Boda boda rider denies robbing female client

By Sania Babirye

A 30 year old bodaboda rider accused of robbing a female client has accused police and the victim of framing him.

While appearing before Justice Flavia Angelin Senga to defend himself, Akankwasa Alex told court that he did not know the said victim Katushabe Lydia and that he was at home sleeping on the night of 8th October 2016 when the said incident happened at Namugongo.

Akankwasa is accused of robbing Katushabe her mobile phone worth 160,000 shillings and her bag cintaining 200,000 in cash

However, Akankwasa has denied the said allegations including Katushabe’s sim card line he was allegedly arrested with saying police planted it in him when they arrested him and detained him at police.

He also told court that by the time of his arrest, he was just from the village and did not own any Mobil phone.

He also denied ever threatening Katushabe with a knife while allegedly robbing her.