Bizonto released on bail

By Sania Babirye

Local Comedians group known as Bizonto have been arraigned before Buganda road court and charged with one count of promoting sectarianism.

These include 35 year old Serwanja Julius,35 year old Mbabali Maliseeri, 45 year old Gold Ki-Matono and 35 year old Ssabakaki Peter.

They have appeared before grade one magistrate Asuman Muhumuza and denied the said offence.

They have however, been released on a ugx 100,000 cash bail each while their sureties bonded 50 million not cash and ordered to return back to court on the 8th of April for further mention of their case.

Prosecution states that the four and others still at large during the month of June, 2020 within the district of Kampala, made and published on different social media platforms, video containing information which is likely to discontent/disaffection among the citizens.

Prosecution’s Patricia Chingtho has informed court that investigations into the said charges are still ongoing.

These were re-arrested this morning from their workplace in Ntinda after skipping police bond.