48 year old mobile phone thief ordered to clean court room

By Sania Babirye
A 48 year old man has been convicted and sentenced to three hours of community service by Buganda road court for stealing a mobile phone worth 300,000 shillings.

Lubega Saidi a resident of Katwe in Makindye division in Kampala central division district has been convicted on his own plea by Grade one magistrate Robert Mukanza.

He has now been ordered to clean Buganda road court working one hour everyday day or in default serve eight months in Luzira prison.

State attorney Cynthia Ringtho asked court to give him a non custodial sentence saying he was a first time offender who did not waste courts time.

Prosecutions states that on the 6th of January 2019, Lubega Saidi while at Sheraton in Kampala central division district stole a mobile phone Samsung galaxy worth 300,000shillings the property of Kugonza Phiona.

Lubega apparently met Kugonza at 8pm around Sheraton and pretended to be new in Kampala and lost.

He lied that he was going to Mulago but did not know where he was and asked for directions.

Kugonza is said to have felt sorry for the old man and informed him that Mulago was still far and that he needed to take a bodaboda there.

However, lubega asked Kugonza to assist him with her phone to call someone and when she handed the phone to him, lubega pretended to not hear well and kept on moving away from her before he run off with the phone .

He was later arrested by security around Sheraton after Kugonza raised an alarm.