Court finds Kamyuka guilty of unintentionally killing colleague

By Sania Babirye

High court justice Wilson Kwesiga has acquitted Kampala bussinesman Ivan Kamyuka of murdering his colleague Ahimbisibwe Johnnie at club Guvnor in Kampala in August 2015 but found him guilty of  manslaughter.

While convicting him of Manslaughter, justice Kwesiga ruled that Kamyuka used  excessive force while attacking Ahimbisibwe.
Justice Kwesiga explained that the convict ignored the role of other mediators such as Security and other dancers at the night club who tried to  repel him against the deceased who had attacked his lover also lady at centre of contention Nima Nyarwaka a former wife to the deceased whom he had a seven year old son  with.
The judge has however aquitted him of murdering the deceased on grounds that he did not intend or willfully kill the deceased and that Kamyuka acted in self-defense of his lover after Ahimbisibwe attacked her first by calling her insulting words like prostitute, bitch and injured her face, lips, teeth and hands when he broke a glass in front of her.
The judge has  further ruled that any reasonable spouse would have used any deadly force to repel attack against his partner and that Ahimbisibwe did provoke Kamyuka by violently assaulting  and abusing his lover and as a result he was entitled to defend her.
Justice Kwesiga has also taken into account evidence seduced by the defense showing that the deceased was a violent man whose violent behavior led to him being deported from Sweden and the fact that his former lover divorced him in 2013 as a result of his violent behavior.
He also ruled that Ahimbisibwe Johnnie unlawfully died of excessive bleeding due to a deep cut wound  he sustained on the neck as a result of an assault on 2nd  of August  2015 at Glub Guvnor.
He has now cancelled Kamyuka’s bail and set this afternoon to hand him his sentence.

DP refutes NRM claims that opposition killed Abiriga

By Robert Segawa

The  opposition Democratic Party (DP),  has dismissed talks within the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) and president Museveni for accusing the opposition for the gruesome murder of the Arua MP, Ibrahim Abiriga.

The NRM strong man was gunned down on Friday evening by unknown assassins on his way back home and this has since sparked off fear within the different leaders in NRM.

During a press briefing at DP offices the party President Nobert Mao says that the kind of talk by members of the NRM is cheap politics and should not continue because it will only cause an unhealthy debate in the country. .
Those with such talks are kind of people who don’t know the kind of contest we are in; obviously we launched the K’ogikwatako campaign from here, Abiriga was our political opponent, we disagreed strongly with his support for Article 102 amendment and even those who voted for amendment remain our political opponents but killing is not one of our method,” Mao said.

Mao said that from the on set, the Democratic Party is a non-violent organization which can’t inolve itself is killings and murders. “We have stated before that our organisition is a non-violent organization, so if tomorrow I am killed, will it be NRM? That kind of debate is extremely unhealthy and I call for maturity within the NRM, there is even no basis for us to be suspected,” Mao noted.

Convict shot dead as he escapes from prison

By Robert Ssegawa
A prisoner has been shot dead as he attempted to escape from  Tirinyi government prison  in Kibuuku district .
Bukedea region police spokesperson Sowali Kamulya identified the deceased as  23 year old Bruhan Mukoda.

He says the prison warder on duty tried to stop the inmate several times by shooting in air, but when he refused to stop he shot him in the  thigh.

He was  later rushed to Kibuku health  center IV  where he was pronounced dead.

Kamulya adds that prison warder Ceaser Achola has been arrested by police to help in investigation

Moroto rivers becoming death traps for residents

Five people including a toddler drowned in different rivers in Moroto district last week. On Monday, 35-year-old, Lokwii Nabimu drowned with her one-year-old child identified as Lokol Lokiru at Apule River, just a few kilometers from Moroto town.

On Wednesday, an elderly woman from Kidepo-Pupu in Rupa Sub County also drowned at Komatheniko River on her way from trapping white-ants.

On Saturday evening, a minor only identified as Arichu was swept away at Tangadel River in Rupa Sub County while returning from grazing animals.

Dan Manjori Apollo, the Rupa sub county chairperson, says most of the victims are swept while attempting to cross the rivers as they return home.

He notes that people sometimes underestimate the speed of the flowing water and risk crossing, only to be overpowered by the water.

Peter Ongwara, the Moroto District Police Commander, says one other woman was swept away in Tapac Sub County by the fast moving rain waters.

He however, told us that police findings indicate that some locals take advantage of the flowing rivers to commit suicide. Citing Lokwii Nabimu who was swept away with her child on Monday, Ongwara said the victim developed a misunderstanding with her husband before running to drown in Apule River.

By the time of filing this story, none of the bodies had been recovered by police. Ongwara says the water flow is very fast, which makes it difficult to rescue anyone carried by water.

With sloppy terrain consisting of seasonal rivers, cases of people drowning are common in different parts of Karamoja during the rainy season. The flowing rivers don’t only sweep people but also vehicles.




Five guns recovered from Mbarara in a bid to curb criminality

Police in Mbarara district  have recovered five guns and over 120 rounds of ammunition in the last one month.

The recovered guns are said to have been used to commit crimes such as murder, robbery.

