Mao blames Apaa wrangles on rich politicians

By Robert Segawa
Democratic party has expressed dissatisfaction in a manner through which the Apaa land wrangles have been fueled by financially motivated politicians.
Mao alleges Gen Moses Ali has been implicated in these wrangles because he has been paid by certain investors who are after tourism promotion in the area.
Mao wonders how district boarders have been put under cornerstones and yet these are brotherly tribes who shouldn’t be fueled to shade blood.
Mao reveals a joint and tribal districts meetings and calls upon other refugee agencies to bail out the Apaa people with food and other basic utensil on addition to police apprehending all names suspects in these wrangles.

Mao speaks out

By Robert Segawa

Following the suspension of DP vice president for Buganda region Betty Nambooze Bakireke, DP president Nobert Mao addressing the media at the party head offices says they are going to hit the ground hard to destabilize her agenda and others who he calls masqueraders aiming to kill the party.

Mao says they either get in line or get out of the party instead of spreading sectarian propaganda in guise of building the party hiding in colors of Kiiza Besigye who he accuses of continuing to destabilize the party by his selfish interests.

He regrets everything that happened to the people of Masaka but SUUBI part2 are responsible for all the mistreatments Masaka residents went through last Sunday.

Meanwhile Mao calls upon the elders to counsel some DP members from Buganda and also asked Nambooze and group to stop spreading sectarian that Acholi and Banyarwanda are taking over DP.




DP’s Mao to join Ugandans to seek justice over sim card registration deadline

By Robert Segawa

The opposition Democratic party says the order by the Uganda communication commission to disconnect all sim cards which are not registered using National IDs is not in good faith.

Party president Norbert Mao while addressing the journalists at their offices said that  UCC directive of sim card registration by national IDs  the time flame is too short, many registered but haven’t got theirs and many village people are facing much hardships to register.

Mao adds that national ID is not the only document to use and so they are going to join other Ugandans to seek for justice in court.

UCC gave 20th April 2017, to block all sim cards which are not registered.