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Kasese FDC leaders to sue police officers over some of the Kasese fatal scuffle

Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party officials in Kasese are considering suing individual police officers and security personnel for extra judicial killings in the district.

The officials accuse security personnel of shooting to death four people at Kasenyi Trading Center on Friday claiming that they were attacking security officers yet they were enjoying their leisure under a back tree.

The deceased are James Wayakwa, Saleri Kake, Nason Sagini and Jockas Kiremberwa. William Nzoghu, the Busongora North Member of parliament told journalists on Sunday that the four men were passing time under the tree when they were led by security personnel led by James Mulumbira, the Gombolola Internal Security Officer for the neighboring Kyabarungira sub-county who pointed out at whoever was to be shot.

According to Nzoghu, Sam Katikiro the GISO of Buhuhira sub-county was also present during the raid. Nzoghu squarely blames the death of the four men on Bob Kagarura, Rwenzori East Regional Police Commander, Commissioner of Police, Jacob Opolot, the two GISOs and some crime preventers in the area.

Nzoghu says they intend to instruct the FDC legal team to file a suit against the implicated security officers for the murder of innocent civilians. Geoffrey Sibendire, the Kasese LC 5 Chairperson elect wonders how people who were not armed were shot by police officers who had all the machinery to arrest them.
According to Sibendire, the residents of Kasese are losing trust in police to protect them whenever they get a problem. Robert Centenary, the Kasese Municipality MP elect faults police Chief Kale Kayihura for failing to visit the scene where the residents were gunned down even when he has camped in the district since Saturday evening.

He says police has gone to stir anxiety among residents by claiming that the deceased were shot while trying to disarm police officers in order to wage war against government. He says the claim has raised suspicion between government and the Bakonzo.

Bob Kagarura, the Rwenzori East Police Commander says there is no way the FDC leaders can sue him for ordering the killings of civilians because the force that went to Kasenyi trading center was led by Commissioner of Police, Jacob Opolot who is of a higher rank than him.

Kaharura accuses the political leaders of looking for sympathy from their voters after failing to work with security to calm down the situation in Kasese.

He wondered why the leaders have remained silent in the case of two people who were shot dead after attacking a joint police and army patrol in Hima town council on Thursday evening. Four UPDF soldiers were injured in the attack.