Police in Nakaseke investigating man for torturing residents including teenager

Fifteen-year-old Steven Mukumbya is battling complications in his private parts he reportedly sustained as a result of torture by their landlord. Mukumbya, who lives with his aunt Teddy Najjuma in Mizimbo village in Kapeeka Sub County in Nakaseke district, accuses Swaibu Yiga Mukasa of torturing him for alleged theft of his farm tools.
According to Mukumbya, Yiga picked him from his maize garden sometime in April this year and used a pair of pliers to squeeze his private parts to compel him to confess for the theft of 25 hoes, 15 slashers, five boxes of pesticides and five smartphones. Mukumbya says despite pleading his innocence, Yiga squeezed his fingers, tongue and penis very hard to compel him to admit the theft.
Mukumbya says that out of pain, he confessed knowledge of the theft prompting Yiga and his men to search his home but found nothing. He however, says all the same Yiga compelled his aunt Teddy Najjuma to sell her cow and solicit contributions from her relatives to raise Shillings 1.3 million as compensation for the missing tools.

According to Mukumbya, since the incident, he finds difficulty to pass urine.

Mukumbya has not undergone any medical examination to establish the extent of injuries on his private parts due to lack of money. His family gives him pain killers to reduce the pain.

Mukumbya’s aunt, Teddy Najjuma, says she has lost trust in the officers at Kapeeka Police station.  She says the officers were together with Yiga when compelled her to sell her only cow to raise money to compensate him for the missing tools without establishing the truth about the case.

Luttamaguzi Ssemakula, the Nakaseke North Member of Parliament, says several residents have accused Yiga of torturing them over land disputes. He however, says most of the police officers in the area have been comprised, which explains their failure to act.

Luttamaguzi says they have brought the matter to the attention of the Inspector General of Police who has promised to take action. Yiga couldn’t be reached for a comment on the accusation. However, he was earlier on quoted pinning the minor for stealing his farm tools.

Paul Kangave, the Savannah Region Police Spokesperson, says the Nakaseke District Criminal Investigation department has already finalized investigations into the matter and preferred assault charges against Yiga.

Swaibu Yiga Mukasa, a landlord at six villages in Kapeeka Sub County is accused for grabbing 1001 acres of land and torturing the settlers he found on the land. The disputed land covers Balatira, Manywa, Senda, Naluvule, Mizimbo and Nzingu villages.

Yiga is also being investigated by the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire Land Commission and Land’s Minister Betty Amongi on how he acquired the land.