Judge speaks out on why Mathew Kanyamunyu was denied bail.

By Sania Babirye

High court judge Yasin Nyanzi has revealed that his reason for denying Mathew Kanyamunyu bail is because he is likely to interfere in the going investigations.

Justice Nyanzi told court that he was persuaded by the affidavit of state Attorney Barbra Masinde that the key suspect has the capacity to interfere with witnesses and evidence which was revealed to him while being committed by the Nakawa Magistrates court to the High Court to face trial.

Justice Nyanzi noted that although Kanyamunyu still enjoys the presumption of innocence he is facing serious murder allegations preferred on him by the DPP and that court still has the duty to protect society from lawlessness.

On the 28th of this week Justice Nyanzi granted bail to Joseph Kanyamunyu a brother to Mathew and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari on grounds that the two were mere accessories to the murder of Keneath Akena social worker according to evidence by the DPP.

However Mathew Kanyamunyu still has two options including an appeal against justice Nyanzi’s decision in the court of appeal or wait to be tried by high court.

This is the second time that Mathew Kanyamunyu  is being denied bail after high court judge Elizabeth Kabanda denied granting him bail for failing to present substantial ground like poor health or old age.

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Mathew Kanyamunyu has been denied bail.

By Sania Babirye

The high court in Kampala has for the second time refused to release on bail Mathew Kanyamunyu the key suspect in the infamous Lugogo forest mall shooting of social worker Kenneth Akena.

Justice Yasin Nyanzi however said on 30th /March 2017 will give his detailed reasons for denying Kanyamunyu bail.

However Justice Nyanzi granted bail to Mathew Kanyamunyu’s co-accused Cynthia Munwangari and Joseph Kanyamunyu on grounds that the facts of the DPP’s case show that the duo were accessories before or after the commission of the said murder by Mathew.

The judge also said he was satisfied that Joseph Kanyamunyu and Cynthia Munwangari will return to court for trial.

He therefore ordered the two to pay cash bail of 5 million shillings each and their sureties were bonded to 50 million shillings each and we’re banned from travelling outside the country without court’s permission.

Joseph Kanyamunyu was also ordered to deposit the Kanyamunyus’ land tittle with court. The two will be reporting to the deputy Registrar every 14 days.

Mathew Kanyamunyu, Cynthia Munwangari and Joseph Kanyamunyu are said to have murdered Akena on the night of 12th November 2016 along Jinja Kampala Highway, on allegations that he had accidentally scratched Mathew’s car.

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By Sania Babirye

The high court in Kampala is today expected to hear the second bail application filed by Matthew Kanyamunyu and his two co accused that are charged with the murder of social worker Kenneth Akeba.

The bail application will be heard by high court judge Yasin Nyanzi.

This is the second time that Mathew Kanyamunyu, his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu and his girlfriend Cynthia Munwagari are asking for the temporary release pending their trial after high court judge Elizabeth Kabanda denied granting them bail for failing to present substantial ground like poor health or old age.

These are accused of killing social worker Kenneth Akena at Lugogo in Kampala in November 2016 and are currently waiting to face trial after being committed by the DPP.

Prosecution states that  on the 12th/November 2016 along Jinja High way in Kampala opposite  the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association  (UMA) , with malice thought shot at Kenneth  Akena who later died at Norvik hospital in Kampala.

Akena however is said to have left a dying declaration saying he was shot by Kanyamunyu.


Kanyamunyu :High court to deliver ruling on whether to grant bail

By Sania Babirye

Court is set to deliver a ruling on whether to grant bail to Mathew Kanyamunyu, his brother and girlfriend later today who are charged with the murder of Kenneth Akena.  State has asked high court to deny Mathew Kanyamunyu, Joseph Kanyamunyu and Cynthia Munwangari bail on grounds that they are facing a capital offence and that society needs to be protected from such lawlessness. According to the state there is a high chance of the three absconding and running out of the country once released.

In her submission, state prosecutor Samalie Wakholi noted that Mathew Kanyamunyu currently has a valid visa to France and that even if his passport is confiscated by police he can use his influence once granted bail to escape the country, Cynthia Munwangari holds two citizenship from Rwanda and Burundi which she can use to escape the country, and have no fixed place of aboard since they are currently renting which will make it hard to trace them in case they absconded. High court judge Elizabeth Kabanda will deliver her ruling on the matter at 5 PM today.

Still in court Aruu county legislator Samuel Odonga Otto has attacked Winnie Banyima for standing surety to her nephew Mathew Kanyamunyu.

Otto accused the Executive Director of OXFAM International of betraying the people of Acholi who have always supported her husband Dr. Kiiza Besigye is his three failed attempts at the presidency.  Meanwhile   Akena’s relatives were seen weeping in court as the whole drama unfolded.


Kanyamunyu,his brother and Cynthia sent back to Luzira

By Sania Babirye
Matthew Kanyamunyu has been further remanded to Luzira prison until the 20th of this month after prosecution told court that investigations into the matter are still ongoing.
Kanyamunyu , his brother Joseph  Kanyamunyu and his girl friend Cynthia Munwagari appeared today before Nakawa grade one Magistrate Nuwa Sajjabi. They are charged with the murder of Kenneth Akena at Lugogo forest mall last month.
The same court has dismissed a request by Kanyamunyu’s lawyer to throw out journalists from the courtroom during the trial and instead cover the proceeding from outside.  Lawyer Grace Karuhanga accused the media denying her clients breathing space and suffocating them by surrounding off the dock where the accused stand during the hearing and taking their pictures.  The magistrate has just cautioned the media not to misbehave while covering these court proceedings