The operation to rid Mbarara of armed criminals was started in early March and is still on going. All the recovered rifles are AK47 sub machine guns.

Jaffar Magyezi, the Mbarara District Police Commander, says that five suspects have so far been detained and three others died in the scuffles with the police.

Magyezi who does not want to reveal the identities of those arrested and the dead says that the police is trying to get rid of organized crime.

He says that the suspected criminals seem to be equipped with military skills and have always engaged police in exchange of gun fire before they are overpowered.

Magyezi says that the arrested suspects have always used Mbarara as an assembly point before spreading to the districts of Isingiro, Ibanda and Ntungamo.

He adds that a search for illegal guns in the area will continue.

The revelation comes barely a day after police in the greater Bushenyi discovered a gun that the police say had been in the wrong hands since 2015 after it was taken away by assailants who hacked to death a security guard in Ishaka town.

Armed thugs in Ankole sub region have on several occasions waylaid travelers, raided local savings associations and stolen cattle.



Museveni says only 8 soldiers were killed in Somalia attack on AMISOM base

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that eight Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers died following an Alshabab attack in Somalia on Easter Sunday.

The revelation contradicts what the UPDF Spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire had said that four soldiers had died in a statement issued on Sunday evening.

The president explained that two vehicles of the enemy force entered one of the three sites attacked. “One vehicle was detonated and killed eight of our soldiers. May their souls rest in eternal peace. I extend condolences to their families.”

The President, using his official Twitter handle @KagutaMuseveni, also said the UPDF had killed 36 al-shabaab militants contrary to the 22 stated by the UPDF spokesperson in Kampala and 30 as stated by the UPDF spokesperson in Somalia, Ceaser Olweny.

The Alshabab raided the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) base at Quoryole, Bulomareer and Golwein in Lower Shabelle region in Somalia.

Buulo Mareer is located some 130 kilometres southwest of the capital Mogadishu.

Eight vehicles including two vehicle born improvised explosives were destroyed by AMISOM forces.

President Museveni praised the army for foiling what he called “the bold but adventurous strategy of Al-Shabaab.”  He said the AMISOM force was alert, the reason they managed to repulse the enemy.

“With constant vigilance, victory is assured. I congratulate our soldiers for the good work they did yesterday, the death of eight of our soldiers notwithstanding,” he said.

Called to comment on the statement by the President, Brigadier Richard Karemire said the additional deaths were from those who sustained injuries. He says by the time the army said four were dead they were four, but some who were injured have since died.

Karemire could not specify the day of the other deaths.

According to Karemire some soldiers had sustained injuries, but currently six UPDF soldiers remain injured, the same number he had given in the initial statement on Sunday evening, signed by his deputy, Lt Col Deo Akiiki.

Just like it happened with previous attacks, there has been conflicting figures on the number of dead and injured on both sides, with different media sources quoting different numbers.

The UK’s Guardian online reports that at least 46 UPDF soldiers were killed in double car bomb suicide attacks, quoting local officials in Mogadishu. The report quotes Abdi Nur Hashi, a Somali military colonel who also said one Somali soldier had died and several others were injured.

The New York Times and Reuters give a much high number of causality figures, with both saying 59 Amisom soldiers were killed in the attack.

The special representative of the chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia, Francisco Madeira in a press statement issued on April 2 says at least 30 al-shabaab militants were killed, while four soldiers of Amisom were killed and six sustained injuries.

Karemire had insisted that the number of soldiers he gave out was the correct one.

The situation is similar to the one after the July 30, 2017 attack when UPDF said it had lost 12 soldiers while the militants said it had killed 39 Ugandan soldiers.

In September 2015, al-shabaab militants carried out an attack at the Amisom base in Janaale district in Somalia with reports indicating that 50 AMISOM soldiers had died, while the Somali military said 37 soldiers died.

The UPDF disputed this through the then spokesperson Paddy Ankunda who tweeted that the estimates of more than 50 deaths were a fabrication, insisting later that only 10 Ugandan soldiers had been killed in Somalia.

Days later, however, President Museveni who was on a visit to Japan told the media that 19 Ugandan soldiers had been killed in the Janaale attack, adding that six others were in action.

Uganda was the first country to deploy in Somalia in 2007 and contributes the biggest contingent of the 22,000-strong Amisom force.

The African Union plans to scale down its force and gradually hand over security operations to the Somali national army by 2020.



