10 Students die in Dormitory of St Benard SS Manya in Rakai district

Police is to use DNA to identify students that died in the Dormitory of St Benard SS Manya in Kifamba sub-county Rakai district left 10 students turns into ashes. The wee hours’ fire was started by stubborn students of Senior four who were expelled from school for their bad behaviors of using drugs at school and smoking Marijuana.

The fire started at around 2 am after unknown people stormed the school with petrol and padlock they put on senior three dormitories before they set the building a braze. According to Rakai district police commander Ben Kashumbusha 10 students died and over 50 students were rushed to Masaka referral hospital, Kitovu hospital as well as Rakai health center iv.

He adds that non of the students were identified yet only that police will use DNA to identify the students died in a fire before handed over the bodies to family members for burial arrangement. Kashumbusha says the fire brigade and rescue services have to break the padlocks on the door to save the students by the time dormitory opened several have suffocated.

He added that they believed the cause of the fire to have been started by a group of 15 students expelled from school and only allowed to their final exams from their homes.

According to one Kamulali Benard businessman in Rakai district, the group of students hired a room from the nearby trading center where they read books from and after leaving them to do the examination.

Police managed to arrest four of the students suspected to have been the arsonist set the school on fire to help in the investigation.

According to the state minister in charge of primary education, Rosemary Sseninde sends a heartfelt condolence to the family of deceased. She urge’s parents to install discipline to their children in order to avoid such recklessness to avoid such incidences.

The minister also has instructed schools to deploy more security guards in order to overcome such uncertainty.

Investigations in search for culprits is ongoing.