FDC promises to control Museveni’s appetite for power

By Wasswa Deo

Forum for Democratic  Change Party spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda has said that if Museveni has failed to control his appetite for power, they will help him to do so.

Addressing journalists at the weekly press conference, Ssemujju revealed that he is in consultation meetings with other opposition political parties, religious leaders, civil society organizations and other stakeholders to come up with the applicable measures to prevent President Yoweri Museveni and his agents from amending the constitution, especially article 102 b, regarding the presidential age limit.

He noted that the party has already agreed that all members of parliament who will be found supporting the removal of Age Limit will become their target in the war to make them lose their positions in coming general elections 2021.

Ssemujju has appealed to the public also to join the struggle against lifting of the Presidential age limit and any other emerging plans by the ruling government  that continues to violate the National constitution.

Democratic Party applauds the COSASE report

By Robert Segawa
Democratic Party  hails Abdul  Katuntu’s  COSASE report saying that unlike other committees, this report has pinned government officials who always solicit public resources even when they are well paid.

During a  press conference at City house party president Nobert  Mao  said that the committee’s recommendation to block president Museveni from getting a supplementary budget to refund the handshake was among the best ideas.

Mao congratulated the house over the recommendations and they agree with the findings. He therefore calls for the office of the IGG to take up the report and  implement as per law.

He adds that even power sharing in signing of Government  documents within ministries as per the report will minimize mistakes like minister Saida Bumba did when she signed on documents which she didn’t read through an act indicating that she could even have signed her resignation letter if it had been tabled before her.

Bedridden man holds on Museveni’s promise to get treatment

Thirty five-year-old Herbert Ssenkubuge, a resident of Kawumu village in Makulubita Sub County in Luweero district, has been bedridden for the last 11 years due to the failure by his family to raise money for his treatment.

Ssenkubuge was hit by a falling tree while in the garden in 2006 and was rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital with an injured backbone. According to Ssenkubuge, he was discharged hoping to get better, but there hasn’t been any improvement since then.

Ssenkubuge says both his arms and legs are paralysed. He however, says he has lost of recovering since his family is unable to raise any money for his treatment.

Ssenkubuge lives with his mother, Janet Nakitende and sister, Harriet Nakungu. The two attend to Ssenkugu using proceeds from cultivating their four-acre piece of land.

Harriet Nakungu says during his Operation Wealth Creation tour in Luweero district President Yoweri Museveni visited the family and the issue of Ssenkubuge was brought to his attention.

According to Nakungu, Museveni asked the State House medical team to take over the case, but they are still waiting for the fulfilment of the pledge.

Doctor Sinani Mabuya, a doctor at Luweero Health Centre IV, says Ssenkubuge needs to undergo a fresh scan to establish it is his backbone or spinal cord, which is damaged. According to Mubuya, the back bone can easily be healed, but the spinal cord is difficult to handle, adding that he may need palliative care for survival.

State House hasn’t yet commented as the two press secretaries, Don Wanyama and Linda Nabusayi couldn’t pick our calls to their cellphone. Lillian Nakate, the Luweero Woman MP who accompanied President Museveni during the visit to the family has promised to follow up the matter to ensure the patient is helped.



Museveni focused on helping youth acquire skills

By Annah Nafula

The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has asked that Ugandans pay more attention to imparting skills to young people. While speaking at the Kampala Serena during the State of the Nation Address, the president mentioned that the literacy rate had improved greatly but is now focusing on imparting more skills to the youth.

The president also mentioned that he has invested in a number of youth groups to help them acquire skills with hope that in turn they can become wealthy and job creators. He said he had invested in a number of youth groups in Katwe, Najeera, Kalerwe among others. He added that effort should be put on those in Kampala first.

He mentioned that he had identified land on Entebbe road at Abayita ababiri, where he asked that the MPs work with him to create industrial structures  for the youth.



Museveni warns Ugandans against intimidating investors

President, Yoweri Museveni has warned Ugandans against intimidating and bad mouthing investors who come to do business in Uganda.

