Kifeesi leader arrested and sent to Nalufenya

By Robert Segawa

The most wanted Kifeesi boss Paddy Sserunjogi a.k.a Sobi has been transferred to Nalufenya from Nsangi police station where he was arrested from.

Sobi has been arrested along side with two others namely, Shafiq Kasozi and Twaha Otim during interview with some journalists at Rose garden hotel in Nsangi.

The self confessed criminals will be interrogated on claims they made on one of the television stations that they have been involved in top crimes in this city. A video of these  claims have since gone viral.

Ugandans urged to screen housemaids for crime before employment

Dr. Fred Yiga, the Police Director Interpol and Peace Support Operations has asked Ugandans to get their house maids screened for crimes before employing them.

Dr. Yiga says that that one of the mandates of Interpol, apart from ensuring international and regional cooperation in the fight against trans-national crime, is to reduce domestic crimes in the country.

Dr Yiga was on Sunday speaking on the sidelines of the regional police meeting at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.

He urges Ugandans who intend to secure the services of house maids, or home workers, to approach his directorate to do a thorough criminal screening about them.

This is aimed at ensuring the households are kept in the know what criminal records the maids they plan to employ have. Dr. Yiga says it reduces risks of trusting one’s home and children with maids whose backgrounds they hardly know. The services according to Dr. Yiga are available at a fee of between 50,000 and 60,000 Shillings.

Dr. Yiga says Uganda Police has a criminal database which entails fingerprints of every person that has ever been held as a suspect or criminally charged by police across the country.

He said that once a person brings the intended employees for vetting, police crosschecks with their database and advises the employer accordingly. Dr. Yiga notes that this builds confidence among house maids, or domestic workers in general, to work with one heart once they know police has their details.

Dr. Yiga appealed to Ugandan youth who are yearning for employment abroad to always go through Uganda Police to be able to guide them on genuine companies that handle the businesses. He notes that once Interpol Uganda is used, it becomes easy to also link with other countries through the same organisation.

In 2014, Jolly Tumuhiirwe,   a house maid was sentenced to four years in jail after she was captured on video surveillance camera footage torturing a toddler who was one-and-half-years at the time.

Last month, Tumuhiirwe was released about two years and eight months into her four-year sentence. The Uganda Prisons officials said her sentence attracted remission, a reduced verdict considered for disciplined and hardworking inmates.




Criminals drop letter at VP Sekandi’s house

Relatives of Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi are in a state of panic after unknown thugs calling themselves UPPF dropped the latest anonymous letter asking him to join the fight to overthrow President Yoweri Museveni.

The letter was allegedly dropped inside the residence of Ssekandi located at Kizungu village next to Hotel Zebra in Katwe-Butego division, Masaka Municipality. It is not clear how the thugs beat heavy security presence at Ssekandi’s home to drop this letter.

The authors of the letter say the time is now for Ssekandi to wake up and fight what they call dictator Museveni and his corrupt tribesmen. They say that it is only through war that President Yoweri Museveni can be defeated.

Cissy Kayiira, one of Ssekandi’s relatives who stay at the vice president’s home, says they found the letter written in both English and Luganda just next to the gate. She says they were surprised at how the thugs beat the security to drop the letter.

Special Forces Command soldiers that guard this home have taken the letter to Masaka central police station.

Vice President Ssekandi who was at his residence on Tuesday has declined to comment on the incident when URN contacted him today, simply saying: “I have nothing to say about it.”

This incident comes a day after unknown assailants shot and killed Gideo Tusubira, a businessman in Masaka at his home in Bisanje trading centre. The killing of Tusubira comes at a time when several villages in Masaka, Bukomansimbi, Lwengo, Kalungu and Rakai have been attacked by thugs leaving at least four people dead and 30 others injured.

The latest letter has now left security puzzled by the wave of criminality in greater Masaka region.

Some opinion leaders blame insecurity on the breakdown of Mayumba Kumi mode of local leadership. Until late 1980s Uganda had adopted a Mayumba Kumi or ten-house cell system of community leadership which was replaced by Local council one administration.

This mode of administration was such that every 10 homesteads had one leader who would lead that community.

Sixty-eight-year-old Joseph Ssengoza is defense secretary at Soweto village in Katwe-Butego division who lived under Mayumba Kumi administrative arrangement. He says the flow of information was swift under this arrangement.

Ssengoza explains that during this arrangement, it was extremely difficult for someone to visit any of those homesteads unnoticed.

He says the flow of intelligence information was very swift which made it easy to track criminals.

Latif Zaake, the Southern region Police commander says police is reviving this Mayumba Kumi strategy.  He says in every ten homes, they are recruiting a village Intelligence officer to feed police with intelligence information.

He says the current confusion surrounding the local council leadership frustrated crime intelligence.

Uganda last held local council One and Two elections more than 15 years ago.

Paul Migadde, a former local council leader says the current level of insecurity was not experienced until 2008. He says the dropping of anonymous letters started in 2008 when people claiming to be rebels attacked the area.

In 2009, at least 10 people were killed in Kyanamukaka Sub County after dropping of anonymous letters.

