Gravity Omutujju gives Ziza a thorough beating

Dancehall singer Ziza Bafana was involved in a fist fight with Lugaflow rapper Gravity Omutujju early this week.

It all started when Gravity advised Ziza Bafana against sacking his manager Roger, something that Bafana thought was some sort of diss.  “You do not tell me who manages me,” Bafana shouted.

Gravity insisted that Bafana would have made the worst mistake to sack his manager.

After minutes of a heated verbal exchange, Bafana sent a hot punch to Gravity which he to-date must be regretting. Gravity retaliated by pouncing on Ziza Bafana and hit him like a kid leaving his face swollen. Bafana was saved by onlookers who separated the two musicians.

Ziza Bafana and Gravity now can not see eye to eye as the Tuli Majje promises revenge.