Bugema University sued for banning make up

By Sania Babirye
An advocate has dragged Bugema University to High court for banning all its female students from wearing cosmetics and skimpy or short clothes last year saying its a violation of their constitutional rights.

In a petition filed before the Kampala high court, Ronald Bwire claims that the impugned ban is a violation of female student’s constitutional rights to equality, dignity, freedom of expression, conscience, culture and efforts to promote women rights .

Bwire adds that the university directive lowers the dignity and status of Women on top of causing distress, physiological torture and inconvenience to the students.

He adds that many rights of the Female students at the university are at stake if court does not prohibit the implementation of the said directive.

He has now asked to lift the said directive with costs and also a 50 million compensation to each and every affected student from the university.

On the 12th of December 2018 the University issued a notice banning female students from wearing mini-skirts, ear- rings, necklaces, bangles, sleeveless and open blouses , coloured nails, lipsticks, trousers and dresses above the knee.

In the notice, any female student who will be caught with the banned items in the coming semester will have to appear before the university’s disciplinary committee and likely face a punishment.