wandegeya arrests

1 dead, 19 injured and 22 arrested.

After the disorders of this morning in the city center, this evening the Police engaged again Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, who in total disregard of his authorized program tried to hold a procession in the heart of Kampala city. The FDC presidential candidate left his home in the early afternoon to hold his scheduled rally at Makerere University, which he dis attended, choosing instead to march with his supporters into the city, en route to Kafumbe Mukasa through Wandegeya, Bombo and Kampala main roads.

The Police faced the provocative behavior and actions of the protesters, after they went on rampage, yelling, and threatening, looting and damaging property in the suburbs of Wandegeya.
Notwithstanding the provocations, the Police tried, in such difficult conditions, exercising the greatest degree of restraint in approaching the disturbance from the emerging crowds that were throwing bricks and projectiles at the Police.

Although the FDC candidate has the right to take the political lines he deems appropriate, such right must be exercised within a legal framework and, most importantly, without violating Kampala citizens’ right to peacefully conduct their business without having their activities being disrupted and their safety and property endangered by such disorders.

These acts of gratuitous defiance carried out by Col. Besigye coincide with the intelligence gathered all along that the FDC as a party was mobilizing the P10 youth to promote mayhem in the city.

The Police have a duty to protect the safety of the public, together with the right to protect themselves, and had to act accordingly, given the intensity of the attacks they faced from an emerging crowd of rowdy protesters. A total of 19 persons including 1 female police officer were injured, 16 were discharged while 5 are still admitted though out of danger, 1 death whose cause has not been established yet, and 22 suspects, all male arrested. Meanwhile the FDC Presidential candidate was transported back to his home this evening.

The situation has been contained, calm and normalcy returned to the suburbs of Wandegeya, and the wider Kampala City. With one more day of campaigns, we shall continue securing the electoral environment, free from abuse for all voters, candidates, and the general public.

CP Fred Enanga