Academicians encouraged to embrace ICT

By Deo Wasswa
Professors in the country are calling for more collaboration between Universities and Stake holders in Information and Communications Technology industry for effective mainstreaming of research and education management in higher institutions of learning.

Speaking during the 1st annual conference on higher education organized by national council for higher education, Associate professor Krishna Sharma, a PhD holder and vice chancellor at Victoria University has noted that technology is so fast but few of universities have actually embracing technology in adding value to higher education.

According to him, University is universal and to go universal certainly, you must embrace ICT especially in addressing gaps such as in management of student record, management of classes, research, and data base maintenance among others.

“If universities embrace technology, it will not require getting students from abroad to come and study here physically but rather they can attend lecture through live screaming.” Krishna added.

He also noted that students from here can also receive lectures through live streaming from professors that are based abroad.

Krishna has also called up on professors and lectures in the country to embrace technology to avoid fear technology but rather seek help once they find difficulties in applying technology in their work.

Speaking at the same conference, Professor Abdu Kasozi has noted with the concern of the deficit of PHD holders and academicians in Uganda.

According to his presentation, Uganda is currently having only 2000 professors who are supposed serve in all universities in the country.

His research, has continued to show that Uganda is lucking 10.000 PhD. Professors to effectively serve the education system at higher institutions of learning.

The three day conference currently ongoing at UMA conference hall in Lugogo is aimed at strengthening the use of ICT education system at higher institutions of learning.