Bobi Wine and wife Barbie donate 100 mattresses and beddings to street kids

Ghetto gladiator , Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie spent the better part of their Monday improving livelihoods of unprivileged children in Kifumbira located in Kamwokya a Kampala suburb .

Specioza singer Bobi said he joined his wife’s team known as the caring heart to improve these children’s lives by giving 100 matresses, 100 blankets and 100 mosquito nets . The beneficiaries were street kids who have live in Kamwokya and two children’s homes.

In his Facebook post”

7:57pm and each one of us is heading to a place they call home. To a soft bed we want to retire. Most people around us have no bed to lie on. Today, together with my wife Barbie Kyagulanyiand her #caringheartsteam accompanied by #heartforchildren, we visited the most vulnerable children around us and we took about 100 mattresses 100 blankets and 100 mosquito nets. The beneficiaries included 1. Kyankima home for abandoned children in Kasangati run by a single elderly woman with a big heart, 2. Child focus Uganda in Gayaza home for children and youth with intellectual/ physical disability 3. Save Street children uganda in kamwokya 4.To 15 homes in kifumbira zone in kamwokya. Later on in the afternoon I gave a motivational talk about entrepreneurship to Students of Makerere university in the university Main hall. Creative minds is all we need for the present generation. The little we can do we must do.

Kudos to the Ghetto president for touching these little children’s lives.

Bobi Wine writes a heartwarming 4th anniversary message to Barbie

Well, today is the forth marriage anniversary to our ghetto couple. Ghetto gladiator BobiWine took on his Facebook Page to say a few heart warming words to his wife Barbie,

In his words,

It’s been fourteen amazing years ever since I said “I love you” and you said “I love you too”. Four years ago,the whole world joined us to celebrate a Ten year old love affair that had taken us through thick and thin. Today everyone is wishing us a lovely ‪#‎fourth‬ wedding anniversary….. But darling I want to wish you a Beautiful ‪#‎14th‬ Love anniversary. We have been through it all and yet I fall in love with you everyday. I love you Barbie and I hope it still sounds exactly the same as the first time I said it to you. I love you very much.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Bobi Wine

We wish this awesome couple many more years together.

Bobi wine spearheads drive to fundraise 90m for children’s heart surgeries

By Waswa Deo

Local Artist Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi wine is organizing  a car wash to raise 90 million shillings for the heart operations of two children suffering from heart diseases.

The two kids who need to undergo heart surgery are, Elimia Muwonge aged 1year and Shamran Ssemwogerere aged 5months.

‘’Few months ago, I went to Mulago national referral hospital to see doctors, and I was told that my son is suffering from heart disease, and 20 million shillings is need to carry an operation, I didn’t have a single coin on me, so I decide to go back to the village”, says Muwonge’s mother, Nakate Hasfah.  Meanwhile, Stella Ntale, the mother of Shamran Ssemwogerere, and resident of Kisimbiri in Wakiso, told journalists that she also went to Mulago hospital for her son’s medical check-up, and was told  that her son can’t be treated in the country, and they advised her to go in United Kingdom for an operation.

In an effort to raise the 90 million shillings,  ghetto gladiator has organised  a car wash at Panamera Bar in Kampala on Saturday 28th May.

According to Bobi Wine, each car will cost 50.000 shillings, while Bodaboda shillings 20.000 and Bicycles at 10.000 shillings.

Other activities during car wash will include shoe polishing, and entertainment.

Bobi Wine to stage a mega show at Ushs 500, yes Ushs 500

Oh it doesn’t look like ghetto president Bobi Wine will stop anytime soon. On Monday night Bobi posted photos of him in Karamoja and captioned them,

“I travelled 11hours on road today to ‪#‎Karamoja‬ for the first time. What’s funny is that the last time I was supposed to perform here, I wanted a lot of money coz it was too far ,and when the promoter failed to raise the money, I cancelled the trip. However, this time around I came for free to collaborate with @VivaConAgua on a ‪#‎water‬ and ‪#‎Sanitation‬ project. I am meeting artists from around the world who have come to support this cause. After the workshops tomorrow, we shall give Karamoja the mother of all concerts at the Moroto Boma Grounds. Entrance fee is ‪#‎200shs‬ for children and ‪#‎500Shs‬ for adults. All proceeds support local ‪#‎VivaConAgua‬ water and sanitation projects.” -Bobi Wine

The ghetto Gladiator is finally doing something beneficial for the people in Karamoja at almost no price.

