Bobi Wine. courtesy photo

Bobi Wine to stage a mega show at Ushs 500, yes Ushs 500

Oh it doesn’t look like ghetto president Bobi Wine will stop anytime soon. On Monday night Bobi posted photos of him in Karamoja and captioned them,

“I travelled 11hours on road today to ‪#‎Karamoja‬ for the first time. What’s funny is that the last time I was supposed to perform here, I wanted a lot of money coz it was too far ,and when the promoter failed to raise the money, I cancelled the trip. However, this time around I came for free to collaborate with @VivaConAgua on a ‪#‎water‬ and ‪#‎Sanitation‬ project. I am meeting artists from around the world who have come to support this cause. After the workshops tomorrow, we shall give Karamoja the mother of all concerts at the Moroto Boma Grounds. Entrance fee is ‪#‎200shs‬ for children and ‪#‎500Shs‬ for adults. All proceeds support local ‪#‎VivaConAgua‬ water and sanitation projects.” -Bobi Wine

The ghetto Gladiator is finally doing something beneficial for the people in Karamoja at almost no price.

Of late Bobi Wine has been in the news over his political  idealogies that have led many of his fans especially on social media to continuously compare him with long time adversary , Bebe Cool.

Kudos Bobi glad to know that you are now focusing on giving back to communities.