Heavy rains interrupt polls in Nwoya, Gulu

Heavy rains have disrupted early voting in Gulu and Nwoya district. The rains started pounding both district at 8:30 am forcing both the polling officials and voters to abandon the exercise and look for shelter.

The rains affected almost all the polling centers in Gulu municipality and 13 in Awach Sub County, since they are in the open. Timothy Jok-kene, the Gulu Municipality, NRM party parliamentary candidate, says the heavy rains will affect the outcome of the voting exercise as many voters are still stuck in their homes.

He however, says besides the rain, everything is going on smoothly. In Nwoya district, the rains started as early as 6am stalling the polling exercise at most polling station. Santa Aber, a resident of Lalar parish and voter at Lalar primary school, says the rains came as a surprise given this part of the year.

According to Aber, the surprise rains are a big sign of something greater that is most likely to happen in the country, given the wide cry for change. She vowed to do everything possible to cast her vote. David Asasi, a resident and voter at Alero Division polling station B in Alero Sub County, says besides the rains, the polling officials delayed to kick start the voting exercise.

According to Asasi, despite the fact that some voters arrived at their polling stations by 6:30am, the exercise didn’t start until after 8am. Geoffrey onekalit, the Alero Sub county LC 3 chairman, blamed the delayed polling on the allocation of a single vehicle to serve the entire district. By 9:00 most polling stations in the sub county hadn’t yet been set up and not voting material had arrived.