LOCKED UP: FDC officials

FDC officials are locked up  in a standoff with police in Kasangati after they were refused to leave the residence of former presidential candidate Kiiza Besigye.

The officials had visited Kiiza Besigye to take him supplies of food, medicine and other necessities.

Police that has blocked the way out of Kiiza Besigye’s residence accuses the FDC officials of taking pictures rapidly as they drove in to Besigye’s House.

Police is demanding that the pictures are erased because the FDC officials are not Journalists to take their pictures.

One of the officials Sarah Eperu however says they were allowed in by police but later as they attempted to leave, police started making false allegations against them.

Dr. Kiiza Besigye has been put under preventive arrest at his residence on grounds that his intention of going out is to mobilize the masses into public disorder.