Of late Bobi Wine has been in the news over his political  idealogies that have led many of his fans especially on social media to continuously compare him with long time adversary , Bebe Cool.

Kudos Bobi glad to know that you are now focusing on giving back to communities.

Tubonga nawe musicians needed the money -Bobi Wine

The highlight of last evening’s Jazz comedy was the appearance of Ghetto gladiator, Bobi Wine. That was a wise move by the organizers of the show since he is the new Kampala sensation. Oh how the new Bobi wine is full of intellectual surprises!

Prince Emmah who was hosting the comedy show at Laftaz comedy Lounge at Centenary Park was not about to let Bobi Wine go without answering some pretty serious questions. The show host asked Bobi Wine what he was doing at FDC presidential flag bearer’s house and how he was allowed in. “First of all I want to make it clear that I am non-partisan  and that Uganda is not about Besigye. But none the less, The reason My wife and I went to see Besigye is because we have somethings in common which include, the love for freedom, a love for a better Uganda. I long to see a transparent Uganda where all of us are allowed to express ourselves without worrying about outcomes of our act. Where we don’t have to whisper when we talk about politics.” Revealed Bobi Wine.

The host went further to ask Bobi wine what one thing he would tell president Museveni if got a chance to meet him. ” I would simply remind him of his speech, The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power.” said Situka hit maker

Prince Emma  inquired why Ghetto president did not participate in the famous Tubonga nawe campaign song that came with a hearty price tag. “They needed the money and if I had joined I would be an extra burden” said Bobi referring to the Tubonga nawe artists.

Of course this conversation wasn’t your ideal free speech typical discussion as disclaimers kept flying around every after five minutes and Bobi Wine trying had to sound as politically correct as he could. Which he pulled off by the way.  As the crowd cheered on ghetto president was concerned and told them to stop catalyzing what he was saying for security reasons.

Prince Emma was concerned by the Bobi Wine’s transitions and demanded to know how it happened. Bobi said it is a time in life when he is paying attention to more serious matters in society.

Well, Bobi Wine’s new advisory team, if any we must admit need a pay rise. They are doing a tremendous job with him.

Apart from Bobi Wine, the comedy was amazing especially from Waiswa, Snake and Zolo save for George Bush who struggled to impress until he had to resort to sexual innuendo to get people laughing.

Saving the best for the last, that  S&S band was on point. Its got its groove on and they were the best way to start a show, I saw my neighbor who didn’t like live band music scream and cheer when they played, what assumed was her best tune, Grenade .


Bobi Wine’s ‘Ndi munaUganda’ music video stolen

Ghetto gladiator, Bobi Wine was sad to announce his loss this morning on his Facebook page. Bobi intimated that he had put so much in this video and couldn’t imagine doing the video again and releasing it in real time.

The peace advocate went on to tell his fans that the video was about peace after elections despite the parties people belonged to. In his own words Bobi posted:

“This Video is called ‪#‎Ndi‬ MunaUganda, we shot it recently and it was supposed to be released just after elections to inspire unity among Ugandans despite different political affiliations. However I now write to inform all of you fans and friends that this video is not going to be released any soon. Today morning,unknown people broke into the studio where this project was being edited and took everythong everything regarding this video. All we’re left with are the still pictures taken on set. I can’t imagine redoing it,it was very expensive and very hectic.”

Sorry Bobi Wine!

Barbie flashes back on hard times of her love story with Bobi

Well Thank God it is Friday but here Capital FM Friday equals Flash Back. We love that Barbie this morning  woke up with the same Flash back Friday mood. Well, it is true God rises people from dust to crowns of glory. Wife to Ghetto gladiator, Barbie testified this morning.

Barbie took on her Facebook this morning to encourage a sister this morning. “Don’t sit and feel sorry for yourself whenever things are difficult,”she wrote.

