Ugandan farmers warned against poor animal welfare

By Gloria Nakiyimba
Ugandan farmers stand to miss out on the opportunities available in international market for animal products if they continue to ignore animal welfare issues.  Doctor Victor Yamo , humane and sustainable Agriculture campaign manager  at World Animal Protection Kenya, says  farmers have to divorce themselves from poor animal keeping practices  in order to increase productivity at the farms and access international markets that pay well  for animal products.
According to Dr. Yamo,   like human beings, animals too have freedoms they must enjoy on the farm. The five basic animal freedoms are; Freedom from hunger and thirst.   Animals must be fed well with whole nutritious meals and given enough water.  Animals should not suffer from mal nutrition while on the farm.  Dr. Yamo says a well fed cow, can provide more milk, meat, the same applies to pigs and chicken. Layer er chicken fed with right food he says give off more eggs compared to malnourished ones while well fed broilers gain required weight effortlessly.
Animals also enjoy freedom from discomfort, both physical and thermal.  Farmers are advised to provide appropriate shelter for the animals and comfortable resting place. He says animals should not be squeezed in small shelters where they are can easily stampede and eventually die.
For instance chicks hoarded in a small room end up dying or eating one another which is usually a loss to a farmer. Freedom from pain and injury.  Dr. Yamo says farmers should be able to make quick diagnosis and provide treatment to sick animals as well as prevent disease from attacking the animals which would affect their productivity.
If a farmer wishes to make good profits, he should provide sufficient and proper space for the animals to express their normal behaviors.  Dr Yamo says poultry birds should be able to perch, and enjoy a dust bath than being caged in small houses where their freedom to express their natural behavior is abused.
Animals are sentient beings and must enjoy freedom from fear and distress.  A farmer should show some love to the animals. All animals under human control including hens, pigs, cattle, dogs, cats et cetera must enjoy these freedoms for the farmer to be able to reap big from them.
Ugandan farmers should abandon certain poor practices which animal welfare protection movement says could end up making  the country’s animal products blacklisted  from the international market.
Dr Yamo says the practice of hording cattle in a lorry and tying their tails is one of the most inhumane treatment of animals. He says by the time these animals get to the slaughter house, they are distressed, and release hormones that make their meat not suitable for international market consumption.
Another inhumane animal practice is that of chaining chicken on boda bodas with their heads looking down and transporting them on top of commuter taxes while they are tightly tied which is not allowed under animal welfare.
Doctor Yamo reveals that international restaurants like fast food restaurants like KFC, Burger King, and Carrefour among others are now demanding for cage free animal products.
They are now demanding for cage free chicken, eggs as they seek to give quality products to their clientele which keeps growing every day.
This is because of the increasing demand for organic foods including organic meat, eggs, milk, and pork.
Ugandans must tap into such ready markets by meeting the set standards for poultry, dairy, and pig farmers.
Speaking at training by World Animal Protection group in Kampala, Sylvia Baluka the president of the Uganda Veterinary Association advised Poultry farmers not to allow people to visit chicken houses in order to prevent their birds from getting diseases.
In her opinion visitors carry pathogens to the chicken house which exposes them to diseases. Veterinary officers are also warned against using the same gumboots and overall coats on different farms makes animals prone to infections.
It instead recommended that vets ask farmers to provide these gadgets to avoid   hopping from one farmer to another in the same working gears.

Bureaucracy delays rehabilitation of water treatment facilities

By Edwin Muhumuza

Mps on the committee of natural resources have expressed disappointment following  the delay by the ministry of water to embark on the rehabilitation of waste water treatment facilities since 2013.

Chairperson,Elly Asiku grilled Mr. Sowed Sewagudde from Ministry of Water why even the construction of sanitation facilities on lake shores,treatment and disposal of sludge in selected municipal areas of Jinja,Wakiso and Kampala had not taken off.

The cause has been attributed to the slow procurement process that took two years to secure a consultant to undertake the feasilbility study.However,Hon.Asiku noted that the main problem with Ugandan technocrats was poor planning and end result being loss of tax payers money.

The delay in commencement of construction and rehabilitation works had resulted in deteriorating quality of water in Lake Victoria.

Early this year  President Yoweri Museveni commissioned the new Ggaba Water Works that will increase water supply in Kampala from 200 million litres to 250 million litres per day.The $42 million works is funded under the Kampala Water Lake Victoria WatSan Project, that has seen the government and development partners complete rehabilitation of Gaba I & II treatment plants and complete new transmission mains from Gaba to Namasuba.

Scientist at Namulonge intensifying studies to improve Jackfruit

By Deo Wasswa

National agricultural crops research institute Namulonge has commenced a new study to find the genes (DNA) for various Jack fruits spices in the country.

The Four month research aimed to find out variation species, tastes, understand why some Jack fruits grow in selective areas, and also increase on Jack fruits production to meet the demand.

According to to Racheal Gwokyalya Lwanga, a senior laboratory technician and also the lead researcher, the research has started with 8 (eight) different Jack fruits species from Luweero and  Kayunga districts.
The research will also help the environmentalists to preserve the most desirable Jack fruit species.

IT Minister Tumwesigye dragged to court

By Sania Babirye

A member of the ruling National Resistance Movement David Kamukama has gone to the high court in Kampala challenging the nomination of  fellow party member and also minister of Science and Technology Elioda Tumwesigye’s nomination in the coming party primary for  the Sheema municipality  elections.

Kamukama says Tumwesigye who is also the current MP for Sheema North’s nomination   is illegal because he was nominated out of time which was four days after the official nomination program.