Migadde says since this level of criminality, police have never successfully prosecuted any people. According to him, the latest wave of criminality may be related to the 2008 killings where attackers gained access into peoples’ homes by drilling holes in the walls.

Police have since arrested at least 90 suspects in connection with current wave of criminality. They are on remand at Masaka central prison on murder, assault and terrorism charges.




Four arrested for illegal possession, gun hidden in motorcycle cushion

Gulu police are holding four men for illegal gun possession and poaching.

The suspects are Lenox Ojok, Solomon Nyero, Steward Kibwola, and Samuel Kinyera, all residents of Nwoya district.

The suspects were picked up by Police Flying Squad from Gulu town over the weekend while attempting to sell 12 Kilograms of ivory they extracted from an elephant they killed from Murchison Falls National Park.

They were also found with a number less motorcycle and an AK47 Rifle registration number 56-119173755, with a magazine with live ammunition.

The weapon had been hidden inside the cushion of a motorcycle registration number UDG 902 K. Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Region Police spokesperson, says the suspects will face other charges on advice of Resident State Attorney after intelligence linked them to robbery as well.




South Korean president thrown out of office

Judges unanimously upheld parliament’s decision to impeach Ms Park over her role in a corruption scandal involving her close friend, Choi Soon-sil.

She now loses her presidential immunity and could face criminal charges.

There have been angry scenes outside the court. Police said two protesters had died.

The court ruling is the culmination of months of political turmoil and public protest. An election must now be held within 60 days.

Ms Park’s office said she would not be leaving the Blue House, South Korea’s presidential palace, on Friday nor making any statement.

Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn has called for calm, saying the government should remain stable to prevent internal conflict from spreading.

At the heart of the drama lies the close friendship between the president and Ms Choi.

Ms Choi is accused of using her presidential connections to pressure companies to give millions of dollars in donations to non-profit foundations she controlled.

Ms Park is alleged to have been personally involved in this, and to have given Ms Choi unacceptable levels of access to official documents.

Parliament voted to impeach Ms Park in December and the Constitutional Court has since been deciding whether to uphold or overturn this.

On Friday, a panel of eight judges ruled Ms Park’s actions “seriously impaired the spirit of… democracy and the rule of law”.

The court said she had broken the law by allowing Ms Choi to meddle in state affairs, and had breached guidelines on official secrets by leaking numerous documents.

Ms Park had “concealed completely Choi’s meddling in state affairs and denied it whenever suspicions over the act emerged and even criticised those who raised the suspicions,” it said.

But the judges dismissed some charges, including accusations Ms Park had infringed on freedom of the press by creating a media blacklist of cultural figures, and criticism of her response during the 2014 Sewol ferry disaster.

Ms Park was already suspended from presidential duties, with the prime minister taking over her responsibilities.

But she must now leave office – and her official residence – and a presidential election will be held within the next 60 days.

She has also lost her presidential immunity so could now face criminal charges over allegations she colluded with Ms Choi.





Mobile money fraudster rackets invade Gulu

Police in Gulu are investigating a new racket of mobile money fraudsters.  According to police, the fraudsters hack into the account of mobile money dealers and steal their float.

James Asubu, the Officer in charge of Crimes at Gulu Central Police Station, says on average he receives three cases of fraudulent transactions each day. Asubu says several mobile money operators have lost millions of Shillings in fraudulent transactions.

He says the fraudsters work in groups and move from place to place to defraud dealers. Asubu faults the dealers for rushing to send cash without receiving anything in return.

Fatuma Nalubega, a mobile phone dealer in Gulu main market is the latest victim of the fraud. According to Nalubega, she lost Shillings 1.5 million to the racket.

Nalubega says the fraudsters tricked her using the identity of her boss to transfer the money on their accounts.





Police in Jinja wiping out crime ahead of the festive season

Jinja police have picked up 40 suspected criminals ahead of the Christmas festivities. The suspects were picked up on Monday night and Tuesday afternoon in an operation meant to ensure a crime free festive season.

The suspects were picked up from Kazimingi area, Taxi Park, Cinema halls. Tyson Rutambika, the Officer in Charge of Jinja Central Police Station, says some of suspects are known robbers who have been arrested several times previously.

“It is just a beginning, we are doing this in preparation for holiday season, and we want people to have a simple, calm and quite Christmas season. Schools are in holiday, young children are getting lured into crimes, spending their time in pool halls, video halls and through these video halls this is where they meet criminals.” he noted

According to Rutambika, the operation was triggered by the high number of robbery cases since the start of the December. At least 50 robbery cases have been registered so far.

“So we started operations in Jinja and we are not going to stop until Jinja is crime free. This is not our first time to make such operations. We have been arresting about 80 and 100 suspects,”Rutambika he said.

He however, didn’t explain what the charges they intend to slap against the suspects or what they intend to do with them. Our reporter was unable to access the suspects to hear their side of the story.




Masaka police arrests conman impersonating as judicial office

Police are holding a man accused of impersonating judicial officers at Masaka Magistrate’s court. Martin Kawunde was picked up on Tuesday at Masaka Magistrate’s court where he was found extorting money from a resident to allegedly fast track his case file.

