Besigye blames high refugee numbers on UPDF presence in South Sudan

By Robert Segawa
East African leaders have been urged to hold a peaceful dialogue about South Sudan matters which will check the increasing number of refugees in Uganda.
Former  Forum for Democratic change party president,  Dr Kizza Besigye blamed the refugees issue on the failure of regional leaders to help South Sudan solve conflict.
Besigye adds that the increased number of refugees are attributed to the conflicts fueled by Museveni government and his troops because he supports one  group to  fight other marginalized groups which has sparked conflicts leaving Uganda to be second country  with highest number of refugees in the whole world.
It estimated that more than 3000 refuges from south Sudan come to Uganda.
He has advised Ugandans to continue being friendly to refugees.
Meanwhile Besigye has advised the NGOS which are supporting the refugee camps to reach directly to the people in camps than giving it to government who has decided to eat the money instead of giving relief to them.