He is now seeking court to quash minister Tumwesigye’s nomination.

The party primaries are slated for the 31st of this month while elections will take place on the 19th of July 2018.

Two plead guilty for stealing ducks

By Sania Babirye
City hall court grade one magistrate Patrick Talisuna has convicted two people for stealing three ducks belonging to their neighbor worth 160,000 shillings.
The convicts have been identified as 2e year old Gloria Munguli  and 23 year old  Timothy Eyenga both residents of Kyebando kisalosalo a Kampala suburb.
These were convicted on their own plea although one of them (Timothy) alleged to have stolen only one duck.
According to evidence before court, the convicts were arrested  early this month after they had cooked and  were about yo start enjoying the stolen birds that belonged to a one Isaac Mubiru
They have been  remanded to Luzira prison  until the  30th of this month when they re-appear  for sentencing.

Rules that the Duchess of Sussex is going to put up with

By Patricia Osman
Every girl would want a beautiful fairy tale wedding like that which Meghan Markle had at the weekend as she got married to Prince Harry. The two exchanged vows in front of six hundred guests including the Queen among others.
However marrying a Prince like Harry from the British royalty comes with rules, you can call them Dos and Don’ts that Meghan has to abide to.
No voting.
She must stay out of politics; must always remain neutral and completely impartial.
No signing autographs.
This is avoided because of the high risk of signature forgery.
No wearing skimpy.
She must always wear nude stockings or call them Pantyhose socks.
No Career.
This means Meghan has dropped her acting career because this does not count in the royal family.
No traveling alone.
Not at any moment can she travel alone, she must have royal escorts at all times.
No selfies in public/No Social media.
Never should see be seen taking pics and sharing them on ie Instagram because this
Must always carry a black outfit.
Never can she live for a safari without a black outfit; they say you never know when tragedy strikes. She must always be funeral appropriate.
Neutral nails only.
Meghan has been seen wearing some dark nail varnish; these are now a thing of the past. Neutral color nails are a sign of cleanliness but also give a polished look.
Follow the queen.
This carries a lot ie she should always greet the Queen with curtsy, while at the table her eyes should always keep in the direction of the queen because once she is done eating everybody else at the table stops whether satisfied or not. New bed time,
no one in the palace goes to bed before the queen.

Mosey Radio’s case adjourned

By Sania Babirye
The family of the late Moses Sekibogo commonly known as Mosey Radio has protested at the Entebbe Magistrate court showing their dissatisfaction in the manner the case is being handled.
These led by  his mother Jane Kasubo  had appeared today  before chief magistrate Mary Kaitesi hoping that state would have concluded investigations to have the case committed for trial in the high court.
However prosecution informed court that investigations are still ongoing asking for more time which forced the magistrate to adjourn the case to the 18th of June 2018.
This did not go well with the frustrated relatives who asked court to help in seeing that Mosey Radio gets justice for his death.They also claimed that it’s not fair that one person whom they do not believe is the actual murderer was been arrested so far.
They say that the actual killers have not been arrested and its not fair to only have one person whom police claims was involved in Mosey Radio’s death. They have now asked court to arrest more people and the actual people who were involved in his death if justice is to be served for their lost relative. Godfrey Wamala alias Troy has also further been remanded to Kigo government prison.
On the 7th of February this year, Troy was remanded to Kigo government prison after being charged with murder by chief magistrate Mary Kaitesi  who bared  him from entering any plea since he is facing a capital offense that is only tried and bailed by the high court.
 Troy is a businessman and  a resident of Kyengera LC1, Nsangi Town council in Wakiso district, the same place where security operatives from Katwe police station caught him while hiding after he allegedly beat Mosey Radio on the  22nd  of January 2018, by allegedly hiting  the late on the head during a brawl at  “De bar ” in Entebbe.
Mosey Radio is said to have then sustained head  injuries and died a week later at Case Clinic in Kampala after going into a coma.

NEMA bans the public use of Karuma hard core

By Moses Kindadi

National Environment management Authority has banned Chinese contractors Sino Hydro from giving away the high quality rock that was extracted under ground as they constructed bunkers and other facilities at Karuma .

Several Ugandans have requested  to take up the high value rock known as muck for personal use.

How ever NEMAs Senior Environment officer  Akelo Gonasa says the rock is now a government resource which can be used for other government projects in future like the railway line and oil pipeline,she says they are strictly supervising the contractor to ensure that they comply with the set environment standards at the site.

The rock is now dumped in Murchison falls National park.

NEMA has now ordered the contractor Sino Hydro to cover the rock so as to reclaim the natural environment inside the park


Medical interns call off their strike

By Deo Wasswa
Medical  interns have called off their strike after receiving their allowances which they were demanding from the government.
The interns went on a sit down strike approximately a month ago after government had delayed to pay their allowances .
The president of the medical interns Lubega Robert says 85% of the interns across the 35 accredited centres have been paid their respective allowances .
He however, says to avoid occurance of more strikes government should consider , streamlining the in terms into the public services services ministry , saying this will enable them to get their allowances on time

New Kampala-Jinja express highway to cost US $ 1bn

By Deo Wasswa

The government has launched procurement processes for Kampala-Jinja Express high way project.

The project due to commence next year, will cost US $ 1bn and the constructions will affect over 100.000 people who will probably receive their compensations in the next financial year.

According to minister state for Works, Katumba Wamala, the 95 kilometer highway is expected to boost and link trade between Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

Minister has also urged residents who will be affected by the project to stop building houses and other buildings to help the government not incur much cost during the compensations.

The 5 years project will be funded by Uganda government with a big financial support from European Union.