Residents discover another body of Sironko mudslide victim

Residents have recovered the remains of 16-year-old Sam Wayanga, one of the Sironko mudslide victims more than a month after the incident. Residents recovered Wayanga’s decomposing body from the scene of the mudslides on Monday.
Wayanga is a former primary five pupil of Bufupa primary school in Bufupa parish in Masaba Sub County in Sironko district. His father, Peter Nangoli told URN that they have been searching for his son’s remains since they were buried by the mudslides in August this year.
“I thank God we have finally recovered the body of my son and given him a decent burial,” he said.  The deceased’s remains were buried at his father’s home in Lusave village in Bufupa parish on Monday evening. The recovery of Wayanga’s body brings to two, the number of bodies recovered from the mudslides site.
At least nine people were reported missing following the mudslides, which claimed one person and displaced hundreds of others.  The body of Namono, also a pupil at Bufupa primary school was recovered on September 18th, 2017. Eunice Nandudu Maku, the Masaba Sub County Female Councilor, says Wamanga’s body was recovered with the help of dogs, which led them to where it was found.
She says residents dug through the rubble with machetes and hoes to retrieve the body. “The mudslide scene is too smelly, Residents found dog eating Wayanga’s remains,” she said. Nandudu expressed disappointment that Uganda National Roads Authority-UNRA withdrew the excavator that was deployed to retrieve the remains of the mudslide victims.
Alex Bunga, the Masaba Sub county LC V councilor wants government to resume the search for the remains of the other missing persons. Bunga says there is high hope of recovering the remains of the other mudslide victims but they lack the necessary tools.
He says residents have been trying to retrieve one of the bodies, which is trapped in the rubble since last month in vain because they are using rudimentary tools. Bunga is disappointed that government abandoned the mudslide victims and left them on their own to search for their missing relatives.
Joshua Namuuni, the Salanje Village LC I Chairperson, says they are trying within their limited means to find the bodies of the remaining missing persons. Herbert Mulekwa, the Sironko LC V chairman, says they need excavators to search for the missing persons because the mudslide scene is full of rocks.


Kaweesi murder suspects sent back to Luzira

By Sania Babirye

The 20 suspects charged with the murder of  the former police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi have been remanded back to Luzira prison until the 7th of September  2017.

Nakawa court  grade one magistrate Noah Ssajabi  has remanded the suspects after Prosecution led by Caroline Apia informed court that investigations into the case are still on going asking for more time.

The suspects including a woman Ayub Sauda, and 19men led by Abdu Rashid Mbaziira are charged with 5 counts including  muder,  Terrorism and Aggrevated robbery.

Prosecution led by Rachael Nabwire states  that the the susepcts on the  morning of 17th/March 2017 at Kulambiro within Kampala district shot dead AIGP Felix Kaweesi, his body guard  Kenneth Erau and his driver  Godfrey Wambewa as the trio drove in the official Uganda Police vehicle to work.

Meanwhile one of the suspect  Jibril Kalyango has today informed court that he was tortured and forced to confess to the murder of the former police spokesman.

He also informed the magistrate that since his arrest he has not been able to see his wife or his 9month old baby who were also allegedly  taken by police.

However the magistrate has advised him to raise his issues with the high court that  has  the mandate to hear their case.

The group has so far won an application in the high court to have them examined by an independent medical center to ascertain their alleged torture allegations.

Kamoga and two other face life imprisonment

By Sania Babirye

The international crimes division of the high court has handed a life imprisonment sentence to the Tabliq sect leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga  , his brother Multabh Bukenya, Siraje Kawooya and Fahad Kalungi.

This is after the court convicted them of Terrorism Monday.

While sentencing them the three justices led by Eziekel Muhanguzi, Percy Tuhaise and Jane Kiggudu ruled that Kamoga and his other convicts   should spend the rest of their lives in prison because they  committed  terrorism and yet they should have developed communities since they were  religious leaders but instead they chose to  orchestrate the crime.

Other convicts Yusuf Kakande,  Fahad Kalungi and Sekayanja Abdul Salam have been sentenced each  to 30 yrs in prison after the court ruled that they  were just followers

The six  were convicted on acts of terrorism against a group of other Muslims with whom they had religious wrangles.

These acts include verbal murder threats and attack on  their reputation such as in the case of Buganda Prince Kasim Nakibinge and Deputy Supreme mufti Muhammod Kibaate whose names and photographs were printed on fliers and distributed to  various  mosques arguing  Muslims to shun them.

On Monday  the same court acquitted the six and 8 others on the charge of murdering fellow  Muslims sheikhs; Mustafa Bahiga and Ibrahim Kirya over luck of evidence .

The justices ruled that all the 36 prosecution witnesses failed to directly link the 14 suspects to the murder charges and attempted murder of sheikh Haruna Jemba.

Police man kills one, injures two others at a party

Police in Kole district are holding a constable identified as Charles Ayepa for shooting a civilian dead and injuring two others.

North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson David Ongom Mudong says the incident took place at Owalo Trading Center during a party organized by Manchester United fans on Sunday. Ayepa had been deployed to provide security at the event.

However it is reported that a scuffle ensued when some youths wanted to access the venue forcefully without paying. At this point Ayepa opened fire instantly killing a 16-year-old in the queue. Two other revelers were injured in the scuffle.  The injured were identified as Enon Aaron and Belmos Obang Belmos.

Ayepa was immediately arrested and dragged to Akalo police post where he is detained. The injured were rushed to Lira Regional Referral Hospital.

In his statement, Oyepa told police that the victims wanted to grab the gun from him. However, Mudong says that Ayepa will be charged with murder and attempted murder.

“It is unfortunate and we condemn it because no one has the powers to unlawfully take the life of another,” he said but cautioned the public to against provoking officers who are on duty.