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Packyard Vendors vow not to leave their work stations

Vendors at the Parkyard in Nakivubo, Kampala have vowed to resist eviction stating that they cannot vacate a place they have worked in for 30 years.

The vendors state that they will pitch camp in markets in-case the government tries to evict them.

The reaction by the vendors follow a letter addressed by the the Minister for Kampala,Betti Kamya to the Executive Direct Kampala Capital City Authority Jennifer Musisi on 10th February seeking for a brief on the status of Parkyard Market and Nakivubo war memorial stadium.

“I have received a letter from the board of trustees of Nakivubo war memorial stadium asking me to extend my instructions for vendors to vacate illegal stations which I issued to Parkyard vendors, in order to give way to their own development plans,” the letter reads.

Kamya says the conflict between the vendors and the board of Nakivubo ended in a court when it ruled in favor of the board of trustees.

Now the vendors say they will not accept to vacate the place where most of them have known their entire life.

The General secretary of the Parkyard vendors, Muhammad Musisi said they have suffered losses in terms of fire in the markets but the move to eject them shows that the government does not care.He says the government should give them the opportunity to develop the place.

Mbadi Sempala says they are the actual occupants of the area and bringing in an investor is depriving them their rights as citizens.He said they will wait for the decision by the government, but they will need an explanation why it came up after 30 years to evict them.

Joseph Ssali says since an investor might go for a loan to develop the place, they should also be given the opportunity to get a loan and develop the place.He says legally they are the rightful owners of the place.

Rashid Nadduli states that they will camp at the market if Government is to evict them.He says Government has not worked out any plan for them but is insisting on evicting them before even hearing from them.

Another vendor says the government should come up with a policy that incorporates ordinary persons, he says that as it stands, Government only cares about investors.

The KCCA council on Wednesday resolved to stay the eviction of the vendors pending¬† a committee assessment.The council chaired by the deputy mayor for Kampala also resolved to have Musisi’s response before the council before it can be sent to the Minister.

Last year Betti Kamya issued a trade order directing all street vendors to vacate.