Youth encouraged to adopt good work ethics

By Moses Kidandi
Youth across the country have been urged to adopt good morals and work Ethics as a tool to getting better results at work.
Japanese Ambassador to Uganda H.E. Kazuaki Kameda made the remarks while speaking at July activities to raise awareness on work cultures and ethics at work places across the country.
Its the second time Uganda is observing work culture and Ethics day which has started in Kampala and spreading across the country.
Norah Njuba Bwaya the chairperson of the Institute of work culture and Ethics says the campaign on work Ethics is aimed at having good morals and  working relations at work for effective delivery of goods and services.

Police deploys ahead of Buganda Kingdom coronation celebrations

By Robert Segawa

Police has  been deployed heavily ahead of the 25th Buganda Kingdom Jubilee celebrations at Lubiri palace in Mengo.

The deployed officers most of whom are under the Kampala Metropolitan police  include Traffic officers, operations, Field Force unit , canine, Counter terrorism and crime intelligence personnel.

In the deployment meeting which was held last week by the commanders of the various units in Kampala Metropolitan police and the security team from Buganda Kingdom all officers have already been briefed.

Some of the officers especially crime Intelligence and Counter terrorism personnel have already taken position at and around the Lubiri Palace.

According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Moses Kafeero, the celebrants who will be in thousands ought to be security alert and to inform the police in case of any suspicions.

Justice Elizabeth Musoke delivers her independent judgment

By Sania Babirye

Justice Elizabeth Musoke is the second justice to deliver her independent judgement in the ongoing consolidated presidential age limit constitutional petition ruling taking place at Mbale high court.

Like justice Barishaki Cheborion, Justice Musoke that it was unconstitutional for the MPs to extend their term in office from five to  seven years and that of the local government councils.
Justice Musoke has explained that the move defeats the will of the people to elect their own leaders.

Justice Musoke has also concurred with fellow justice Barishaki that the speaker acted within her mandate to expel the the 25 MPs since they were acting in unacceptable manner.

However Justice Musoke says the armed forces at the invitation of the sergeant of arms was reasonable while evicting the expelled MPs and that the military presence did not cause any panic.
She supports speaker’s decision to expel the 25 Mps and the use of reasonable force by armed forces to evict the said Mps who had engaged them selves in an exceptionally unusual behavior. She adds that the presence of Militarily did not cause any panic to the house since business in the house  went back tò normal when the bill was being passed.
She also says that there was no financial implication on the consolidated fund since its budget was neutral .

Justice Musoke however rules that the presence of the military police /UPDF was uncalled for and unjustified and that parliament security should have contained the violence by itself.

 On the issue of removal of the age limit, Justice Musoke says that parliament acted in its mandate since such provisions are entrenched.
Justice Musoke has explained that although the removal of the age limit might lead to the incumbent to over  stay  in power, the citizens have powers to either vote him back or throw him out.
She has also awarded costs to the petitooners because the petition partly succeeded,involved extensive research.
Justice Kenneth Kakuru is currently reading his individual judgement.
The petitioners nerd at least three justiced out of the five to have their petition successful.

USAID $32.8 M program to improve health facilities in Lango sub region

By Gloria Nakiyimba
The people of Lango sub region have a reason to smile following the launch of  a five year  $32.8 million program that will provided better health services in nine districts.
The USAID Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services in Northern Uganda program was launched on Thursday by the United States government and the Government of Uganda
USAID country Director, Joachim Parker says    the program will focus on maternal and neonatal child health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, nutrition, water, sanitation, and hygiene.
“Whether it is controlling the spread of HIV, ensuring that new mothers and babies receive proper healthcare, or building stronger and more effective health systems, the United States invests in Uganda to see its people live up to their full potential”  said  Parker.
Under the program USAID will design and implement health system strengthening strategies to scale up high-impact, evidence-based interventions at the national, sub-regional, district, and community levels.
Districts to benefit from the program are   Alebtong, Amolatar, Apac, Lira, Oyam, Dokolo, Kole, Otuke, and Kwania.
This program will enhance health by increasing districts’ capacity to apply proven best practices and services the people in the districts.
According to a statement from the US Embassy in Kampala, the program  will also promote the adoption of healthy behaviors by raising awareness of the importance of reducing delays in seeking care and lower sociocultural barriers to service uptake.
By leveraging and linking resources, the program will improve commodity access, promote effective operation and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment, and improve management and governance of health services.

Jennifer Musisi cautions those vandalizing street lights

By Robert Segawa

Kampala Capital City Authority executive director Jennifer Musisi has asked residents in area’s where the authority constructing roads to report those destroying street lights as a contribution towards that development.

Speaking to the journalists during tours of road construction project in Nakawa division Musisi said construction of roads in all divisions of Kampala being completed with just few under construction due to compensation issues.

She warned those vandalizing street lights authority will be dealt with.

Nile breweries donates nutri kits to Mwana mugimu nutrition unit

By Daudi Zirimala

The Nile Breweries has donated Nutrition kits alongside solar panel unit worth 60 million shillings to Mwana Mugimu Nutrition Unit at Mulago Hospital to promote nutrition among women and Children.

