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Kyegegwa parents worry about the ramshackled state of classrooms

Parents in Kyegegwa district are concerned over the dilapidated classrooms in Universal Primary Education -UPE schools in the area.

At some of the schools visited by Uganda Radio Network, the classrooms are dusty, have no windows and doors and have a visible shortage of furniture.

Kyaka Model Primary School, with a population of more than 1000 pupils, has a leaking roof with dilapidates structures, all which have no windows and doors. Rachael Mugisa, the deputy head teacher of the school says that the classrooms were condemned by the district engineer, but they are still being used since there is no other option.

Mugisa says that some parents have been forced to take their children to other schools because their lives are at risk.

At Kyegegwa Primary School, the P1, P2 and P3 classes are housed in a dilapidated block, with no furniture. The classroom blocks also have cracked walls and a falling roof.

Patricia Mugisa, the deputy head teacher says she has made several complaints regarding the poor structures but less attention is given by the district.  She adds that the teachers and pupils fear that the falling structures could injure them.

Maureen Kabahenda, a primary five teacher says all they do is remove the pupils from the dilapidated block whenever it rains and this affects learning.

Christopher Ategeka, a parent of Kyaka Model Primary Schools says that if the situation is not addressed soon, the schools should be closed to save lives of the children.

Vincent Ajuna, a parent in one of the schools describes the development as unfortunate.  Ajuna says that they have, on several occasions, petitioned Kyegegwa district local government over the state of UPE schools but no action has been take to rectify the problem.

He attributes the poor performance of schools in PLE to inadequate and poor facilities for both teachers and pupils in the district.

However Francis Muhumuza, the acting District Education Officer says that the district lacks resources to renovate and build new structures. He however says that the affected schools will be been given priority in the next financial year.