Bobi Wine’s body guard to be charged with treason

By Sania Babirye
Government has finally admitted to have in custody the missing Robert Kyagulanyi’s bodyguard, Eddie Mutwe.
While appearing before high court judge , Justice Musa Sekaana,  the Attorney General’s representative Peter Tusubiira informed court that Eddy Sebuufu also known as Eddie Mutwe is in the arms of the army  but will be soon transported to Gulu high court to be charged with treason.
Mutwe will join the rest of the 34 suspects including Hon.Bobiwine, Paul Mwiru, Francis Zaake among others to be charged in connection with the alleged stoning of presidential motorcade during the  by elections in Arua Municipality to feel the seat that was occupied by the late NRM Ibrahim Abiriga.
On the 30th of August this year, Kampala High court Judge Musa Sekaana issued an order directing the  Chief of Defense forces  Gen. David Muhoozi and the Chieftancy of Military Intelligence (CMI) to unconditionally release Eddy Sebuufu also known as Eddie Mutwe.
On the 28th of this month, following Mutwe’s mysterious disappearance  his lawyer Anthony Kusingura petitioned the high court civil division seeking orders to have him immediately released or produced in a competent court to be formally charged of any crime commited.
Justice  Sekaana accepted and  concluded hearing  a habeas corpus application by   Kusingura who told court that security agencies are holding  his client  in  communicado after arresting   from Ssemakokiro plaza in Kamwokya within Kampala city .
According to  Kusingura, Mutwe is being  held illegally beyond the mandatory 48 hours without being produced in court for formal charging.
Justice Sekaana then  ordered  the CDF and CMI  to produce him in court or unconditionally release him  not later than the 4th of September this year.
The order was issued in the absence of any representative from the CDF or CM to clarify on were Mutwe is being held.
 Mutwe is believed to have been allegedly arrested by security personnel from the military on the the 25th of this month  from Ssemakokiro plaza in Kamwokya a Kampala suburb and taken to unknown detention.

However security operatives first  denied to have him in their detention before finally accepting to have him.