Electoral Commission funders opt out

Electoral Commission has turned to government for funds to procure the results transmission kit for the February, 18 general elections.
The move follows a decision by the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) to withdraw from an earlier commitment to co-fund the procurement of the Electronic Results Transmission and Dissemination System.

Information obtained by URN shows that DGF had promised to pay Shillings 4.5 billion of the Shillings 9 billion required for the procurement. However, DGF has withdraw support for the system, leaving the Commission stranded.

Sam Rwakoojo, the Electoral Commission confirmed to URN the cancellation of the funding, saying they are now looking up to government to provide the money.

He says it will be absurd if government doesn’t provide the needed funding.

Mads Mayerhofer, the chairperson of DGF’s Steering Committee told URN in an email, that they withdrew funding in December last year after Electoral Commission canceled the contract of Cytel, to supply the result transmission technology in favour of Avante, under suspicious circumstances.

“After careful consideration, the DGF decided that the last minute decision to change provider raised concern as to the transparency of the procurement process as well as the timely implementation of the ERTDS itself,” says Mayerhofer.

Mads says despite this, DGF will continue to fund other partnerships with EC that seek to provide clear and added value to the integrity of the electoral process through voter education.