While handing over these nutri kits and mosquitoes nets, the Nile breweries Legal and Corporate affairs Director Onapito Ekolomoit said that, the kits contain a rich variety of nutrients such as soya, silver fish, ground nuts to cater for children’s basic nutritional needs.

He says Nile breweries through its Nutri-Kit Project based on the reports in Mulago hospital that malnutrition is a major public concern yet proper nutrition is essential to ensure the growth, health and development of children to their full potential.

Childhood malnutrition is a direct cause of 35 t0 55 percent of all childhood deaths making it urgency to prevent and address the problem.

Employee of land probe sent to jail over corruption

By Sania Babirye
An employee with the commission of inquiry into land matters working as a Statistician   has been  charged of corruption  by the anti corruption court.
Wilfred Nsubuga has appeared before Grade One Magistrate Peter Fred Lachomin and pleaded not guilty to three counts of  Abuse of  Office, Corruption and unauthorized Disclosure of Information contrary to  the Computer Misuse Act.
According to prosecution,  between February and July this 2018 ,  Nsubuga while in performance of his duties at the Land Probe Commission where he is charged with developing and managing the complaints Data Base, in abuse of his authority disclosed confidential information on  two file numbers registered at the Commission,  with the aim of helping the complainants to have their files expeditiously resolved in their favour, by the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters.
He has been remanded to luzira prison until the 26th of this week as investigations into the case continues according to a prosecutor from the IGGs office Thomas Okoth.

Hospital emergency systems in Uganda not up to standards -Report

By Deo Wasswa

The findings from a new survey on status of emergency medical services in Uganda have found the system lacking.

The survey conducted in May this year by Makerere school of Public health shows that Ambulances are lacking almost everything that would be needed to provide care on the way to health facility.

The survey reached to 111 health facilities both the public and private across the country and it assessed both the pre-hospital as well as facility based emergency medical services capacity in the country.

According to Dr. Olive Kobusingye, the lead researcher, the survey covered six pillars which include, leadership and governance, financing, information, health workforce, machines, equipment and supplies plus service delivery.

The survey considered all levels of health care delivery except the community, thus the findings reflect the  status at the national and district level and covered regional referral hospitals, general hospitals, health center  IVs, IIIs and stand –alone pre hospital care providers

Kweyelo’s pre trial hearing adjourned indefinitely

By Sania Babirye
The  judiciary has indefinitely adjourned the pre trial hearing for  former Lords Resistance Army commandant colonel  Thomas Kwoyelo.
The pre trial was expected to resume today in hope of it being completed   to have the case forwarded before a panel of five justices of the international crimes division of the high court for a full trial.
However the judiciary through their official page have announced that the pre trial has been idefinatly been adjourned and a new date will be communicated.
The judiciary has however not given any reason as to why Kwoyelo’s pre trial has been adjourned indefinitely.
Last month, Kwoyelo’s new lawyer Dalton Oponya  informed justice Susan Okalany that Kwoyelo was  at the verge of committing suicide in Luzira maximum prison were he has been held since his capture in 2008 due to government’s  refusal  to grant him amnesty yet his colleagues which he surrendered with to UPDF have since been granted amnesty coupled with his continued detention in Luzira prison without trial since 2010 yet court refused to grant him bail.
Apart from state failing to complete his pre trial hearing, Kwoyelo also suffered a set back after he was deserted by his two  lawyers Caleb Alaka and Evans Ochenge forcing justice Okalany to fail to confirm the 67 war  crimes and crimes against humanity.
The crimes were allegedly committed during the 20 year war in Northern Uganda between 1992 to 2005 led by LRA leader Joseph Kony and he has been in detention since being captured in 2008 from DRC.
In November 2017, the court ruled that Kwoyelo who claims to have been abducted at 17 years while in primary three  was properly being tried before the international crimes division of the high court on charges including murder, sexual enslavement, rape, toture of people in IDP camps and abduction and also ruled that he is not eligible for amnesty.
Prosecution states that between 1993 and 2005, in the present day Amiru district, in Northern Uganda,Kwoyelo with others still at large, and being a commander in the LRA, directed an attack to murder and kidnap civilians who were no active  part in the hostilities.

Labor and Gender ministry urges women to participate massively in elections

By Daudi Zirimala

The ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development has called upon village women councils to participate fully in the coming Women parish council elections due to take place on Monday 23rd July 2018.

Speaking to the media, the state for Gender and Cultural Affairs Peace Mutuzo Regis said that women councils are machinery for advocating for well being of women in Uganda by providing a platform for airing out views of the people at the grass root.

She said that the ministry of gender is rallying all women to participate in these elections, because they form part of the election committee which scrutinizes women groups to access funding under the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship programme UWEP and effective implementation of Operation Wealth Creation especially among women.

The Parish women’s council is composed of the entire elected village women’s council leaders from all villages in a parish and these will converge to elect from among themselves a five member parish women council executive.