ACCIDENT: 2 Daily Monitor staff dead.

At least two Daily Monitor Staff have died while two others are seriously injured in an accident that occurred along the Mbale-Tirinyi highway in Budaka district on Sunday.

The newspaper said, “The Daily Monitor car delivering newspapers in Mbale and Soroti rammed into a stationed Fuso lorry UAM 983C at Nabweyo, killing the duo instantly,”

Driving hazards include: broken-down vehicles in the road, pedestrians in the road, drunk drivers, stray animals, poor road conditions, and the possibility of armed robbery. Under normal driving conditions, drivers contend with excessive speed, unpredictable local driving habits, pedestrians/livestock in the roadway, commuter bus drivers who ignore traffic laws, and vehicles that are not roadworthy (including lack of brake/indicator lights).

The deceased according to a brief statement by the newspaper have been identified as Tony Kaddu, a driver and Daniel Adda from the circulation department.

While general vehicles travel during daylight hours on both paved and unpaved roads is considered relatively safe, varying conditions of the roadways (including numerous potholes) combined with excessive speed can lead to serious accidents. In some areas, piles of trash, missing manhole covers, gaping ditches/potholes, wayward/oblivious pedestrians, and animals are threats to vehicular safety on the streets.

According to eyes witnesses it took more than thirty minutes to retrieve the bodies from the wreckage of the vehicle that was stuck under the truck. This is the latest in a string of road accidents that have claimed many lives during the festive season.

Police enforcement of road safety and traffic laws is minimal but appears to be improving. The general lack of an immediate police/emergency response to traffic accident scenes often results in delayed emergency service response.


Accidents can draw angry, potentially violent crowds in a very short period. It is recommended that anyone involved in an accident immediately notify the police.