Barbie could be one of the most envied ladies in the country’s entertainment circles. From a multi million wedding to a never ending romance. The couple has held it together even during those trying scandals. Bobi Wine should keep counting himself a lucky man. However , Barbie revealed that all this started somewhere.

“Looking at this scorching sun this morning reminds me of the drought in my husband’s pocket 14 years ago.
One february,we were too broke that we couldnt afford breakfast or even tax fares from kanyanya to kamwokya. To get a meal, we had to open up an account of sorts at a restaurant in Kamwokya. The owner is such a good mutooro man. He let us eat any day anytime and my husband paid after several weeks whenever he got money.
We walked from our muzigo in kanyanya,through Bahai temple,Kyebando and down to Kamwokya everyday. I am from a well to do family but I chose not to cry to my relatives. During this time me and my husband had dreams and aspirations. He dreams big you know. As we walked through the dust and jumped those dirty myala everyday,we talked. Infact we always found ourselves in kamwokya somehow.
He told me of how he was going to be rich. How his music would never disappear from the surface of this earth. He told me that he would build an empire and his name would never be forgotten. The story is long..
I later realised that such times were meant to prepare us for a later stage when we had a lot to eat and a car to drive. See,when you are waiting on God to take you to another level, you have to learn to be content. Content with what you are/have at the moment. God is letting you go through such times to prepare you for when you reach that goal you are working so hard to achieve. You know,if you have not gone through the training of being happy and content with little,you will never be happy with a lot. Even if you achieve your dreams,you will be excited for a short while and then your spirit will start yearning for something bigger.
Be happy with the little you have as you dream big. Be patient in times of drought so that when it rains you will appreciate it more.
Me and my husband have learnt to appreciate each season. We are happy when we have a lot and when things seem to be tough. We have the ability to truly enjoy the hard times because we know we are being prepared for when things are better. Don’t sit and feel sorry for yourself whenever things are difficult. As you put your trust and energy in a better tomorrow don’t forget that the challenges you are facing today will be your fall back strength in future.
Happy new month everyone. Pray,believe,trust and BE PATIENT.”



Bobi shows off his new property

The year is already looking good for one love beach owner and Dembe singer Bobi wine. The ghetto boss took on his Facebook to show off his new means of transport to his fans and haters* over the weekend.

Dressed in blue and black, it was the perfect outfit to show a boat with marching colors at Busabaala. Bobi showed an exquisite and cosy  boat with those eye catching cream leather seats at the lake in Busabala.

Bobi posted on his Facebook page:

“Those treasured babies at One love beach.”

Bobi bobi yatch

Here is what we don’t get:

Is the boat the treasured baby or Is the boat for the treasured babies? Because some where in the pictures we saw this

Barbie . Courtesy photo








Congs Bobi Wine!


Following the death of 13 people over the Christmas period last year on Lake Victoria shores, police has decided to seal off Aero beach, lido beach and Spennah beach to carry out more investigations.

The three happening places have been declared crime scenes following the tragedy where only eight out of the 13 bodies were identified. They include Brian Nsubuga of Kayunga, Allan Mubiru of Natete, Abubaker Ssensonyia of Kawempe Kigagga Zone, Haruna Mubiru, Sula Kato, Arafat Kabonge, Richard Senyondo and Abdu Wakayeli.

It is said those who died were intoxicated after they entered the water with polythene bags of crude alcohol according to Joseph Omuna, One of the managers of Sports beach in Entebbe. Its alleged that most of the deceased had been drunk by the time they drowned.

Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine took to Facebook and sent his condolences to the aggrieved families that were affected by this horrid incident that has seen the closure of three popular beaches by the authorities.

“I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the beach-goers who drowned in Entebbe on Boxing day. I pray that the Lord comforts you in this trying time.”

He also expressed his gratitude to the Security team, the bouncers, the Fire Base Army and the life savers of One Love Beach for working so tirelessly.

Bobi further noted that despite the fact that that particular beach hosted the biggest crowd, everybody left the venue alive and well.

Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Patrick Onyango said the bodies were discovered along the shores
near the airport and around the beaches in Entebbe.

“We only got a report of one person who had gone missing after he had gone to the beach with his friends. We discovered that he was one of the deceased,” He said.

Details of when the beaches will be reopened for public usage haven’t yet been confirmed.