Jacob Oulanyah still speaker of Parliament

By Alice Lubwama
Counting of votes for the deputy speaker of parliament for the 10th parliamentary has ended at Parliament.
A total of  416 votes were cast by  ballot to choose the new deputy speaker.
But before the voting started president Museveni had to walk out of the conference hall following a procedure point by Busongora north MP William Nzoghu that it was against the rules of parliament for the president to participate in the process.
Other members such as Joashah Anywarach of Pader County also wanted the voting to be done under open voting but the speaker insisted that there was no need to do so.
Elijah Okupa  the MP for  Kasilo county wanted  the security system of parliament to be disabled claiming some members were not  comfortable that the entire exercise was being monitored. However the speaker ruled that the security cameras were needed for purposes of keeping records.
The results obtained were:
Jacob Oulanyah got 300 votes.
Nsereko got 115 votes
 and there was one spoilt vote.