NRM’s Ibaale loses defamation case against Katuntu

By Sania Babirye

The Court of Appeal has this morning dismissed with costs an election appeal by NRMs Daniel Ibaale  that was challenging the victory of  FDC’s Abdul Katuntu as the Bugweri  county member of parliament.

Three justices including the now out-going Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma , Remmy  Kasule  and Richard Buteera have unanimously  upheld   the Jinja high court decision  and confirmed that Hon. Katuntu is the validly elected  Member.

In a ruling read by the  deputy registrar Taddeo  Asiimwe,the  3 justices ruled that   Ibaale was seen leaving Ensulo lodge to go for nomination and this being a statement of fact, they is no way it could have  defamed   the candidature of Ibaale.

The justices also ruled that they could not order a recount because Ibaale did not prove enough evidence to warrant a recount.

The Court dismissed all the twelve grounds that Ibaale had  appealed  for, for  lack of merit and ordered him to pay Katuntu costs of the petition  for both in  Jinja High court  and court of Appeal.

In August 2016, Justice Margaret Mutonyi  dismissed Ibaale’s petition on grounds that it lacked merit  after he failed to adduce sufficient evidence to prove his allegations including defamation.

However being dissatisfied with the ruling, he appealed in the court of appeal.

He accused the judge of not allowing him a chance to file responses to Katuntu’s evidence, were he accused Katuntu of uttering defamatory statements against him  during  campaigns.

Ibaale had also  alleged that Katuntu made defamatory statements to the effect that he was not fit for election as MP because he did not have a  home in Bugweri county Consistency and emerged out of a lodge to go for  nomination.

Ibaale had claimed that  the said words belittled him before the voters to the benefit of Katuntu who was over overwhelmingly  voted with a  winning margin of over 30,000 votes.

FDC postpones weekly prayers due to unavailability of religious leaders

By Wasswa Deo
Opposition political party Forum for Democratic Change has postponed the launch of their weekly prayers against the lifting of the age limit.
The party had organised to launch their weekly countrywide prayers at Najjankumbi against the lifting of the age limit today but were postponed to next week.
According to the deputy party spokesperson Paul Mwiru,the launch had been extended to next week after the religious leaders who were supposed to lead in prayers were unavailable

FDC promises to control Museveni’s appetite for power

By Wasswa Deo

Forum for Democratic  Change Party spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda has said that if Museveni has failed to control his appetite for power, they will help him to do so.

Addressing journalists at the weekly press conference, Ssemujju revealed that he is in consultation meetings with other opposition political parties, religious leaders, civil society organizations and other stakeholders to come up with the applicable measures to prevent President Yoweri Museveni and his agents from amending the constitution, especially article 102 b, regarding the presidential age limit.

He noted that the party has already agreed that all members of parliament who will be found supporting the removal of Age Limit will become their target in the war to make them lose their positions in coming general elections 2021.

Ssemujju has appealed to the public also to join the struggle against lifting of the Presidential age limit and any other emerging plans by the ruling government  that continues to violate the National constitution.

FDC urges government to extend sim card registration deadline

By Robert Segawa
Forum for Democratic change party agrees with sim card registration but has urged the government to give citizens more time to register before switching off their phones .
The party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said that Parliament must not keep quiet when people’s freedom is being suppressed by individuals instead must do anything possible to ensure that those whose sims cards were blocked are unblocked.
Ssemujju highlighted  that many people use phones to get food and other necessities.
Last week government in its effort to tighten security in the country they blocked all sim cards which were not registered. The move has however seen registered and verified numbers switched off.
 He calls upon government to extend the deadline again to help people have their sim cards on as they are register.


By Sania Babirye

FDC’s Sizomu Gershom Rabbi Wambedde has retained his Bungokho North Constituency seat in Mbale District.

This after three court of appeal justices led by deputy chief justice Steven Kavuuma upheld the Mbale High court ruling  that declared that he was the validly elected area MP.

While dismissing the appeal the Justices  ruled that the appeal lacked merit saying they did not agree with Mashete since Rabbi means “Teacher “of Jewish Law which  tittle the MP acquired but does not mean a king of Jews as he had alleged.

NRM’s Mashete Magomu Peter challenged his victory on grounds that the MP Sizomu Gershom Rabbi Wambedde being a cultural leader, (rabbi) king of the jews did not have the right to contest for a political position.

Mashete had also accused MP Rabbi of lacking the requisite academic qualifications for election  as MP of Bungokho North Constituency, having presented to the Electoral Commission verification letters from UNEB instead of his O and A level Certificates that he says we’re lost.

He has also been ordered to pay costs of the suit.

