Police man kills one, injures two others at a party

Police in Kole district are holding a constable identified as Charles Ayepa for shooting a civilian dead and injuring two others.

North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson David Ongom Mudong says the incident took place at Owalo Trading Center during a party organized by Manchester United fans on Sunday. Ayepa had been deployed to provide security at the event.

However it is reported that a scuffle ensued when some youths wanted to access the venue forcefully without paying. At this point Ayepa opened fire instantly killing a 16-year-old in the queue. Two other revelers were injured in the scuffle.  The injured were identified as Enon Aaron and Belmos Obang Belmos.

Ayepa was immediately arrested and dragged to Akalo police post where he is detained. The injured were rushed to Lira Regional Referral Hospital.

In his statement, Oyepa told police that the victims wanted to grab the gun from him. However, Mudong says that Ayepa will be charged with murder and attempted murder.

“It is unfortunate and we condemn it because no one has the powers to unlawfully take the life of another,” he said but cautioned the public to against provoking officers who are on duty.