According to Museveni, the continuous hatred of Ugandan traders towards foreign investors spells doom for the country’s economic prosperity.

Last month, city traders went up in arms against government for licensing foreigners to engage in petty trade. However, Museveni says such rants are not good if Uganda is to attract more investors who have created jobs for Ugandans.

Museveni was speaking during the commissioning of a multi billion dollar Sun Belt Textile company in Masese division in Jinja municipality on Monday evening.

He pledged to repair roads that connect Jinja to other parts of the country to ease trade in order to create an enabling environment for investment.

Museveni asked Ugandans to come together to create an enabling environment for the investors to create more jobs. Sun Belt Textile Company, which started operating in 2012, manufactures bed sheets, blankets and bed covers among others.

It employs over 1000 employees.


President Museveni not interested in succession and removal of age limit talk

President Yoweri Museveni has dismissed calls to discuss the removal of the age limit from the constitution and his succession, saying it’s not the right time.

Recently, a section of the media carried reports showing that some legislators allied to the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party were planning to table a resolution pushing the removal of tap limits.

President Museveni’s son-in-law, Odrek Rwabwogo also wrote to the media calling for debate on the political transition, economic reforms and internal democracy in NRM. Now, president, Museveni has distanced himself from talk of the removal of the age limit, saying he isn’t interested in the matter.

Museveni will be above 75 years at the expiry of his current term, which makes him ineligible to contest for presidency without the removal of the age limit from the constitution.

Addressing journalists at Kawumu State Lodge in Luweero district on Tuesday evening, Museveni said he is only concerned about the future of Africa and what should be done but not small things like age limit.

Abdul Nadduli, the Minister Without Portfolio agrees with Museveni, but warns him to reign in on his family members and relatives, saying they may lead to his downfall.

But the Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao will not have any of this. According to Mao, Museveni is interested in the removal of the age limits to allow him become president for life.

He argues that NRM has no alternative to succeed Museveni that is why they are plotting to remove the age limit to enable him stand again.

According to Mao, Ugandans should continue discussing the political transition and avoid being diverted by Museveni that he isn’t interested in the matter.

He notes that Museveni duped Ugandans that he was not interested in the removal of term limits from the constitution but turned around to bribe MPs to pass the proposal.




Museveni asks citizens, security personnel to be vigilant

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has come out to condemn the manner in which Andrew Felix Kaweesi and many more Ugandans have been killed.

In a press statement from State House, the president has directed immediate installation of security cameras in all major cities and a long highways a project that he says was stalled by paying attention to improving roads and electricity.

The president also  has also called upon security personnel and all citizens to be vigilant and on the look out for the thugs who have habitually used motorcycles to kill people.

Earlier today, the nation watched in shock graphic  images of assistant inspector General of Police and police spokes’ person, Andrew Felix Kaweesi lying in a pool of blood, where it is said that unknown gun men shot him, his guard and driver to death.

Gen Angina sends Captain Bashaija to jail over land grabbing

Lieutenant-General Charles Angina the deputy Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) has ordered the arrest of the OWC coordinator for Mbarara Municipality, Captain David Bashaija, over alleged misconduct.

Angina issued the order on Saturday night after a meeting with all OWC coordinators from Ankole and Kigezi sub regions held at Lake View Resort Hotel Mbarara.

According to Angina, retired Captain Bashaija had been subjected to investigations and it was found out that he has been using his position to grab land. The land he is said to have grabbed includes 31.8 hectares from the National Agriculture Research Organisation (NARO) Institute in Mbarara.

Angina revealed that although there are other enncroachers onthe land who will also be dealt with, Bashaija should be arrested immediately. He assiged Colonel Sikaji Tumusiime  Ankole regional OWC commander to have the Captain Bashaija arrested by Monday March 13th 2016.

The order comes barely a day after President Museveni who was in Mbarara on Friday ordered that encroachers on the NARO institute’s land to vacate immediately.

