbents Mukasa Mbidde and Nakawuki got 308 and 298 votes respectively, leaving FDC’s Ibi Ekwau in 10th position with 179 votes. Ingrid Turinawe, another FDC candidate, who was heckled throughout her campaign speech earlier in the day, got 25 votes.

There were eight invalid votes.