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Valentine’s holiday visit to Abu Dhabi’s latest leisure hub, Yas Island.

Juliet Komuhendo was the lucky winner of a fully paid for trip for two to Abu Dhabi for valentines. The promotion run on #TheOverdriveShow with Gaetano and Lucky.

In order to take part in the competition, listeners had to answer questions about Etihad Airways posted on The Overdrive Show Facebook page.

Juliet took the challenge and emerged the winner of a trip sponsored by Etihad airways, 91.3 Capital FM and Yas Island Rotana. She tells a story about her trip;

We set off on Friday 12th/2/16 around 1:30pm and landed at Abu Dhabi international airport at 8:20pm.

Dorah, a friend of mine who works in Abu Dhabi picked us so we did not hustle with looking for cabs and asking around how to reach the hotel.

Juliet Komuhendo 2
Juliet Komuhendo on her flight to Abu Dhabi

After doing a brief tour around the city courtesy of our friend , we checked into the Yas Island Rotana hotel at about 10:30 pm where we were welcomed by a team of very hospitable and friendly stuff.

5 Juliet Komuhendo
In our hotel room.

The hotel room was very spacious and wonderfully arranged with a fully stocked mini bar and an amazing balcony view.

21 Juliet KomuhendoWe were up by 8am the next day, prepared and headed for breakfast . The breakfast buffet was superb. They served various dishes and delicacies, different juices and numerous fruits.  Kwegamba after the heavy breakfast time for lunch would reach but you wouldn’t feel the need to eat again.

After breakfast we set out to go sightseeing. We went to Yas Marina circuit where they hold the Formula 1 racing. I see the racing cars on TV where they look like video games., Looking at them in real life was a great experience.20 Juliet Komuhendo

We then headed to Ferrari world, largest Indoor Ferrari themed amusement park in the world.
We saw the Formula Rossa, the world’s biggest and fastest roller coaster. Unfortunately I did not go riding in it because I could not stand the fast speeds and everything else that comes with heights and roller coasters.

Juliet Komuhendo 8Also had a chance to look at the cool vintage Ferrari. If my finances had allowed, I would have gotten behind the wheel of a real Ferrari  and take a spin around Yas Island.

19 Juliet Komuhendo
My tour in Yas Mall, the biggest shopping mall in Abu Dhabi

Later, we went to the Yas water world, just had a look at the huge water park with various water slides. The day was finalized with a tour in Yas Mall the biggest shopping mall in Abu Dhabi. Because of the high costs, we managed to buy a few items like shoes and clothes from some shops that offered %age discounts.

Juliet Komuhendo  3At around 4:30pm we took a cab to Dubai. I must say it was really expensive but there is no way we would miss out reaching Dubai.

I had already linked up with Beatrice a friend and former classmate of mine who works with an I.T firm in Dubai. As we waited 4 her to join us, we toured d various shopping centers in the Marina mall.

10 Juliet KomuhendoTogether with her man, they later picked us from d Marina mall and gave us a brief tour of Dubai town, d Dubai mall(biggest mall in d world) then took us to watch d dancing water, (d Dubai fountain, world’s largest choreographed fountain system). After watching like two sessions of the fountain they bought us dinner at Wafi Gourmet restaurant.

The restaurant is one of the best positioned giving a fantastic view of d musical fountain and the glamorous Burj Kalifa tower.24 Juliet Komuhendo

At Wafi Gourmet restaurant we were joined by another friend and former classmate Phillip. He also works in Dubai. Phillip really came in handy when time to head back to Abu Dhabi reached, he guided us on how to load money on the electronic cards used in the Metro( Electric Train) and buses.

Since it was already late in the night, He escorted us through the foot bridge. I must acknowledge that it’s quite a distance from the Dubai mall up to the Metro station much as it has travellators that ease the movement. The metro took us up to the bus station thou unfortunately we were not in time to catch the last bus to Abu Dhabi. We again took a cab back to the hotel.

32 Juliet Komuhendo
Valentines day evening.
11 Juliet Komuhendo
time to play in the sand

On Sunday 14th Feb, being valentine’s day we decided to just relax and enjoy the day by chilling at the beautifully designed Yas beach with clean, clear water and white sand.
Juliet Komuhendo 6It was really refreshing and re-energizing as we enjoyed the relaxing sounds of the waves, went swimming and played various beach games.

We closed down the day with a fantastic dinner at the Yas Island Rotana hotel, rested and prepared 4 our departure back home since we had an early flight the following day.

The trip was very short but super fun and memorable. It felt nice travelling by plane again, having travelled to Zurich Switzerland a few years back for A Google Scholars retreat.
My partner however was traveling by plane for the very first time and the experience was overwhelmingly amazing.

I really would like to take this moment to thank Etihad airways, 91.3 Capital FM and Yas Island Rotana for giving me that once in a life time unforgettable opportunity to spend my valentine’s in a very special way.

I must say my listening to 91.3 Capital FM finally paid off, otherwise I would have never known about the promotion.

I call upon other people who doubt such promotions to change their perceptions and always try their luck.

Keep tuned to 91.3 Capital FM for such promotions and more and when you have to fly, look no further, fly Etihad. It’s the most comfortable and cool airways ever.

Also would love to convey my special thanks to my Friends Dorah, Phillip, Beatrice and her boo who made my visit worthwhile and to my other friends the likes of Reenah, Marjorie, AnneMariam, Tina, Afie, Lydia, Jovita, all my workmates, churchmates, thanks too for your help, advice here and there and prayers.

Special thanks to my family for always being there and to my boo. Love him so very much.

Juliet Komuhendo