Museveni who was speaking on Friday at the handover of  40 tractors to farmers in the cattle corridor at Mbarara Zonal Agricultural Research Development Institute along Mbarara-Bushenyi road.

The president revealed that he was not happy to learn that some residents of Mbarara have descended on land meant for research development and decided to fence it off and use it for personal gains.

The president therefore ordered that the traditional boundaries of 1,300 acres of land must be restored as a matter of urgency saying that the government would not have loved to first use force against the encroachers.

Sarah Kagingo, the OWC communications and public affairs officer URN that they have also received repeated complaints that the Captain Bashaija has been using the name of P President Museveni and that of General Salim Saleh to intimidate people. Saleh, who is Museveni’s young brother, is the overall OWC coordinator.

According to Dr. Imelda Kashaija, the deputy director general for NARO, indicated that the agricultural research development institute in Mbarara has lost 31.6 hectares to Captain Bashaija. Another 64.3 hectares of land has been occupied by a businessman identified as Ibrahim Sali who transferred it to Hajuni investments.
ur reporter that the order to have him arrested was not issued in good faith.

He says that he acquired the land from the Uganda Land Commission and that if they are interested in taking it up, they should instead work out a clear procedure that will see him compensated.





Six men face three years of jail for vandalizing Museveni’s farm

Six men have been sentenced to three years in jail for vandalizing President Yoweri Museveni’s farm in Lutunku village, Lugusuulu Sub County at the border of Sembabule and Gomba district.

The convicts were arrested on December 11, 2016 while in possession of 26 rolls of chain links part of which had been used in fencing president Museveni’s farm.

The six, all residents of Kampala, were identified as Caleb Ahimbisibwe, Jeremy Ssemugenyi, Isaac Mutabike, Johan Muwanguzi, Umar Mugerwa and Charles Serwadda. The six pleaded guilty to the offense and told court that they were selling the chain links to scrap dealers around Kampala.

Prosecution led by Allan Mucunguzi, the Sembabule State Attorney, told court that the accused persons were found with stolen chain-links valued at 53 million Shillings. The chain links had been used to cover a distance of about 1 mile on the farm.

Court heard evidence from 11 witness including two police officers who all pinned the accused persons to the offense. Prosecution also presented three lorry trucks upon which the exhibits had been loaded destined for Kampala.

Sembabule Grade I Magistrate George Miftundida observed in a ruling delivered Thursday, that the accused persons were notorious thieves who braved a long distance from Kampala to Sembabule, an implication that they had a lot of time conspiring to commit the offense. Court also observed that all the accused persons are young men who deliberately chose theft as a way of life other than employing their energies to work.

The magistrate downplayed pleas for pardon by the convicted persons and accordingly sentenced them to three years in jail.

However, court acquitted the Godwin Arinaitwe, the seventh suspect who prosecution alleged that aided the theft with finance, after evidence against him was found to be inconsistent.

The judgment was received with mixed reactions among residents of Sembabule district, where some people considered it too harsh to people that had prayed for leniency, while others say it would contain theft in the area.  Godfrey Tumwesigye, a farmer told URN that the area had suffered enough attacks of this nature. He described theft as the biggest threat to pastoralism in the district.





Despite our political views I had a working relationship with Tito Okello – Museveni

By Kidandi Moses
President Yoweri Museveni has described former President General Tito Okello as a man who used to work for consensus and harmony.
Museveni made the remarks at a ceremony where he joined the people of  Acholi Sub-Region in Northern Uganda to pay tribute to  General Tito Okello Lutwa.

General Okello Lutwa served as President of Uganda from July 1985-January 26 1986. He died on 3rd June 1996 aged 82 years.
President Museveni further disclosed that despite their political differences, he kept a good working relationship with General Okello Lutwa, which he noted, later laid a foundation for the new generation.
The memorial service was organized to celebrate the lifetime contributions of the late Gen. Tito Okello Lutwa at Lapana village, Namukora Parish, Chua East Constituency in Kitgum district.