He had reportedly received unspecified amount of money from several people seeking services at the court. Samuel Munobe, the Masaka Chief Magistrate, says they decided to lay a trap after receiving complaints of extortion from the general public.

According to Munobe, they found Kawunde hanging in the court corridors while three other men and women were sitting in the Magistrate’s chambers. He says they managed to pick up Kawunde when they found him receiving money from unsuspecting residents.

Information obtained from Masaka Magistrate’s court shows that unscrupulous people have penetrated the judiciary to con unsuspecting members of the public. The suspects pose as magistrates, court clerks, and brokers. Capital

Munobe says they have introduced a special registry at the court entrance to keep tabs and register all people entering court.

Musa Musisi is one of the con victims. Musisi claims a man he identifies as Emanuel Ddamulira approached him demanding for a bribe of Shillings 300,000 to expedite the handling of his land case but he has spent a week without seeing him at Masaka court.

But Martin Kawunde, who is being held at Masaka central police station, denies the allegations of leveled against him. According to Kwaunde, he was arrested for trying to speak to the magistrate on some matter before court.

David Bakibiinga, the Principal State Attorney Masaka district, says there is an increasing number of conmen extorting money from the public. According to Bakibiinga, they have also received strange reports with some members of the public accusing them of failing to work on their files yet they gave them facilitation.


13 western Uganda Bishops fall prey to conmen impersonating as priests

Two people are in police custody in Kamwenge district for allegedly impersonating catholic priests.

The suspects are Joseph Kasukari and Moses Kadole who are residents of Kigaraale Sub County in Kyenjojo district.

The two are said to have entered Kamwenge district on Wednesday and started conning people of their money in addition to moving from one place to another saying that they are working for the Catholic Church.

The two have been claiming to be attached to Nsambya catholic parish in Kampala Archdiocese.

The suspects went ahead to claim that they had been ordained in Fort Portal Diocese before being sent to Nsambya where they have been ministering to God’s  people.

Victor Nyamusesa, the officer in charge of criminal investigation and intelligence at Kamwenge Central Police Station, confirms the arrest and says that the police are making further investigations into the matter.

Kamwenge Catholic Parish Priest Rev. Fr. David Byamukama says that there is need for the locals to be on the lookout to scrutinize whoever comes up claiming to be a priest since criminals take advantage of unsuspecting members of the public.

He urges the locals to always report such people to the police for immediate intervention since criminals are using all the tricks they feel can lead them to achieving their motives.

He says that those who usually impersonate religious leaders end up extorting money from the public.

Byamukama says that the two suspects ran out luck when Christians told him about new priests in the area and on crosschecking with Nsambya, he was told that they were not aware of the duo.

James Nankunda met the two suspects before they were arrested. He says that they visited his shop in Kamwenge town council and told him to always pray to be successful in business.

He claims that the suspects told him that his low sales were as a result of witchcraft practiced by his competitors and needed deliverance and had promised to come back to pray for him.

Nakunda had only offered the suspects refreshments and that it was after their arrest he realized that they were most likely planning to something criminal.

In June this year, Makerere University Police arrested a man who had been using fake Facebook accounts and email addresses to extort money from Bishops and their flock.

The man, a resident of Senge Village in Naluvule, Wakiso District was found in possession of two identity cards one in the names of Lukooya Shaka and another in the names of Amoka Richard.

At the time of his arrest, Shaka had reportedly coned 13 bishops, both Catholic and Anglican.  Some of those conned included Bishop Patrick Tugume of North Kigezi, Bishop Calistus Rubaramira of Kabale, Bishop Anthony Zziwa of Kiyinda-Mityana, Emeritus Bishop Albert Edward Baharagate of Hoima, Bishop Lambert Bainomugisha of Mbarara, Bishop James Ssebaggala, Bishop Paul Kiptoo of Sebei, and Bishop Cranmer Mugisha of Muhabura among others.


Criminal gang rearrested by police in Gulu

Police in Gulu have rearrested two suspected criminal gang members following their daring escape from Gulu Central police station about a week ago. The suspects are Jackson Omona Dick alias Dickson Kidega Adiga and David Tolit.

The suspects escaped while being booked at Gulu Central Police station following their arrest with a semi-automatic rifle number M51145106976 with nine rounds of live ammunition in Aywee, 2kilometers south west of Gulu town. Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa Region Police Spokesperson, says the suspects were re-arrested from Lakwana Sub County also in Gulu district.

Three police officers were arrested in connection with the escape of the suspects. According to Okema, the suspects have been transferred to Kitgum for questioning. He says they have preferred charges of aggravated robbery, a capital offence which carries a maximum sentence of death penalty on conviction.

He says the suspects are wanted together with another identified as Robert Odong for their involvement in numerous cases of robbery in Kitgum and Gulu districts. Okema cited an incident in February where the pair allegedly a local businessman, James Opong of unspecified amount of money, a mobile phone and other valuables.

17 people have been gunned down in Acholi and Lango sub regions since May 2014.  At least six guns have been recovered in police operations in the last two years.