Archbishop Kazimba asks Ugandans to reconcile, end land grabbing and killings

By Sania Babirye

Christians in Uganda have today celebrated the way of the cross.

The ecumenical procession bringing together the Catholic Church, orthodox Church and Anglican Church was held at Namirembe Cathedral grounds.

The procession has this time been led by the Archbishop of the Church Of Uganda the Most Reverend Dr.Steven Kazimba Mugalu.

The Archbishop has condemned the ongoing senseless killings, land grabbing including Church land and corruption in the country reminding them that when they die, they will leave with nothing.

He says that as Jesus used the cross to cross to God, then they should use the same cross to help them come to one another because the end goal is eternal life.

He further urged Ugandans to return to God amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed many people emphasizing that whether you get vaccinated or not, God determines whether you live or die.

He further called for healing in all hearts of Ugandans including in the hearts of Security personnel as they work amongst Ugandans, healing for the sick and all the souls of Ugandans and total healing from COVID-19.

He says that he is grateful that the vaccine is in the country and optional but maintains that healing comes from God.

He also paid tribute to the Bishop of Arua who passed away due to COVID-19 at 92 years.

He adds that as we celebrate Esta this year, there is need to value life and called on those killing Ugandans to stop.

The Archbishop Bishop has also called on Ugandans to use this Easter to reconcile with one another.