By Robert Segawa.

The inspector general of police Gen Kale Kayihura has vowed to crush out Kifeesi gang group out of Kampala.

Kayihura made the remarks while touring Kampala suburbs after a group of kifeesi mounted a road block yesterday at Conrad plaza and Shoprite where people were robbed of their; mobile phones, laptops and unspecified amount of cash.

While Kayihura touring Katwe kinyoro, Nsambya Kevina, Villa park police  managed to arrest 20 Kifeesi members from Agape Christian church in Kevina where the group was found hiding together with their loot.

Residents also accused police of conniving with kifeesi members.

General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has promised to grant amnesty to any Kifeesi criminal gang member who will come out confess and surrender to the police.

The promise comes after an operation by the IGP to trace the routes and hide out of the criminal gang that has been terrorizing the Kampala district businessmen and residents.

Some of the residents in the areas where the criminal gang members come from explained to Kayihura how their children were recruited into the gang.

According to Kayihura, some of the members are young and still have room for reform.

“Some of the members are willing to surrender and denounce the criminal gang. I will organise a crusade in Katwe where they can come out infront of everyone,” Kayihura says.