Photo Credit: Jewish Journal

FDC will organize LC elections if Government fails -Besigye

By Robert Segawa
The former presidential candidate for Forum for Democratic change Change Dr. Kizza Besigye says government must do every thing possible to organize LC elections if they fail FDC will lead the campaign.
During the press conference at his offices  in Katonga, Besigye said that absence of proper structures of LC I and II has been the center of problems in our country and so much must be done to organize elections to save lives.
Besigye adds that people must raise up again and claim for their power which has been grabbed and this will help them to be happy in their county.
Meanwhile Besigye has condemned the large scale land grabbing by people with authority in the government leaving the majority to suffer.
Besigye also mentioned the land grabbed by government during Chogm in 2007 like former Shimon primary school, Ministry of information land now Hilton hotel owned by Aya and many forest reserve .
He calls upon people’s not to fold hands when their land is being taken


By Sania Babirye

FDC’s Apollo Kantinti has lost his seat as MP for the Kyadondo East Constituency  after the court of appeal three justices led by Richard Buteera’ Cheborion Balishaki and Paul Mugamba upheld high court judge Henry Kaweesa’s ruling that nullified his victory over noncompliance of the electoral laws on the side of the Electoral commission.

The justices ruled that the way EC conducted the elections substantially affected the result in a substantial manner on grounds that it was not clear on who won the Kyadondo East constituency election since results from 9 polling stations were not included in the final tally.

The justices further noted   that over 5000 voters were de-enfranchised when their cast votes were not given the same weight like others in the final tally.

The court of Appeal has also ordered that fresh elections be conducted after declaring the seat vacant.

The court of appeal has also ordered that EC and Hon.Katinti pay costs to NRMs petitioner Sitende Sebalu.

In July 2016 High court judge Isabirye Kaweesa nullified Katinti’s election on ground that the Wakiso district returning officer Sarah Bukirwa did not comply with the electoral commission laws after declaration forms from seven polling stations went missing tan amounting to failure to protect voting materials that were in her custody.

This is after NRMs Sebalu filed an election petition contesting Kantinti’s election on grounds that the Electoral commission had conducted the said election in an improper manner.

However Hon.Katinti appealed the ruling on grounds that the trial judge  did not evaluate properly all evidence that was brought before him when he cancelled his victory.

Involve people in the redevelopment; Tumushabe

By Patricia Osman
Policy analyst Godber Tumushabe is advising the government to always involve residents in decision making when planning any redevelopment processes.
Responding  to the recent eviction of over 1000 vendors form park yard market in Kampala,Godber says redeployment usually  come with hard decisions however these should be made transparent and fair.
While deliberating on the Capital Gang show on Saturday, Tumushabe said, “as a country we should be brutally honest with ourselves as we assess the issues affecting this country.
During the same show gangster and legislator, Abdu Kantuntu expressed his disappointment saying these markets were formerly created for poor people but now the capitalist NRM is selling all these markets off  to rich developers. Whom he expresses fear that they are upto make profit through rating these arcades that are being built in the City.
Katuntu also adds that redevelopment should come with transparency. The process should be done in light and the developers should be clearly known by the people.

Criminal summon issued against Besigye for not appearing in Court

By Sania Babirye
FDC former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has stood his ground and refused to return to  the Nakawa magustrate  court for mention of his treason case as promised.
This is after Besigye vowed to not appear in court willingly until the DPP committed him for trial inthe high court.
Besigye has since then petitioned the high court over the matter and the case is up for hearing on the 22 of March . Even today state informed court that investigations into the matter are still on going.
However, Nakawa grade one magistrate Noah Ssajabi has issued criminal summons to Besigye after  prosecution led by  Racheal Nabwire  asked court to issue criminal summon against Besigye accusing him of missing court with no explanation.
Magistrate Sajjabi has now  signed  summons requiring Besigye to appear in court on the 27th/March 2017 for further mention of his case as police investigations are still  on-going.
Its close to nine months since the DPP charged Besigye with treason but has failed to Commit him for trial in high court which has the jurusdiction to try capital offenses.
And Besigye says that until the DPP concludes his alleged investigations and commits him he will not continue to waste his time and money appearing in the lower court with no powers to try his case.
Besigye is charged with treason after a video of him taking oath as the legally elected president of Uganda in the conclude Febuary 2016 General elections surfaced on social media which he does not deny.

FDC sets a warning.

By Robert Ssegawa

Opposition Forum for Democratic change has warned that the continued disrespect of court by the police could lead to mob justice.

This follows the arrest of Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere last Friday after he was granted bail by court.

FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says if law enforcers like the police continue undermining court orders, civilians will then resort to mob justice as they will also despise laws.

Photo: ChimpReports