URSB to use online system to receive Intellectual Property applications for trade marks

In Summary
  • IP applications to be filed via the internet
  • System will simplify processes for IP applications
  • Workload for staff to be reduced 
URSB staff at the launch of the Front Office system
URSB staff at the launch of the Front Office system
Image: URSB

The Uganda Registration Services Bureau has unveiled an online filing system designed to enable the public file for Intellectual P protection remotely over the internet. The Front Office tool is used for receiving Intellectual property applications for trademarks.

The system will enable IP rights holders with access to the internet to be able to file their applications with URSB from the comfort of their homes.

The system is a result of collaboration between URSB and the European Union Intellectual Property Office through the Africa Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Project who have been training URSB staff in the use of ICT tools developed and used by offices in the European Union.

The URSB has acquired 3 of the tools Front Office, TM-class and Design-class for online filing, classification of Trademarks, and classification of Designs respectively.

 The Board Chair Ambassador Francis K. Butagira said the system will simplify processes for IP applications while enabling faster filing processes since formality checks and data capture is done automatically by the system reducing workload.

 “I urge our stakeholders, especially the clients, to seize the opportunity and file trademark applications using the Front Office tool” Butagira said.

The Registrar General Mercy K. Kainobwisho notes that the system is one of the many interventions of URSB to ease doing business in Uganda and to improve the experience of clients in filing IP applications.

 “The system integrates much-needed features such as classification of goods and services, which give applicants a wide variety of acceptable terms to use in their trademark applications”

The Front Office tool is ready for use and accessible over the internet and through the URSB website. https://iponline.ursb.go.ug/sp-ui-tmefiling