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The Intensive Care Unit at Mulago National Referral Hospital was closed as a result of a shortage of bacterial filters – an important component used with ventilators which protect patients from germs and infections coming from the machines through the tubes as well as making the air moist enough for the patient to take in.

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It was re-opened on Friday 2nd November 2012 after several days of closure that resulted in the reported deaths of five people who would have probably been kept alive on the unit’s life support machines according to the Daily Monitor newspaper of Monday 5 November 2012.

Angella Katatumba a Ugandan Singer and Songwriter has donated ten million shillings to Mulago Hospital intensive care unit for the purchase of a photo therapy machine and a syringe pump.

Angella hands over the money to the supplier of the machine.

The donation is part of the Mulago yafe campaign aimed at raising awarness towards better health services and good sanitation standards at Mulago Hospital under the Angella katatumba,a charity based organisation.

Katatumba 5This initiative has been supported by Gordon Wavamuno, Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries, Boney Katatumba and Smart Telecom.

The photo therapy machine helps premature babies at the intensive care unit get warmth and light.

Angella looks at a baby in a photo therapy machine similar to the one she has donated.

The cash donation was handed over to the supplier of the machine that will be used at the intensive care unit at the hospital.

Angella with our reporter Moses Kidandi.

Katatumba’s action has been warmly welcomed by the community which has called upon politicians to borrow a leaf from this deed. She has as well been assured of the peoples’ vote in case she stands for an elective position in Ugandan politics.

By Tukundane Yonna