King Kong’s mum denies soliciting financial help

Word has been making rounds that comedian King Kong’s family is soliciting for financial help to save their son’s life as he needed a daily tab of Ugx 700, 000 as part of treatment for his injured brain. But these claims have been rubbished by the mother who stated that his son is in good shape and did not sustain any injury on the brain.

“My son did not sustain any fracture or brain damage, its only the cut on the forehead but the rest of his body parts are okay therefore those soliciting money on his behalf have their own motives and besides his brothers and sisters are taking care of the bills,” said King Kong’s mother.

King Kong, who was involved in a nasty motor accident last week,  is steadily improving as he is now able to walk albeit with difficulty and even recognises people around him. However, he still has difficulties with sight and talking because his one side of the face is still swollen.