Bobi Wine asks president to care for his grandchildren

By Deo Wasswa

The Kyadondo East constituency representative in Parliament, Kyagulanyi Sentamu, commonly known as Bobi Wine has urged the President of Uganda to respect  the rights of Ugandans because there was a time when Mr. Museveni was not the President and there will be also a time when he is not the president.

While addressing journalists at his home in Magere, Bobi wine said that President Museveni  should make sure that  his officers especially in Uganda Peaople’s Defense Force and Police stop brutalizing and torturing Ugandans.
According to him, its not late for  Mr. Museveni to listen and do right things that will help him to leave legacy after retiring as the president.
Bobi wine asked that the president  to behave like a grand father who cares and defends his grand children which on the contrary he is surprisingly tcontinued to behave violently against the grand children.
He added the the president should also behave as states man but not a politician who always  cares only about the next election.
Bobi wine has also noted that it has come to his attention that the government has started to plant some hooligans in People power with intention of causing chaos to the  public.