Bamugemereire throws Rukutana out of land probe

By Sania Babirye
The land probe commission chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire has chased out the Deputy Attorney General of Government Mwesigwa Rukutana from its on going public hearings.

This is after commission chair justice Bamugemereire ruled that Rukutana was being ill mannered ending his appearence pre-maturely.

Justice Bamugemereire accused Rukutana of being disrespectful while responding to questions he was asked by the Lead Counsel Ebert Byenkya.

Rukutana was chased after he chose to answer any questions asked with phrases like i don’t care, its my opinion which angered the commission.

And as a result, justice Bamugemereire said that she would take the matter to the president and not surprising, Rukutana replied that he did not care of give a damn even if Justice Bamugemereire petitioned the pope or God .