Female Journalists have been called up upon not to give up on their career in order to rise to managerial levels.

Female Journalists have been called up upon not to give up on their career in order to rise to managerial levels.

By Gloria Nakiyimba

Amanda Bennett the VOICE OF AMERICA Director says with hard work, women can be the best managers in different sectors including the media.

“When I was coming up in Journalism it was a completely male dominant industry. I was almost always the only woman in the room.  And so I jut found out that it was important for me to be the best at what I was doing and to work really hard” she told this reporter during here visit at Capital Radio on Wednesday.

Amanda now takes pride in being one of the three top female managers at Voice of America, one of the biggest broadcasters in World.

“The Voice of America is the only American broadcaster that is run by three women at the top. And so we are finding that women can do extremely good jobs in news management and so don’t give up” she said.

Amanda Pultizer Prize winning author, investigative journalist and editor started her career in journalism in the 70”s.  She was named Director of Voice of America in March 2016. Through 2013 she was Executive Editor, Bloomberg News.

In an exclusive interview with Capital Radio, Amanda advised media house owners and Editors to be committed to journalism to stave off pressure from advertisers and clients who try to influence news content in their favor.

She noted that it’s also important to not bow down to threats as long as stories reported are factual and correct

While at the Oregonian News paper , Amanda led an investigative project of the $ 1 billion local asset manger, Capital consultants  that led to  the September  2000 suit by the Securities  and Exchange Commission.

Here is what she had to say regarding independence from the advertiser pressure.

“It was   really important that the top editor and the owner were as committed to journalism as we were. They in turn depended on me to make sure that my story was exactly accurate. So we had a partnership the editors and owners had bravery on their side and we had bravery and accuracy on our side”

She says her news paper received constant threats but they remained firm on their facts.

“The year we worked on that piece they tried to sue us pretty much every week, for the entire project we were facing serious pressure” she relieved the moment.