Museveni focused on helping youth acquire skills

By Annah Nafula

The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has asked that Ugandans pay more attention to imparting skills to young people. While speaking at the Kampala Serena during the State of the Nation Address, the president mentioned that the literacy rate had improved greatly but is now focusing on imparting more skills to the youth.

The president also mentioned that he has invested in a number of youth groups to help them acquire skills with hope that in turn they can become wealthy and job creators. He said he had invested in a number of youth groups in Katwe, Najeera, Kalerwe among others. He added that effort should be put on those in Kampala first.

He mentioned that he had identified land on Entebbe road at Abayita ababiri, where he asked that the MPs work with him to create industrial structures  for the youth.